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 Lin Yun hardly cared. He saw the attitude of the two Ancestor Souls towards the small wolf and knew that even if they were given a thousand years to trick the little wolf, the small wolf could just let out a fart, and they would kneel to the ground while shivering.

Lin Yun opened the Planar Path and made the others leave, before following behind.

Back in the Captain's Cabin, the group started discussing where they should go next.

Even Zeuss joined the discussion.

"We should hurry out of this plane, the Intrepid is too evil..."

Zeuss didn't have any good feelings about the Intrepid. He only wanted to return and find a place to rest and recover his strength. It was the most important thing to him right now.

Xiuban kept thinking of the Dragonblood Flower Rhizome and argued that they should overturn the entire Intrepid.

Enderfa wasn't looking for anything, as the Molten Core was already embedded in the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

As for Reina, she had even fewer desires. She only wanted to follow Lin Yun and help him mature to the point where he could revive her father.

The group discussed for a while until Lin Yun opened his mouth.

"I'm going to Constance's God Nation."

Enderfa, Reina, and Xiuban remained silent after hearing this. Since Lin Yun said this, it meant that he had already made his decision, so they just had to follow. They had come out of the Intrepid alive, so why should they be afraid of a God Nation?

Zeuss shook his head and muttered, "Going to Constance's God Nation is definitely a bad idea."

After saying so, he didn't wait for the others to question him and calmly said, "I believe Sir Mafa has already guessed... Our Watson Family didn't come for the Raging Flame Emperor's scepter, but rather to find some relic belonging to Constance."

After saying this, Zeuss saw Lin Yun's indifferent expression, so he added with some hesitation, "In fact, I also don't know what it is. The Family only got clues that the relic was in Constance's resting place, in the God Nation.

"Before coming, the Family had already conducted a lot of investigations and gathered many clues. Constance's God Nation was a huge tree spanning in the horizon, it was the rumored Wisdom Tree, and in the legends, that Wisdom Tree was extremely huge and possessed boundless power.

"Constance's God Nation was actually that tree! Although Constance has already fallen, that tree is still alive, and the built God Nation was like an independent world. Only those with Constance's bloodline could open the entrance to his God Nation.

"We got the information that the Black Tower brought someone with Constance's bloodline, while our Watson Family also had one, Arthus! Arthus had the bloodline of Constance on his mother's side, and although it was really weak, it was authentic. But Arthus died, and not even his corpse is left. We have no way to enter Constance's God Nation..."

Zeuss thought that since they had no way to enter, he might as well be generous and share his knowledge. He owed Lin Yun too much, so sharing a few family secrets at this point was nothing.

After he was done, Enderfa's lips twitched, but he didn't say anything to Zeuss. Instead, he told Lin Yun, "Well, since we can't go, we might as well leave..."

No one had an exact idea of where Constance's God Nation was, but everyone understood that if it was stable, it definitely couldn't be forcibly infiltrated by the few of them.

It was like a visible new plane. Without knowing the planar coordinates, they could only watch helplessly if they didn't have enough power to force their way in.

Someone with Constance's bloodline like Arthus would function similarly to planar coordinates in this case. That was the key to opening the Planar Path.

Zeuss, out of kindness, wanted to advise Lin Yun, but Lin Yun said without caring, "It doesn't matter, I originally didn't plan on using someone like Arthus."

Zeuss was stunned, and Enderfa was a bit puzzled. It was a God Nation, after all. What could he do without a key?

Then, they saw Lin Yun take out the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and chant a few strange sentences, making countless runes fly out of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

All of these runes flew out, shining like fireflies, crazily charging towards the crystal wheel within the cabin.

The runes seemed to merge with the wheel, pouring in continuously. It looked like a river of runes was coming out of Lin Yun and flowing into the wheel.

After no less than ten seconds, the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras stopped emitting runes, but during those dozen seconds, close to a hundred thousand runes fell into the crystal wheel.

The crystal wheel slowly shone, and the equipment that had been silent for so long in the Captain's Cabin lit up with it, fully awakened.

