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 This strange team was even more baffling. For just a Sand Beast, they didn't hesitate to start a fight...

Moreover, they were using methods that consumed a lot of mana, casting a flood of spells.

Although this kind of fighting style was formidable, there was only one enemy in such a wide area. It wasn't that efficient, so most of the spells were wasted.

If they had been fighting against a large number of enemies or in a small area, this would have been much more effective.

The mana brought by the Netherstorm had indeed increased since Noscent shattered, but it wasn't to the degree of allowing one to squander mana.

'These people are brainless!'

Lin Yun was puzzled, but he still reacted appropriately, using the double Elemental Incarnation of Fire and Earth to keep flashing through the desert.

While accurately calculating the casting time, he also used spells that required the least amount of mana and blocked the crucial actions of the opponents.

This was the most correct way of using magic, because recovering mana was a headache...

After no less than half an hour, Lin Yun eventually found an opportunity and reached the back of the puppet. In an instant, those patched parts fell to the ground.

With many of its key parts removes, the puppet could only stand there foolishly.

At this time, Rhett finally rejoined the battle while swearing heavily, infuriating the trio.

All of a sudden, the pressure greatly increased as they poured out even more spells.

The barrage of spells didn't give him any opportunities to counterattack.

'F*ck, these guys are crazy, they are wasting so much mana!'

But after fighting for more than half an hour, this group still didn't show any signs of mana exhaustion. It looked as if Berserk had been cast on them, and they only followed their own rhythm.

'This won't work...'

Lin Yun disguised an Elemental Shield as a Runic Shield, making the pure elemental power from runes and then having the runes float around the shield.

Soon, this disguised Elemental Shield was broken. But just as it broke, Lin Yun flashed next to the wheel-shaped Magic Tool.

A magic wand that had been discarded for a very long time appeared in Lin Yun's hand. He pointed it at the Magic Tool's source of mana and suddenly caused it to become chaotic. Lin Yun had observed the three-faced Incarnation of the Magic Tool for a long time. After having its mana scrambled, it simply couldn't function anymore.

The next instant, the Draconic Beastman's huge weapon smashed down, and the Runic Shield that he had saved came in handy.

The Runic shield was still steady after blocking a hit, which clearly startled the Draconic Beastman.

Even those who hadn't experienced it firsthand knew that once a Runic Shield was broken, it would need some time to recondense. It absolutely couldn't reform in just a few seconds.

And Lin Yun took advantage of this opportunity to instant cast three Bursting Flames, disregarding the mana consumption.

These three blue balls of fire pincered the Draconic Beastman from three different directions and exploded at the same time, greatly increasing the might of the spells.

And there was a secondary explosion afterwards!

The three Bursting Flames left the Draconic Beastman covered in burns and bruises. He fell to the ground and stopped moving.

The only person remaining was that icy woman. But surprisingly, that woman changed shape and turned into a Frost Dragon.

A Frost Breath mixed with countless ice fragments fell down from the sky. The flowing, ice-blue attack spread through the air, and everything within a dozen meters was completely frozen.

Lin Yun was startled, but that feeling of familiarity was getting stronger and stronger...

'A Frost Dragon...


'Reina? How come I know her name?'

But Lin Yun didn't have time to think about this in the middle of the battle. He used Flame Flashes and kept moving about, fighting this Dragon.

When the Frost Dragon starting chanting in Draconic, Lin Yun also followed and chanted an incantation of his own. A fragment of the destroyed continent passing by was forcibly summoned by Lin Yun as a meteor.

That meteor fell from the sky and struck the Frost Dragon's back. Lin Yun could even hear the sound of bones cracking.

The Draconic chant was also forcibly interrupted.

The aggressors had lost their fighting power, but Lin Yun didn't have a good expression. All the mana and abilities he had used made him feel hurt, not to mention some of the attacks he had endured just now.

Mages' bodies were far from those of fighters. Even if they had defensive spells active and were only shaken, they would still feel unwell.

Lin Yun was frowning, but he didn't stop casting.

These strange, brainless people hadn't died, but they had to be killed...

During that time, Rhett had crawled over and got behind Lin Yun.

