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 How could Zeuss not be excited?

The Mana Seed was the first step for a person to be called a mage. No one, not even eventual Heaven Mages, could skip this step!

Only those with a Mana Seed could become a mage!

At first, the Mana Seed could barely hold any mana. It would be so little that many would say that a Magic Apprentice's mana was negligible.

But once the Mana Seed expanded, it would become something familiar to all mages.

A Mana Whirlpool!

As the Mana Whirlpool expanded, it would evolve into the Magic Conducting Runes, and most things mages would fuse later on, such as Core Meditation Law Set, would be fused with Magic Conducting Runes.

No matter how powerful a mage was, in the end, everything evolved from the Mana Seed.

This was the start of everything, a very small Mana Seed that could be burnt out by the wind like a weak flame.

This was the foundation of any mage. As long as the Mana Seed, or its evolutions, the Mana Whirlpool and the Magic Conducting Rune, were still there, mages could recover.

Like earlier, when Lin Yun's mana had been forcibly extracted by that monster. After time had passed, that mana had recovered.

This was because his Magic Array hadn't been damaged. As long as the Magic Array was still there, even if he used all his mana, not leaving a single drop behind, Lin Yun would still be able to recover his mana rather quickly.

As for Zeuss, he had also lost all his mana, but his Magic Conducting Rune had collapsed and had reverted to a Mana Whirlpool, before atrophying into a Mana Seed, which was then absorbed by the monster.

It was because Zeuss' Mana Seed had completely disappeared that he was no longer a mage. Even if Lin Yun poured mana into him, Zeuss would be unable to hold onto a single bit of it.

Normally, no matter how powerful a mage was, once their Mana Seed was destroyed, they would be crippled forever, as a Mana Seed was something that usually couldn't be regenerated.

Because Mana Seeds represented a mage's magic life. Like a human's life, once they died, they couldn't be revived.

Zeuss hadn't been convinced when he had heard Lin Yun's words at first, or perhaps it was more like he didn't believe it.

But even if he didn't believe his words, Zeuss was like a drowning man in his darkest hour. Even if he was only given a straw, he would hold onto it dearly.

He was originally just trying everything out of desperation since it couldn't get worse, but he was stunned when he felt the Mana Seed within his body recover.

That faint light was like a rumble of thunder in his mind.

He couldn't describe what he was feeling at this moment.

Lin Yun heard the surprise in Zeuss' voice and stopped using the power of the Demiplane. The Demiplane shook, and the changes calmed down. The mana pond also became a lot calmer.

Using the power of the Demiplane for such a long time had been very taxing on his mind, making Lin Yun look abnormally pale.

Zeuss couldn't understand how formidable Lin Yun's actions were, because he'd only thought that Lin Yun was fortunate enough to find a matured Demiplane.

But he didn't know that this Demiplane had only been a piece of land, at first. Let alone the stars and the sun, there had been no trace of the Elemental Laws, and the surroundings were completely empty. It might have collapsed instantly if it encountered a Netherstorm.

From that nothing till now, the Demiplane had gained a sun, the four Elemental Laws, as well close to one hundred and fifty kilometers.

From almost no mana, something that could barely be called a Demiplane now possessed several hundred matured Mana Vines gathering rich mana into a mana pond.

Lin Yun had accompanied this Demiplane on its journey, and his imprint was everywhere!

The biggest constraint making it so that he couldn't fully control the Demiplane was his rank.

He used such a huge amount of power to cleanse Zeuss' body, while also using the power of the Demiplane to make sure that the mana wouldn't injure him. This treatment would even make a good-for-nothing without any magic talent produce a Mana Seed.

In fact, Lin Yun knew that this method would create a formidable Heaven Rank powerhouse a few millennia later.

That guy was called Noves, and he was born into a powerful magic family that had seven or eight Heaven Mages. Even the servants were at least Magic Apprentices.

And Noves, as the only son of the Patriarch, didn't have a single bit of magical talent. He was still a Magic Apprentice at fifteen, and many said that he was ruining the reputation of the Family.

Then, his Mana Seed was crippled in a family conflict.

But his father loved his only son and took him to his established Demiplane and used it to cleanse Noves' body. Noves had suffered from that huge power, but he persevered until his Mana Seed recovered.

