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 Cold sweat kept dripping from Lin Yun's forehead, this was far more dangerous than walking on a tightrope. As long as there was a little problem with his mana control, he would drown in those runes and the formidable counterattack would make his body explode in an instant.

Time slowly passed...

When the mana output was very small, Lin Yun suddenly cut it off, and the mana protection in those shackles made of runes suddenly dissipated.

Those boundless mantras runes collided with the Void Forge's shackles.


It felt as if his head exploded. Lin Yun only felt a loud sound echoing in his head, and then, everything before him was covered in boundless light.

In less than a second, Lin Yun passed out.

In mid-air, the chains the Void Forge had turned into were completely submerged by the mantras runes.

Then, as Lin Yun's mana disappeared, the counterattack of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras dimmed as well, and a large amount of mantras runes re-entered the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

Lin Yun's Void Forge followed after it and also disappeared.

Lin Yun fell down, the light of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras slowly rescinding before it slowly fell down.

Enderfa and the others had calmed down after seeing this and promptly rushed over. Xiuban was holding half a Health Potion and poured it in Lin Yun's mouth.

After a while, Lin Yun slowly opened his eyes.

He massaged his head, feeling a bit dizzy as a large amount of information had entered his mind.

"Merlin, how are you?" Enderfa worryingly asked.

Lin Yun smiled and reached out and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras appeared in his hand. As his mana was roused, a completely different aura rose up from Lin Yun's body.

9th Rank High Mage!

Then, the mana within his body started moving on its own and Lin Yun's aura kept rising, stabilizing his aura from the newly advanced 9th Rank High Mage stage, and it kept growing.

Lin Yun forcibly suppressed the breakthrough and after a minute of suppression, the rising aura decreased.

The three Meditation Law Sets had already fused and he was ready to advance to the Archmage realm.

Lin Yun not only had three kinds of Meditation Law Sets, but apart from the Equilibrium Law, the other two Core Meditation Law Sets consisted of sixteen formulas!

This meant that Lin Yun's mana had already surpassed the pinnacle of 9th rank and he didn't need to take the initiative to break through!

If he didn't suppress it, it would initiate a breakthrough on its own!

He closed his eyes and sensed that the Void Forge was working perfectly with the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, and he had a clear understanding of the book.

The most urgent matter was finally sorted out and the group's gains were much greater than expected!

Everything had worked out perfectly, making it hard for Lin Yun to supress his happiness.

He stood up, glanced at the palace and pointed towards the inside.

"This palace isn't an illusion, it's really the palace of the Raging Flame Emperor. We should check it, there must be some good things that we can take away there. Even a brick might be a rare magic material..."

Everyone remembered after hearing his words.

Ever since they came in, they had went through countless difficulties. And even after dealing with the monster, there was the situation with Lin Yun. How could they have a mind to look for treasures in such a situation.

Their enthusiasm soared high, this was the palace of the Raging Flame Emperor! Even if it looked empty, they definitely would be able to find some good things in there.

Lin Yun looked at the throne at the top of the stairs, unwilling.

The most valuable thing here was naturally that Raging Flame Throne, it was a top-notch True Spirit Magic Tool with absolute defensive abilities, but unfortunately...

The Raging Flame Throne was one with the hall. Only someone with the power of the Raging Flame Emperor would be able to move it.

Not only could the throne not be removed, they couldn't even think about removing the main structure of the palace. Those precious magic materials could only be admired.

The Raging Flame Emperor was really generous, he didn't even take the palace when leaving, nor did he take the Raging Flame Throne, and he even left Lin Yun the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

Lin Yun sighed, he could only admire how carefree the Raging Flame Emperor was.

But unfortunately, this palace would remain here and couldn't be taken away.

A first-rate True Spirit Magic Tool was in front of him but it couldn't be coveted, this was extremely depressing.

Since he couldn't take the Raging Flame Throne, Lin Yun kept walking around the hall, examining every corner. Nothing was left out, they took everything they could.

A lampstand there was made of treasured magic metal, extremely extravagant...

