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 A seven-colored rainbow was coiling around the tree's surroundings like a ribbon. They could faintly see an ancient nation at the top of the tree when clouds floated away... It looked quiet and solemn. From their location, they could see many huge lifeforms moving, in the sky, some ancient flying magic beasts could be seen soaring.

As they approached, everyone could feel the huge tree. It was clearly visible in front of them, but they felt that the tree was in another world, as if they were looking at a mirage.

"Wisdom Tree!" Zeuss could hardly utter these two words.

Even if he had read many descriptions, they couldn't even compare to the shock of seeing it in person!

This was Constance's nation, the nation that truly belonged to Constance, the nation formed from the evolution of the Wisdom Tree!

But the moment they saw the Wisdom Tree, Lin Yun adjusted his direction and a huge rune appeared on the Intrepid again, which he pressed.

The Intrepid slightly shook, and everyone could see their surroundings disappearing faster and faster as the Intrepid's speed greatly increased.

Zeuss looked at Lin Yun, not understanding why he was doing something so crazy. After a bit, they saw the Wisdom Tree becoming bigger and bigger and the distance quickly being covered. Zeuss suddenly shook and stood up, his eyes wide open as he looked at Lin Yun and cried out in alarm, "You are crazy! Insane!"

Enderfa came over and looked at Lin Yun, who was focused on controlling the Intrepid, and said in a regretful voice, "Merlin, you aren't thinking of using the Intrepid to crash into Constance's God Nation, right?"

Lin Yun didn't respond, but the speed of the Intrepid kept increasing. Only a blur could be seen on the sides as the Wisdom Tree was getting bigger and bigger.

The Wisdom Tree slowly became even more imposing, connecting heaven and earth. Its peak couldn't be seen, and even the sides looked endless. Just the trunk itself was unimaginably thick...

"Brace yourselves!" Lin Yun shouted, firmly watching the river of stars in front of him.

The others couldn't stop Lin Yun... This couldn't be stopped anymore. They could only stare blankly as the Intrepid crashed into the God Nation.

After a few seconds, the Intrepid finally collided with the border of the God Nation.

Those calm stars were now like a thunderous flood, surging into a boundlessly tall wave filled with spatial fluctuations.

A large area was swept up by this wave and ended up like a piece of paper crumpled into a ball. A sinister and thick spatial crack now appeared in midair.

Netherstorms rushed out from the space and a large amount of berserk energy wreaked havoc everywhere, forcibly scattering the clouds lingering in the surroundings.

Those calm, silk-like rainbows also burst out with shocking power, and one of them softly shook, forcibly erasing the incoming Netherstorms and restoring the torn space to its previous condition.

But around the Intrepid, a large number of rainbows turned into fierce, surging mana, transforming into a whirlpool shrouding the front of the Intrepid. They were like seven-colored drills ruthlessly attacking the defenses of the God Nation.

The collision between the river of stars and the seven-colored energy gave birth to a large amount of lightning. The rumbling sound of thunder kept being heard as countless bolts exploded in the air.

A large amount of starlight burst in that river of stars, and dozens of stars shattered every second. Frightening fluctuations spread from the Intrepid and the spatial distortions were clearly visible, turning the surroundings into a vortex.

Everyone could see that their surroundings had become completely twisted just by looking out of the Captain's Cabin. The area outside was like a mud dumpling, mixed beyond recognition.

But in front of the Intrepid, there were many roused lightning bolts. The power of the formidable collisions created a terrifying rift.

Mana shrouded the Intrepid as if it was conscious and kept tearing at this rift.

After a few seconds, the barrier to the God Nation was torn open.

The power of the collisions slowly settled, and the river of stars once again regained its peace. The seven-colored rainbows also became peaceful, calmly flowing on the surface of the God Nation.

The Intrepid looked like a nail that had pierced through the surface of the God Nation. The prow was inside the God Nation, while a large part of its body was still outside.

A sigh of relief finally came from Lin Yun, whose back was drenched in cold sweat.

