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 Xiuban swung Carnage with his body filled with aura as he displayed power close to his limits, leaping over with a slam.

But the Ox Beastman Totem Warrior just held his thick totem and waved it as if he was shooing away a fly. A series of wild runes flashed on the pitch-black totem, and it created visible explosions as it collided with Xiuban's Carnage.

The intense exploding auras even gave rise to unstable, cobweb-like lightning.


A loud noise echoed as a shockwave spread from the totem. The totem's power had been activated, doubling the damage inflicted by the Ox Beastman's attacks!.

Xiuban, who had already been using his full power, was unable to retaliate. He was hit by the power of the shockwave and sent flying.

Due to the power of the impact, Xiuban's speed was comparable to a mage using a Flight Spell. He flew two hundred meters before crashing into one of the supporting pillars of the main hall.

Enderfa saw this scene and shivered.

"Merlin, quick, think of something! These two are much more ruthless than the four Demiliches, they don't have to focus most of their energy in a Life Affixing Rune..."

The Ox Beastman was crazily charging over at them with his totem, and everyone retreated. Even a Frost Dragon like Reina had no confidence to get close to that Ox Beastman. That totem weighed at least five thousand kilos, and might be even heavier due to the runes.

The power seemed irresistible, as any obstruction would be smashed by the totem...

Lin Yun frowned. This Ox Beastman Totem Warrior was standing in front, putting pressure on everyone, not to mention the Lightning Shaman in the back.

Slow, Weaken...

It was casting various debuffs. Lin Yun took out the Book of Death and summoned Lagulin and Barton, and then Lagulin cast his Aura to buff everyone before charging towards the distant Lightning Shaman.

Barton began to used many debuffs to weaken the Ox Beastman.

Reina also started her Ice spells to slow him down.

After being inflicted with so many debuffs, the Ox Beastman's speed immediately decreased quite a bit. At least he wouldn't catch up to them. Anyone with a brain would know not to fight that Totem Warrior in melee range.

But that Lightning Shaman was truly too disgusting. The Lightning Shields on both sides made their group's most effective tactic, the spell flood, lose its effectiveness. At this moment, they still didn't know what support spells that Lightning Shaman had. They would be at a loss if he could increase the strength of the Totem Warrior.

Lin Yun fully used his Fire Elemental Incarnation and flashed across the flame-covered hall. Reina transformed into a Dragon, and the puppet could only stand there, unable to do anything other than continuing to cast spells.

Even after being weakened by at least 20%, the Ox Beastman still chased them...

Lagulin and Enderfa were battling the Lightning Shaman, who covered himself with a shield of lightning.

Lagulin held Heaven's Wrath as he attacked the Lightning Shield, and just as his blade struck it, countless fine strands of lightning rushed along the weapon.

The countless strands wreaked havoc on Lagulin's body and turned the death energy into smoke, causing great injuries.

Then, the Lightning Shaman raised his staff and pointed at the distant Totem Warrior.

A thumb-sized bolt suddenly appeared and headed for the Ox Beastman.

The lightning spread over the Ox Beastman's body and cleansed him of his debuffs in an instant...

Lightning Purification...

Zeuss, who was standing in the distance, let out a surprised shout. He truly hadn't expected this Lightning Shaman to have this ability that could instantly purify the debuffs on the Totem Warrior's body.

And it still wasn't over with that. The Lightning Shaman swayed his lightning staff and used a Bloodthirst spell.

A blood-colored ball of light flew out and engulfed Ox Beastman's body.

Bloody lights flashed as the Totem Warrior bellowed, his eyes turning red and his body swelling. His ripped steel muscles strengthened, seeming ready to explode.

A fierce, berserk aura swept the surroundings like a hurricane.

Then, the Ox Beastman raised his totem and fiercely slammed the ground.

"Withdraw! Now!" Lin Yun shouted in alarm as he used two Flame Flashes to retreat.

As the totem hit the ground, a white aura rippled through the surroundings like a shockwave.

The puppet was the slowest to retreat and took the shockwave head-on. That white aura was apparently made out of Wind Blades, and it created sharp, ear-piercing noises as they hit metal.

