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 The rolling black smoke was filled with dense and evil death energy. The majestic aura of the palace was immediately filled with that energy.

A pair of flaming eyes condensed in midair. The dark flames swayed gently, full of hate and evil intent.

"Silly mortal, I said that you would die, so you'll definitely die! Now, play with my servant first..." The monster's voice was echoing from all directions.

Boundless black smoke was surging within the main hall, covering the entire area within a few seconds.

The surroundings became pitch-black. Everyone converged on Lin Yun and he used a Flame Barrier to protect them all.

After a few seconds, they could see the black smoke condensing into a pillar.

The smoke blocking their vision slowly dissipated, and a pale Rhett came out of the opening.

That black smoke rushed into Rhett's mouth.

Rhett let out a painful shout as his entire body floated up, his four limbs stiffening. His head lifted upward with his mouth wide open, and a thick pillar of smoke rushed into his mouth.

And there was also smoke entering his body through his ears, eyes, and nostrils.

Power began to flow from Rhett's body, even distorting the space around him.

It could clearly be seen that Rhett's power was soaring rapidly, only taking a few seconds to gain a rank.

He became an 8th Rank Archmage!

And it didn't stop there...

By the time he reached the threshold to the 9th Rank, all the black smoke had entered his body.

Lin Yun held his breath, a serious expression on his face.

9th Rank Archmage!

This wasn't just a typical difference of one rank when compared to an 8th Rank Archmage. Starting from the 5th Rank, every increase in rank would be far greater than the previous one!

Not only would their mana crazily double, but their casting ability would see a huge increase, and it would also increase their comprehension.

For ordinary mages, a single gap between ranks could cause total suppression by a stronger opponent.

Not every mage was like Mafa Merlin, whose abilities far exceeded those of this era. He also possessed three first-rate Core Meditation Law Sets, the most formidable Magic Array, and powerful, tailor-made True Spirit Magic Tools.

When all of Lin Yun's cards were added together, he could handle an 8th Rank Archmage. As for a 9th Rank Archmage, that was a whole other matter. They were just a step away from the Heaven Rank.

At the 9th Rank, their own Laws would have already started condensing, which was the key to the pressure created by 9th Rank Archmages.

This was why although Lin Yun could kill some 8th Rank Archmages without paying much of a price, he would be at a loss against a 9th Rank Archmage.

Anything involving Laws, even if only slightly, would cause a huge gap.

Not to mention the current situation. Rhett was being possessed by that monster, and its power had entered his body. This was a lot more troublesome than a mage that had advanced to the 9th Rank normally.

Zeuss, who was standing in the distance, was in tears as he looked at Rhett's painful expression.

At this time, Zeuss was afraid and pained. No one understood how frightening that monster was more than he did. And when he saw Rhett reached the 9th Rank, Zeuss was almost no longer able to think... He even felt somewhat free of any worldly worry.

It was better to die than to live in pain...

But Lin Yun's group didn't have the time or the energy to spare on Zeuss. This 9th Rank Archmage was standing against them.

Even Enderfa, whose strength had sharply increased, had a very serious expression on his face. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was revolving swiftly, and many spells began to condense.

Countless Flame Spears, Fire Arrows, Fireballs, Fireblades, and Fire Dragons...

They transformed into a massive column of flame that burst towards Rhett.

Unfortunately, the strengthened Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was still unable to harm Rhett Watson. It was like those spells met an incorporeal wall right before hitting him.

"Wretched mortal, so what if you have seen through me several times? You'll die today!"

"Rhett Watson" had a sinister expression. His eyes were full of hatred as he watched Lin Yun and cursed while gnashing his teeth.

Lin Yun suddenly understood something. The fake "Xiuban" and fake "Rhett" must have carried a large part of the original consciousness, or else it wouldn't have had such a huge grudge against him.

A vague conjecture appeared in his mind.

But he didn't have time to think because "Rhett" was already making a move.

With a wave of his hand, a giant, pitch-black mouth appeared before him.

It had a hundred sharp teeth that crisscrossed. All the teeth were covered with strange runes, and the mouth was shrouded in black smoke.

A simple bite would have a completely different meaning when coming from that monster.

The giant mouth suddenly opened up and chomped down on Enderfa's flood of spells.


When the spells were bitten by the huge mouth, a bunch of cracking sounds were let out.

The Flame Spears were directly snapped... These spells condensed from fire were broken like real spears.

And not only did it bite down on the spells, but it even swallowed them.

Enderfa had a strange expression. He stopped casting and his voice shook.

"Damnit, that monster is actually eating my spells, my mana is being swallowed..."

Lin Yun's expression was very unsightly. He had never heard of spells being swallowed like this.

The mana contained within spells was different from normal mana...

There were many ways to absorb mana from a human body, but that was only when directly absorbing it from the body.

Mana Steal, Mana Absorption, Mana Burn...

These spells all had variations of this effect, but they couldn't compare to that monster's tentacles. The absorption speed of the tentacles was too terrifying.

The mana consumed by the spells could be recovered.

But he had never heard of absorbing a spell's mana...

Absorbing directly from the human body was like eating plain rice; it didn't have any flavor, but it had a lot of benefits.

Absorbing the mana after it was shaped into a spell was like stumbling onto a flowerpot and eating the rice hidden amidst the soil.

One bite would be full of soil, making it very difficult to process.

No spell had this effect.

"Damn, this monster's appetite is really not normal," Lin Yun couldn't help cursing.

He could feel the monster becoming stronger after swallowing a few spells.

Realizing this, they stopped casting spells and Xiuban charged ahead with Carnage. Unfortunately, against a 9th Rank Archmage, he couldn't even get close.

The monster sneered, and with a wave of a hand, the large mouth appeared again.

This time, it was three hundred meters tall. If one described the previous one as an Ogre's mouth, this one would be the mouth of a Draconic Alligator.

The mouth opened wide and flew towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun cast Bursting Flames, and the mouth unhesitantly swallowed it. Two explosions were heard, only making the mouth swell a bit, and strengthening it from the mana of the spell.

Lin Yun frowned and sent three more Bursting Flames over in a row. They all exploded together and surpassed the limit of what the huge mouth could bear before bursting open.

But after being blown up, the giant mouth turned into black smoke and flew back to the monster. The monster casually waved a hand, and an even more formidable mouth appeared...

This was a disgusting ability. The opponent would only get stronger and stronger, and the more he was attacked, the more powerful he would grow. But being on the defensive wouldn't work either, as they would be suppressed to death.

The opponent was a 9th Rank Archmage. No matter how strange he was, he was still a 9th Rank Archmage...

The monster kept laughing, not even using defensive spells, condensing eight toothy maws next to his body. Those huge maws would rush up to eat any incoming spells and transform them into their own power.

"I said you would die! You won't be tricked this time... I don't need to trick you, because absolute strength is enough to kill you!"

The monster laughed abnormally, his face twisting.

The monster suddenly raised his hands, playing with his finger as if he was composing music. In an instant, thirty to forty Wind Blades flew out of the monster's fingertips.

The monstrous, pitch-black Wind Blades turned into a storm. Everyone waited for it, not looking down on these small Wind Blades.

Lin Yun decisively used a Runic Shield to shield in front of him. And after finishing this, he kept moving to dodge the black Wind Blades.

Lin Yun dodged most of the strange Wind Blades, but he couldn't avoid being hit by a few...