Although the Intrepid's was mainly forged out of Senders' body and was no doubt formidable, what it hit was Constance's God Nation. No one wouldn't be nervous in such a situation.

"No wonder Red Beard said that he needed the help of the Raging Flame Emperor. Turns out he wanted to open the barrier to the God Nation. Only the Intrepid and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras together could open the barrier of the God Nation," Lin Yun mumbled. He finally understood what had been puzzling him. Without both, wanting to break through Constance's God Nation wouldn't be so easy.

Everyone else was frightened, their legs shaking. As for Zeuss, he opened his eyes and said with trembling lips, "How could this be? This is impossible..."

'How could Constance's God Nation be opened without Constance's bloodline? This a God's power, how could it be?'

After a few minutes, the panicked group somewhat recovered and could see from the screens that the Intrepid was surrounded by seven-colored mana that was withstanding the power of the God Nation. It could be said that there was not a single crack between the Intrepid and the barrier of the God Nation.

Lin Yun led everyone to the bow of the ship and raised his head to see the terrifying flowing mana. That clearly wasn't a power that an ordinary person could come into contact with.

They lowered their heads and carefully advanced on the prow, afraid that the power above their heads would fall.

After reaching the peak of the prow, they passed through the barrier of the God Nation. At that point, they could see the God Nation's true appearance.

From the outside, it looked like a projection of void, but it was different once they actually reached the God Nation.

There was a large amount of dazzling mist in the air that formed a river flowing into the void. They could also see a large amount of bright-colored vegetation. Each and every plant looked as if it came from a dream world.

Looking up, they saw that although vegetation was covering the sky, it didn't look dark and gloomy at all. A large amount of light was illuminating the surroundings. The dazzling light could turn into rare beasts like graceful phoenixes.

Zeuss held his breath, the mana within his body frantically surging as he advanced a rank in an instant.

"Such formidable mana density!" Zeuss exclaimed in surprise.

Those streams of fog flowing in the void were all formed by the convergence of dense mana.

The mana was rich and terrifying... There might not be such a rich and powerful place in all of Noscent. One breath was enough to make him advance to the 6th Rank of the Magic Apprentice realm, and his mana was quickly increasing. It wouldn't take long before he advanced again.

Lin Yun didn't look surprised, and he was actually on alert. He insisted on coming here, but that didn't mean he would look down on this God Nation.

Seeing this dreamy, picturesque scene before his eyes and feeling the terrifying mana density and activity, Lin Yun knew that despite trying to prepare himself for anything, he had still underestimated Constance's God Nation.

Gods had always been taboos, and their power wasn't something a mortal could touch.

Even if Constance had already died and left behind his God Nation, it would be full of deadly dangers to mortals.

The 72 Gods were the first lifeforms born when the entire world was first established. They were born from the power of the world and had boundless power and wisdom. Every single one of them would become a terrifying existence.

They ruled countless races and endless planes. Entire worlds would shake in their shadows.

That was a power that couldn't be described. The greatest tools to display that power were the God Nations!

The God Nations were the biggest temples the Gods possessed. They were their palaces and also their most formidable weapons!

Even the Laws could only accept being controlled.

The so-called Laws were the rules that all living beings had to follow... Earth, water, fire, wind, space, time, high, low, obey, oppose...

Sunrise to sundown, the operation of the stars, the change in the seasons, the growth of crops, and rainfall... These were all influenced by Laws.

Archmages had the most basic experience of laws.

But that basic experience was enough to greatly strengthen an Archmage's abilities and would make an Archmage completely different from his previous rank.

After reaching the 5th Rank of the Archmage realm, the gap between every rank would be huge. This was because even the worst 6th Rank Archmage had already started dabbling in Laws, and they would get a greater understanding of Laws with every rank, making the changes each level become more and more obvious.

Especially at the 9th Rank, because it was possible for them to pressure anyone below the 9th Rank. At that time, mages could already use Laws to reinforce some of their abilities to reach the limit under the Heaven Rank, making them stand at the limit of mortals.