Lin Yun cast a Runic Shield but was still sent flying. His complexion was pale when he hit the ground.

In the distance, Enderfa and Lagulin, who were battling the Lightning Shaman, had been pressured to the point that they couldn't raise their heads.

With a movement of his staff, a chain-like bolt of lightning flew out and hit Lagulin before bouncing toward Enderfa.

Enderfa was instantly scared into using the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to cast Ice Coffin and freeze himself into a block of ice.

The bolt of lightning was frantically twisting around the block of ice, continuously lashing at it and rapidly melting the Ice Coffin.

Enderfa was scared shitless. That Chain Lightning would be especially harmful to him as an Incarnation. If it didn't go well, he might even be completely purified by that Lightning Shaman...

"Damnit, it's not going to go well if this continues, we are definitely not a match! Merlin, hurry up and think of something!" Enderfa shouted out of fear.

He then saw Xiuban coming to help, but the Draconic Beastman was hit by the Chain Lightning, which left him twitching on the ground continuously, black smoke appearing from his burns. Even after the Chain Lightning disappeared, he was still shuddering.

How could Lin Yun have time to worry about Enderfa? This Ox Beastman Totem Warrior was chasing him like a mad dog. After that blasting strike that covered an area of over thirty meters, his Runic Shield was almost shattered. He would be screwed if he let this foe approach.

As he kept fleeing, he used various spells to try to suppress the Totem Warrior, but to little effect.

Lin Yun frowned and used mana to rouse the ring on his left hand.

Shawn came out and looked at the surroundings with vigilance, before seeing the Ox Beastman Totem Warrior chasing them.

He instantly wanted to return to his ring.

Lin Yun was already prepared for that and use mana to block Shawn, keeping him outside.

"One spirit mana crystal as long as you can block these two troublesome guys for ten seconds!" Lin Yun decisively offered a high price.

Shawn had been rather scared recently. Ever since he fused with the Evil Dragon Eye, he no longer had any peaceful time. It was taxing every time he used the Evil Dragon Eye.

After each use, he would end up weakened. Recently, he had been in a vicious cycle. Every time he made some progress in his meditation, he would be called out by Lin Yun, and after returning to meditate and getting some insights, he would be summoned again by Lin Yun.

When he felt Lin Yun's summon, Shawn knew that things weren't good. He looked and saw level 38 Ancestor Souls and didn't feel like going.

"Deal, but I really don't have the power to use the Evil Eye..."

After hearing that all he had to do was block these guys for ten seconds, Shawn relaxed a bit as he warned Lin Yun.

Lin Yun nodded and Shawn stood on his shoulder, waiting for Lin Yun to give him the timing.

Lin Yun gave an order to the puppet, having it move towards the left totem. At the same time, he shouted, "Xiuban, when these two are blocked, immediately destroy that right totem!" Lin Yun paused and then added, "If you can't do it, you'll die!"

Lin Yun then turned towards Reina and said, "Help me block!"

After saying all this, Lin Yun started pouring his mana into the Book of Death.

The large amount of mana rushing in made the Book of Death shine brighter and flicker with radiance.

After feeling it, joy flashed on Lin Yun's face.

But with only Reina and Barton blocking, the pressure was greatly increased.

In order to withstand a few more seconds, Barton became cannon fodder and got closer to the Totem Warrior to resist it directly, before being turned into fragments by the totem's blasting strike.

Reina recoiled from the impact. She looked at Lin Yun, who was pouring a large amount of mana into the Book of Death, and opened her mouth to chant in Draconic.

A cold breath mixed with terrifying power spread over the Totem Warrior's body, freezing him solid.

After that move, she turned back into a human, looking extremely weak.

And as Lin Yun felt the mana surging from the Book of Death becoming more and more intense, he felt a faint connection appearing and immediately shouted at Shawn, "Lord Shawn! Ten seconds!"

Shawn angrily sulked, but he didn't complain. He opened his mouth and roared at the Ox Beastman Totem Warrior and the Lightning Shaman.

His voice was obviously not very loud, but it had a power that directly reached one's soul.

Shawn controlled the power of the Soul Roar to hit the two Soul Ancestors.