A steady flow of power was flowing through the Captain's Cabin.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

Deep sounds kept echoing as the environment within the cabin changed dramatically.

The entire cabin became transparent. The wall turned into a screen, and what appeared on the screen were the surroundings of the Intrepid!

The four walls, and even the ceiling and the floor... It was as if the Intrepid had become transparent. By looking down, he could see what was below the Intrepid, and by looking up, he could see what was above.

Enderfa let out a surprised sound and looked at Lin Yun with shock, "Merlin, you.."

He didn't get to finish his sentence, because everyone felt the hull shake before seeing a large amount of ice shattering in front.

They could see a shower of ice fragments falling down from above as the Intrepid was moving to pierce the layer of ice.

That layer of ice was quite ponderous, but it was nothing more than cotton in front of the Intrepid. It was crushed by the Intrepid's power as the Intrepid forced its way through it, splitting it in two. Nothing could be done about it, as no power could stop the Intrepid from rising.

Everyone was stunned. This was the real power of the Intrepid!

The ice was unable to stop it as it went through the layer of ice, those mountain-like icebergs barely acting as obstacles.

Even shattering those glaciers only made the Intrepid slightly shake, and nothing more...

After more than ten seconds, the ice above it dissipated, and sunshine could be seen. And the Intrepid continued onwards, taking off into the sky!

By looking down, they could see ice spreading below them for who knew how many kilometers. And at this moment, the ground looked like a mirror with a huge crack in it, which the Intrepid has just come out of.

"Fly... Flying up!" Zeuss said while trembling.

He then opened his eyes wide and looked at Lin Yun as if he was looking at a God. He stammered with a startled tone, "You... You can control the Intrepid?"

Enderfa recovered from his shock and looked at Lin Yun, flabbergasted, "You actually... already control the Intrepid?!"

The Intrepid hovered in midair, and after adjusting the direction, it started to slowly speed up. The power of the huge sails was roused, and they covered the Intrepid in a layer of light. The surroundings were continuously falling behind as the Intrepid kept accelerating.

Lin Yun had been with them for so long, yet no one had noticed anything. He hadn't been able to control it before, so how could he control the Intrepid now?

Enderfa suddenly recalled the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras. It looked like the book wasn't as simple as he thought. There had to be more to it than they'd thought.

Enderfa interjected in annoyance as he remembered Lin Yun's actions after he fused with the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

'Hell, it's not that that teleportation array hadn't been discovered, but rather, it was summoned by Merlin. He could barely open a small crack by using all his power before, but after fusing with the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, he was able to casually open an entrance.

'Such an obvious performance, yet I completely overlooked it!'

Enderfa looked at the country bumpkin Draconic Beastman and felt that his behavior wasn't much different from that Beastman. It was such a humiliation.

Everyone was looking outside. It looked like they were floating in midair, and nothing was obstructing their gazes. The entire Captain's Cabin seemed to have disappeared, and only the crystal wheel remained.

Lin Yun controlled the crystal wheel to adjust the direction of the Intrepid. It didn't take long before Zeuss recovered and rushed to Lin Yun. "Sir Mafa, you wouldn't really plan on going to Constance's God Nation, right? We should go back... There is no way in, and moreover, this place already belongs to Constance's God Nation. It'll be very troublesome if you meet any powerful lifeforms..."

Lin Yun didn't say anything as he continued onwards. No matter how Zeuss tried to persuade him, Lin Yun remained unmoved.

After over half an hour, a very large tree, seemingly reaching the heavens, could be seen on the horizon!

The tree kept growing in their sight, becoming bigger and bigger. Everyone was staring blankly at the enormous tree. The roots went into the ground, and it was unknown how deep, but the trunk was extremely thick. They couldn't tell quite how large it all was from where they were.

The thick trunk was piercing through the sky with the branches and leaves hanging down, like an umbrella protecting the area.

Thick ancient branches were hanging down from the tree, and around those branches was a radiance similar to a river of stars revolving around the entire tree. It was falling down from above, but the origin couldn't be seen as it turned into a translucent radiance covering the area around the tree.