They made two passes and plundered everything, gathering it in a huge pile of magic materials, and they were all treasured magic materials. If not for the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, these materials would have been the greatest harvest.

They had found over twenty pieces of Eternal Gold Essence, each one not smaller than the one Lin Yun had used before, and there were all kinds of elemental gems.

There were also two rare Spatial Gems. These were top tier embedding material for crafting Spatial Magic Tools. If mages specializing in spatial magic found out about it, they wouldn't hesitate to use their own blood to have a chance to purchase it.

There was plenty of rare magic materials of various types. This made Lin Yun's vision go blurry.

Naturally, there was also a pile of mana crystals that made Lin Yun envious. Lin Yun originally wasn't lacking in magic materials, but since he had to take care of Shawn and the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, his stock couldn't keep up with the consumption.

Shawn had a fanatical craving for mana crystals, he was just itching to ask for more.

As for that Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, he was eating mana crystal as if they were grains of rice. How could Lin Yun have enough mana crystals to feed him. Moreover that guy had been locked in the Demiplane for so long, he is probably very hungry.

While inspecting these materials, Lin Yun unexpectedly discovered something. Half a Rhizome of Dragonblood Flower. That thing is a supporting ingredient for the Dragon Transformation Potion. Unfortunately, this material was useless in this era, because the main ingredient to the Dragon Transformation Potion was the blood of a Chromatic Dragon...

The Chromatic Dragons had already left Noscent, so how could he find some?

But if a Draconic Beastman like Xiuban took that thing, his strength would quickly rise. He was already a Peak 2nd Rank Sword Saint, with this Dragonblood Flower Rhizome, he might be able to break through.

"Xiuban, eat this."

Lin Yun casually threw the Dragonblood Flower Rhizome to Xiuban, who, after being puzzled for a while, bitterly looked at it..

Enderfa slapped Xiuban's head and angrily scolded him, "Idiot, this thing can make you break through..."

After hearing this, Xiuban's eyebrows raised in delight, he ignored the fact that he had been slapped and unhesitantly swallowed that root.

"No reaction..." He then mumbled to himself, but a few seconds later, Xiuban's face turned red and steaming.

Gold red veined patterns appeared on his body, and his aura became restrained.

A minute later, Xiuban suddenly roared, the restrained aura suddenly exploding and an even more powerful aura spread.

Xiuban swung Carnage twice with one hand and a smile appeared on his face...

"The Great Xiuban has broken through!"

After laughing out loud, Xiuban suddenly remembered something and rushed to Lin Yun's side with a calm expression.

"Great Sir Merlin, is... Is there more of that root? I didn't taste its flavor properly..."

Hearing Xiuban's shameless words, Reina rolled her eyes.

Lin Yun kicked Xiuban's foot and then looked at everyone, "Let's leave this place first..."

The others were puzzled. Although that monster had been sealed in the necklace of the Wisdom Tree and taken away by the Raging Flame Emperor, the illusion had yet to dissipate, how could they leave this place?

Enderfa looked as if this was a troublesome problem, "Merlin, if we want to leave, we must first find the way out, no? We can't even find the way in..."

Everyone scattered, trying to find any clue, but Lin Yun shook his head, "There is no need..."

After saying that, Lin Yun held the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and read a short incantation.

Suddenly, in a spacious area in the center of the hall, rays of lights congealed to form threads. These threads of light kept twisting and quickly sketched out a complicated array in the air.

After three seconds, an activated array appeared in mid air, spreading a faint spatial aura.

The threads were like a fine rain of lights spilling out of that array, forming a light pillar emitting a faint radiance.

Enderfa was puzzled.

"Damn, there is actually a teleportation array? How come I didn't feel it?"

Enderfa's face was full of doubt, he obviously couldn't remember anything being there, so how could a teleportation array be hidden, and in midair? During the fight, that place had been razed by countless spells, even if it was a teleportation array, it was impossible for it not to react.

Moreover, when the teleportation array appeared just now, it gave the feeling of having been created out of nothing.

Enderfa looked at Lin Yun, but Lin Yun was already stepping into the teleportation array.

The others stepped in after him and light flashed as everyone disappearead.