And the purest Mana Seed made Noves' talent suddenly jump to a frightening stage. He reached the Mage realm that very year and the Great Mage realm the next year. He took five years to reach the High Mage realm, ten years for the Archmage realm, and ended up reaching the Heaven realm when he turned fifty.

That method became widespread. Only after the Mana Baptism appeared at the peak of the Magic Era did that extremely dangerous method with uncertain results become abandoned.

And the only ones who could guarantee the birth of a Mana Seed without death were the Heaven Mages with Natural Demiplanes!

Natural Demiplanes were more powerful than established Demiplanes.

Naturally, no one could control that power as if it was part of their body like Lin Yun could.

As Lin Yun sat on the ground to rest, he looked at the excited Zeuss meditating, and he silently smiled.

After an hour, Zeuss reluctantly opened his eyes, his mana fluctuations having already reached the level of a 5th Rank Magic Apprentice.

Not only was his resurrected Mana Seed a bit purer than his previous Mana Seed, but with the frighteningly dense mana of this place, the efficiency of his meditation was very high. One hour of meditation was enough for Zeuss to progress this far.

Zeuss' eyes were red as he sensed the faint mana within his body.

The joy of being reborn, compared to the painful despair he felt two hours ago, made Zeuss feel like he was dreaming.

Especially when he felt the growing mana within his body, Zeuss was very clear that in at most four to five months, his strength would have recovered thoroughly!

Having trodden that path before, he wouldn't meet any obstructions on his way. He only needed some time.

Four to five months, that was all. As long as he could recover, he might even advance in four to five years...

Zeuss had a sour feeling. It was as if something was stifling his heart. He really wanted to cry to vent. Not only had he recovered his Mana Seed, but he might even progress after recovering...

Zeuss resisted the temptation to just keep meditating and quickly walked to Lin Yun. He couldn't help grabbing his arm, saying with trembling lips, "Sir Mafa, I... I really don't know what to say. You gave me a new life..."

After saying that, Zeuss thought of what he had said and done before and felt like a jerk. Although Lin Yun was young, he was a great person, a really great person.

He previously thought that he was just a member of the Merlin Family that had grown away from the Family with no guidance, only a nouveau riche who used some money to buy his way into the Merlin Family.

But how could those so-called geniuses nurtured by the Merlin Family compare to Mafa Merlin?

As an 8th Rank High Mage, he could already contend against 9th Rank Archmages, and was relatively stronger. Breaking through was as simple as eating and drinking. Others would be longing for a breakthrough, but he was obviously able to progress easily, yet he was suppressing himself.

It was worth going out, experiencing a lot, getting a lot knowledge and knowing the importance of foundations.

Lin Yun slightly frowned as he looked at Zeuss, who was choked with emotion. He was a bit worried as he wondered, 'Is this guy so sad that his mind broke?'

"Sir Zeuss? Are you okay?" Lin Yun murmured out.

Zeuss immediately recovered and looked at Lin Yun, feeling ashamed. "Sir Mafa, I am truly sorry, I misunderstood you..."

'Look, the first thing Sir Mafa is asking about isn't the promise I made before, but if I'm okay. How could he be a vile person...'

Lin Yun was baffled by Zeuss' behavior and wondered if that guy's brain had been affected by the surge of mana for him to suddenly start weeping emotionally.

Lin Yun shook his head. "Let's go, we should leave this place first, we aren't done with the Intrepid..."

Zeuss hurriedly nodded. He understood. His Mana Seed had just recovered, so he couldn't meditate here for too long. The mana in this place was too rich, and it wasn't a good thing to make the Mana Seed grow too fast. And now that he had a fresh beginning, he could fix many of the mistakes he had made before. Such a good opportunity couldn't be wasted.

Lin Yun told Enderfa and the others to make their preparations. On the other side, the two Ancestor Souls were winding around the small wolf, trying to brainwash him.

Lin Yun sneered and fished out eight mana crystals that were over level 20 and called the small wolf. The wolf cheered and instantly rushed over a hundred meters to land in Lin Yun's embrace.

"Here, that's for you. Don't eat too quickly..."

The small wolf was beaming with joy and affectionately rubbed against Lin Yun, holding his pile of mana crystals before running into the distance, making the two Ancestor Souls grieve and lament.

Enderfa sneered, his three faces simultaneously spitting at them, "Two country bumpkins trying to play some tricks. Next time you come in, if there is one blade of grass missing, you should make these two compensate one spirit mana crystal!"