Even though he was a mage, he was holding a pitch-black dagger, and the dagger seemed to be absorbing light. It didn't reflect any light at all... It was like a shadow.

A sharp glint of evil intent was visible in Rhett's eyes. He had snuck up to Lin Yun's back very naturally, and a smirk appeared on his face as he saw how unguarded his mark was. He then plunged his dagger into Lin Yun's back.

The dagger pierced Lin Yun's body, but Rhett didn't feel any resistance.

The next moment, Lin Yun's body distorted and dissipated.

Rhett turned and saw a thoughtful Lin Yun in the distance motioning with his staff.

A huge, pitch-black palm appeared and ruthlessly smashed Rhett.

The disgusting sound of cracking bones echoed as Rhett screamed while being sent flying. But before he could fall to the ground, a huge palm formed from the sand and struck him once again.

Rhett's bones were completely twisted as he fell to the ground. Blood kept foaming at the corner of his mouth, and he seemed to be in shock.

Lin Yun frowned as he walked over, subconsciously saying, "I can see through you again... Eh, why am I saying this?"

But when Rhett heard those words, his face turned green and he spat blood on the floor.

With grief and indignation, he shouted, "B*stard! How can you recognize me in a f*cking dream! I will kill you! I'll kill you!"

Lin Yun suddenly realized something.

"Turns out it was like this! This is a dream! No wonder, no wonder..."

'No wonder I felt that something was wrong from the start, but I was unable to find any trace of the illusion. Everything seemed real, down to the details. The books in the library were also real, an illusion couldn't have so many first-rate magic books.

'No wonder I kept having this feeling of deja vu after reading the contents.

'No wonder Rhett, that Draconic Beastman, that strange Magic Tool Incarnation, that puppet, and that icy woman all looked familiar... They all looked and felt familiar.

'Turns out it was a dream.'

A dream... This was like being tricked by himself, because everything came from his own memories. Looking for a flaw in his own memories was impossible!

Rhett looked as if he was about to slice Lin Yun into pieces, but he couldn't help asking, "How did you see through me?"

Lin Yun seriously thought about it for a moment...

"That huge meteor. When it first appeared, I knew it would destroy all of Heiss City and kill me too. But the meteor didn't fall and I didn't die, so it felt wrong."

Rhett looked stunned. He then roared, "Don't be too proud of yourself! You'll definitely die! You'll definitely die!"

Rhett suddenly exploded and dissipated into black smoke.

And the entire world turned into pure darkness. There was no sound, no light...

There was nothing at all.

Eventually, a light appeared.

This small glimmer looked glaringly bright, and Lin Yun couldn't help closing his eyes. When he opened them again, the surroundings had thoroughly changed.

The black vortex had disappeared, and the hall had also disappeared...

Xiuban was standing there foolishly, Reina had yet to wake up, Zeuss' eyes were unfocused as he had yet to recover, and one of Enderfa's faces was strange, watching the surroundings with alarm, wanting to confirm whether this place was an illusion or not...

Xiuban soon recovered and looked at Lin Yun before excitedly moving over.

"Sir Merlin, I just had a dream! I dreamt of becoming a noble and then fighting with a Three-Headed Gold Dragon. And that Three-Headed Gold Dragon fell to my Carnage and acknowledged me as his master. I also overpowered Syudos..."

Xiuban kept talking about his chaotic dream...

Lin Yun responded, "I also had a dream, I dreamt that you dared to call yourself Lord in front of me and then attacked to try to get rid of me, but I got rid of you instead..."

Xiuban was startled and instantly forgot his dream.

"Sir Merlin, how could that be, how could Xiuban attack you? This was just a dream... Yes, this was just a dream..."

Lin Yun then turned to look at Reina and Enderfa. They both clearly were also having dreams.

Enderfa was vigilantly looking around, his expression not very good. That dream should have been quite bad.

Lin Yun recalled the black vortex and made a conjecture.

That black vortex had probably been left by Nightmare God Senders. It made everyone unconsciously enter the land of dreams.

But someone must have been controlling that land of dreams, and the most logical culprit was that monster.