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 The power of those pitch-black Wind Blades was a lot greater than that of ordinary Wind Blades, but they couldn't shake Lin Yun's shield.

But these few Wind Blades changed as they collided with his shield.

A crack appeared on the edge of the Wind Blades, and a mouth full of teeth appeared.

That mouth full of fangs ruthlessly bit into Lin Yun's Runic Shield. The shield didn't shatter, but Lin Yun could feel that its mana was like a delicious cake for the toothy maw.

Wind Blade was obviously a rather weak spell that couldn't shake his defenses, but this one used a huge amount of mana, which could be compared to the cast of a 6th Tier Spell...

Lin Yun's expression became grim, and it was about the same for the others. Everyone's mana was being swallowed while they resisted these spells in their own ways.

And these few dozen Wind Blades were only the start. The monster's face twisted and he kept shouting and screaming, using the power of a 9th Rank Archmage to continuously cast these Wind Blades, releasing a few dozen with every cast.

And these spells were just the beginning. He was casting even more spells than the Spell Wheel did.

Low Tier Spells were everywhere, whether they were Fire Dragons or Wind Blades...

Every spell cast by that monster was pitch-black and was filled with a sinister, eerie aura.

Each time they came in contact, these spells would absorb a bit of everyone's mana.

They could only suffer time and time again...

If they defended, they would only lose a bit of mana, but whenever they tried to counterattack, the monster's mouths would swallow half of the mana used in the counterattack.

And that power would make the monster stronger and stronger.

At the start, the monster had barely entered the 9th Rank, but it continued to grow stronger as the fight went on.

After dodging over thirty Flame Spears. Lin Yun was extremely pale. The loss of mana from casting spells and having some drained by the mouths was only a bit slower than when he had been caught directly by the monster's tentacles...

Enderfa had a bitter expression. A dozen minutes ago, the power of the Molten Core had overflowed, making it easy to absorb quickly. If this continued, it wouldn't take long before the Molten Core was depleted.

Reina looked deathly pale. She felt that the monster's casting was too strange. A Mana Hand turned into a huge maw when brushing past her and absorbed a lot of her mana. Her defensive spell was completely drained and ended up dissipating.

Even as a Dragon, Reina couldn't resist this absorption.

The puppet's mana was also continuously being swallowed and the many mouths would often explode before reforming even stronger.

The puppet wasn't able to do anything about it.

Only Xiuban had an easier time. He didn't have to worry about having his mana devoured, and with his thick skin, he didn't get damaged much. However, his strength was too low, and he simply couldn't approach that monster.

After half an hour, the monster had already condensed over thirty toothy maws, the biggest of which was already six to seven meters in size.

This largest one was remaining in front of the monster, devouring all spells directed at it.

And the strength of the monster had already reached Mid 9th Rank. With just a wave of a hand, a hundred instant spells would rush out. Every second, several hundred 1st Rank or 2nd Rank spells would turn into a storm that washed over Lin Yun's group.

Obviously, most of the spells used were Low Tier Spells, but because of that monstrous devouring ability, Lin Yun's group couldn't lift their heads against the pressure.

Suddenly, Lin Yun laughed heartily. After so long, he clearly understood that faint conjecture.

"I almost got tricked by you once..."

The monster's face stiffened as he heard those words.

"Mortal, stop resisting and just die!"

After saying this, the monster gnashed his teeth and started using High Tier Spells. A hurried incantation came from his mouth as he chanted an 8th Tier Spell.

Lin Yun's expression was pale, but he sneered and opened the Book of Death...

He then flipped it to the Truth Chapter's page and frantically poured mana into it. The Truth Chapter had already acknowledged its allegiance earlier when Lin Yun had forcibly opened the crack to his Demiplane.

The Element Chapter that Lin Yun hadn't been paying a lot of attention to had become the biggest contributor, not only allowing the Book of Death to open a crack to his Demiplane, but also strengthening the Book of Death's power once again and making the restless Truth Chapter behave.

When the smoke entered Rhett's body, Lin Yun recalled the Truth Chapter.

