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 Unfortunately, no matter how bold he was, he never would have guessed that the fall of that meteor was originally the preface to Noscent's destruction.

Thus, Lin Yun kept feeling that something was wrong in the dream, because Noscent was only shattered, but not completely destroyed.

Even if the Nightmare God was alive and personally acted, he would also be unable to make Lin Yun's dreams flawless.

After shaking his head, Lin Yun began to size up his surroundings.

The group was standing at the entrance of a huge palace.

This palace was magnificent and looked like an old shrine. The front was supported by eight huge red pillars, and on the pillars, statues of thin and tall people could be seen. A huge snake was coiled around the statues, and on the body of that snake, countless small magic beasts were sculpted.

There was no mage tower at the top of the palace, and it hadn't been carved into a noble dome either. Instead, it was carved into a large treetop.

From the entrance, they could feel an aura of dignity coming from the building.

This palace was situated in a volcanic crater! They could see the thick magma flowing down, and the mountain range was covered in black smoke, a thick smell of sulfur permeating the air.

They even saw a volcano erupting in the distance...

'Damn, this is the Volcanic Mountain Range!' Lin Yun was alarmed.

He then looked at that huge palace in shock.

'That's the Raging Flame Emperor's palace! It was rumored to be in the core of the Volcanic Mountain Range, in the greatest volcano!

Looking down from the volcano, Lin Yun keenly noticed minute flaws.

One of the volcanoes had already been destroyed in battle, and another one had been dormant for a very long time and could now be considered extinct.

But here, these two volcanoes were still standing and erupting...

This was an illusion!

Lin Yun turned towards the palace, rushing closer in order to check whether or not the building was truly an illusion.

Because that palace was too exquisite. All the details and the dust couldn't be compared to the scene of the volcano below.

Lin Yun rushed in frantically, leaving the others baffled, but they still followed nervously.

The inside of the palace was dark, and when their eyes suddenly got used to the darkness, they saw something shocking.

Besides the thick pillars, the most conspicuous thing in the main hall was the exaggerated throne. A silhouette was sitting on that throne, and on the side, Noblesse was laying on its stomach, asleep.

The figure was sitting atop golden, pyramid-like steps. Each step was one meter wide and twenty centimeters high. They were made out of dark-gold magic stones, and they were all covered with various alchemy runes and patterns.

There were ninety-nine flights of steps both on the front and on both sides. The three flights of steps met at the summit, converging at that excessively huge throne.

The throne was low-key yet luxurious. Li Yun could recognize the materials used with a glance. It was made of Pure Flame Crystals! A first-rate magic material! It could be used for both True Spirit Arrays and the crafting of True Spirit Magic Tools. Some Heaven Rank Arrays might also need that material.

Simple shape, luxurious magic materials. Lin Yun even knew that during the forging of this throne, all the Pure Flame Crystals from three different planes were completely excavated, and only after refinement did he have enough for the throne.

This was the best True Spirit Magic Tool!

It was rumored that the Raging Flame Emperor had never suffered a defeat while holding the scepter and sitting on his throne.

And now, a silhouette covered in dust was sitting on that throne!

The thick layer of dust had accumulated after countless years, transforming in a kind of stone armor on the person's body.

His fiery cloak had already decayed, and the armor that covered every part of his body was tattered. Only a small part had yet to suffer from the corrosion of time.

Lin Yun didn't need to get closer to know that it was an armor made of Skyfall Magic Metal. It wasn't the best armor for fighters, but this kind of softness made it so that even fingers could be protected while maintaining dexterity!

Not only that, but the weight of the Skyfall Magic Metal was very low, and it had very good magic conductivity, making it useful for various things.

It had already been completely excavated in Noscent in the era of Chromatic Dragons and Pure-blood Elves. It was only seen again in the Planar Colonization Era.

Only a few pieces of Skyfall Metal remained from the corrosion of time.

This man was the Raging Flame Emperor!

Lin Yun was quite certain about this not only because Noblesse was sitting next to him, but also because he was holding that scepter.