But because the Truth Chapter hadn't been well-behaved since fusing with the Book of Death, Lin Yun had subconsciously neglected it.

Moreover, he had a faint feeling, but couldn't figure out the details. After fighting for half an hour, Rhett got stronger and stronger, and the monster was getting more and more excited, until a flaw could be seen in its words.

As Lin Yun urged the Truth Chapter, and the Crystal Phoenix on the page seemed to become alive. Its head stretched out from the Book of Death and the cry of a Phoenix echoed. The Crystal Phoenix then turned to look at Rhett, its eyes emitting two rays of light.

They instantly pierced through those toothy maws and struck Rhett.

Rhett seemed to turn transparent, and a fist-sized black octopus could be seen within his body.

The octopus was completely made of smoke, and when its true form was exposed, it glared angrily.

As for Rhett, he also showed the exact same expression. He glared at Lin Yun, just like when he had seen through his trick, and recklessly bombarded him with spells.

Faced with the monster's attack, the Crystal Phoenix apparently was angered. Talons made of light flew out and ignored the monster's defense, grabbing the octopus made of smoke from Rhett's stomach.

The smoky octopus struggled angrily, making it difficult for the Crystal Phoenix to keep a hold on it.

But even so, Rhett's casting completely fell apart.

All the spells cast collapsed into smoke in midair. Even his defenses, those toothy maws, completely fell apart.

In an instant, a large amount of smoke emerged from Rhett's body and a mournful and unwilling howl came from his mouth.

Lin Yun gritted his teeth and coldly groaned before quickly chanting an incantation that made three Flame Vortexes appear. Three Fire God Spears covered with runes appeared from those vortexes.

The Fire God Spears had a golden-red luster and instantly pierced through the unguarded Rhett.

One pierced just below his abdomen, one pierced his abdomen, and one pierced his chest. The Fire God Spears were the thickness of an infant's arm and carried raging red flames.

A large amount of black smoke was forcibly purified.

As for the black octopus within Rhett's body, it angrily shouted and transformed into surging black smoke, forcing its way out of Rhett's mouth.


Rhett let out out a mournful scream. When the black smoke surged out of his body, Rhett was left kneeling on the ground, having recovered his mind.

Seeing this, Zeuss couldn't help feeling guilty. "Rhett, I'm the one that harmed you. Had it not been for me being muddled by anger, you wouldn't have suffered to this point... I'm sorry..."

Rhett spat blood, as the three Fire God Spears had already burnt more than half of his organs. He did regain his mind, but he was about to die.

"It's fine... I don't blame you, so don't blame yourself..."

After saying this, golden flames emerged from Rhet's body. The flames sharply flared up, turning Rhett to ashes.

Lin Yun raised his head to look at the smoke converging in the sky and sneered.

He had finally understood the nature of that monster earlier!

This monster didn't have any power by itself. It was unknown what exactly that monster was, but its power was entirely made from the mana it absorbed.

The black smoke was the power it had devoured, but it wasn't its body.

Its body was relatively weak.

This was why the monster didn't die even when shot by the Hand of Destruction.

It was because it had only blown away its power. Even if it looked miserable, it had only lost its power.

It wouldn't be able to display its full power without a body to possess.

Thus, he had been tricked by the monster at the start, with that "play with my servant first" lie!

It had given Lin Yun the illusion that it had given Rhett some of its power, but it had actually directly entered Rhett's body and used it to increase its own power.

But it was too complacent, getting too happy after managing to trick Lin Yun once, and it spoke too much.

Had it not said anything, Lin Yun might have taken a while to notice, or he might have even failed to figure it out.

Its body was an octopus made of smoke!

A strange monster.

The voice of the monster echoed again from the rolling smoke.

"Hahahaha, you saw through me again, but so what? I already decided, it'll be you! I'm very pleased. After such a long time, there is finally a body that can satisfy me. Only an 8th Rank High Mage, yet such formidable power.

"Mortal, offer your body and soul to me! Hahahaha!"