It had a simple shape, revealing dignity and power. At the peak of the scepter floated a continuously transforming rune as well as countless floating mantras that were transformed into a ball of dark light.

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras!

It was the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras!

That power and those features simply couldn't be faked!

Light shone in Lin Yun's eyes, his breathing couldn't help becoming rough as he became a bit anxious.

How long had he dreamt of that book?

Ever since he obtained the Equilibrium Law, he had started thinking about it. No, it had started from his rebirth. He'd thought of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras among other things that early, but it hadn't been urgent before he got the Equilibrium Law.

It had been so risky and full of untold dangers, but he could finally see the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras/ How could Lin Yun not be excited?

Lin Yun walked over with excitement, but after taking two steps, he was forced to stop. He cast a dozen Mage Eyes in the surroundings.

After casually casting Detect Undead, something unexpected appeared, it collapsed thirty meters away from the Raging Plane Emperor.

Lin Yun was suddenly startled as if he had been splashed with cold water.

His Detect Undead had been defeated by a stronger power.

Behind him, the others saw Lin Yun's baffling actions and they approached one after another.

Lin Yun urgently warned, "Don't move, don't speak, don't make a sound!"

They were all startled when they saw Lin Yun being so cautious. No matter how great the danger had been before, they hadn't seen him in such a state.

Lin Yun stood at the bottom of the flight of steps and looked at the Raging Flame Emperor, truly afraid...

He'd assumed that the Raging Flame Emperor had died and that before his death, he had sat on the throne, trying to use the throne's absolute defenses to resist the power of death. Thus, it was very unlikely that he had been turned into one of the Undead.

As long as he hadn't become Undead and was only a corpse, Lin Yun would have a lot of ways to open up the throne's defenses.

But the probing wasn't just resisted... It collapsed completely.

As if the source of the spell had been overcome in an instant.

The difference in nature was too huge!

If the Raging Flame Emperor had already become Undead, then they all could only wait for death.

Everyone remained quiet, and Xiuban was even scared into holding his breath.

The hall instantly became quiet and even a heartbeat could be heard.



A slow and heavy heartbeat echoed in Lin Yun's ears. He looked at the Raging Flame Emperor and bit his own tongue.

'Sh*t, the Raging Flame Emperor is still alive?!'

Enderfa's three faces looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Lin Yun leaned towards Enderfa and asked in a low voice, "Enderfa, what's going on? How can the Raging Flame Emperor still be alive? Has he been sitting on that throne, still alive, for countless millennia?"

Enderfa was also bewildered. He unhappily replied, "You're asking me, but who should I ask? Who knows? Just don't provoke him, he's been sleeping for so many years, he won't wake up as long as we don't touch him.

Lin Yun thoughtfully nodded, calmly his own heartbeat.

The Raging Flame Emperor being alive was a really scary matter...

But Lin Yun was confused by the current state of the Raging Flame Emperor. He was obviously still alive, but how had he been sleeping for? What was going on in the end?

How could the Raging Flame Emperor fall asleep on his throne like this?

In the legends, when the Raging Flame Emperor sat on his throne, he was invincible. The throne was a peak True Spirit Magic Tool and was famous for its absolute defense. That ability was enough to make the throne known as being just short of an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

Could it be that the Raging Flame Emperor had met a huge danger that forced him to remain asleep on his throne?

But how could he remain asleep after so many years?

Lin Yun looked at the scepter in the Raging Flame Emperor's hands and wanted to go get it. After seeing the current situation, Lin Yun couldn't help recalling Arthus' death. Hadn't he been hit by the scepter, leaving him in a poor situation?

But Lin Yun was unwilling to give up.

He frowned deeply, before suddenly being struck by inspiration.

If the scepter was real, and the Raging Flame Emperor was also real, then shouldn't this throne also be real?

This wasn't an illusion, this whole palace was real!

In the legends, the palace and the throne were one and the same. The power of the throne was supplied by the palace.

He had seen some information in the books of the decaying library and the Merlin Family's books, as well as some of the scattered information he had gotten in the Raging Flame Plane.

A smile suddenly appeared on Lin Yun face after putting all the information together.