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 The Elemental Fire Dragon's body was burning with reddish orange flames. This was the Elemental Fire Dragon's innate ability, Sacrificial Flames. Anything within a certain range would be burnt.

Moreover, as a pure Elemental, as long as it wasn't instantly killed, it could recover from its injury at an incredible speed with fire elements. That recovery ability was even better than actual Dragons.

The flaming vortex above its head didn't close and a large amount of fire elements rushed out of it. Not only would fire spells be greatly strengthened, casting them would become a lot easier and it would increase the Elemental Fire Dragon's recovery ability by another step.

After summoning the Elemental Fire Dragon, Lin Yun roused the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and rushed forward.

A large amount of Undeads below level twenty were affected when Lin Yun charged forward and they fled back in alarm. But there were many Undeads behind them, so they simply couldn't move.

The Undeads in front crazily rushed backward, colliding with the Undeads in the back who hadn't been affected by Undead Predator.

When Lin Yun was ten meters away from the Undeads, the pressure of Undead Predator increased and the Undeads in that range collapsed from fear.

After the first Skeleton Warrior raised his weapon to attack the ones blocking his retreat, the Undeads' internal strife started in full.

A level 30 Skeleton Lord wanted to control those crazily escaping Undeads, but he was turned to pieces in less than ten seconds by the cannon fodder he usually controlled.

The huge amount of low level Undeads was still displaying a terrifying power against other Undeads.

Lin Yun hardly needed to make a move in a thirty meters range, the higher level Undeads within that range would be crazily swarmed over by the Lesser Undeads.

There were really too many Undeads, they were so packed that even if one wanted to turn and run, it would be unable to.

This was the most terrifying human wave tactic, or in this case, skeleton wave tactic. But it was their biggest weakness in front of Undead Predator.

Lesser Undeads wanted to escape backward while Higher Undeads wanted to control these Lesser Undeads, thus, the Lesser Undeads had no other choice but to attack those blocking them, it was instinct.

Then, the situation became strange.

Lin Yun's group only needed to attack occasionally. The Lesser Undeads were doing most of the work, changing side whenever they got too close to Lin Yun and waving their bone blades at the Undeads behind them...

Even the Lesser Undeads within range didn't care about the group's attacks, they were only focused on counter-attacking the rogue Undeads in front of them...

Enderfa wasn't the only one surprised by that scene, Xiuban was stunned as he tightly held Carnage.

But no one dared to ask as they saw Lin Yun charging head first, they only followed behind him.

When they had charged out of the perimeter of the crystal wheel they still took over an hour, even though the undead were not really pursuing them.

And now, going back while facing even more Undeads took them only a bit over ten minutes, and they had met almost no obstruction!

Lin Yun clenched his teeth as he frantically roused the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, sending a large amount of fire spells to sweep the front.

As they rushed towards the Four Demiliches, Lin Yun still didn't stop and instead squeezed the Spell Wheel to its limits and turned more fire spells into a flood of flames that poured on the four Demiliches.

Three muffled sounds echoed as three huge Askrim Gates appeared.

Unfortunately, in front of the overloaded Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and that torrent of fire spells supported by the Elemental Fire Dragon's fire elements, those three Askrim Gates only lasted three seconds before being broken through.

Suddenly, a pitch-black smoke spread from the sky, forming a sort of curtain to block the fire spells. Another five Askrim Gates rose up behind the Dark Curtain.

This defense was simple, but invulnerable...

Facing such circumstances, Lin Yun did something unexpected.

He turned around and ran...

After running ten meters away, he saw that the four Demiliches had attacked the spot he had just been standing on with a large amount of dark spells, ice spells, as well as curses.

Countless Dark Arrows were raining on that spot, alongside countless Frost Lances, and a corrosive pillar had also appeared there.

Even Arnold had used his instant summon ability to summon a dozen Death Knights and ten Bone Dragons.

Quite a few Mantras fell on the Undeads' bodies, and seven curses had fallen over there, but to no avail.

Lin Yun used the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to cast a flood of fire spells once again and led Xiuban, Reina, and the puppet to rush a few hundred meters away.

After retreating over a hundred meters, he once again rushed back in and did the same as earlier, charging to the four Demiliches and sending a flood of flames before running away.

The Demiliches' casting became better and fiercer, and the others were looking at this with alarm, not understanding why Lin Yun had been infuriating the four Demiliches to that point.

"Merlin, take it easy, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel would collapse if it keeps being overloaded like that..." Enderfa said, worried.

Lin Yun didn't say a word and kept charging forward.

The four Demiliches had been completely infuriated after the third time, but the strengthened Undead Predator had enabled Lin Yun to move unobstructed within their sea of Undeads, and he would run away every time they started casting. Hit and run, and spells were landing near the crystal wheel.

How could these four ruthless Demiliches ignore it now.

For the first time, the four Demiliches started chasing...

Ice Emissary Cook, Dark Left Hand hall, Silencer Garcia; these three Demiliches chased after Lin Yun while Arnold stayed behind.

How could Lin Yun let this opportunity slip by? While running, he ruthlessly threw the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel towards Arnorld and had it squeeze out its remaining power.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel's Elemental Amber had already dimmed, but under this reckless attack, an unprecedented light blossomed.

The power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was displayed and every second, dozens of fire spells were cast.

Arnold used his Instant Summon ability and summoned a dozen Higher Undeads as meatless meat shields, but they were instantly burnt to death and a large amount of fire spells fell on Arnold.

At such a critical time, Hall pointed in the distance and countless dark red light converging at his fingertips, followed by a blood red lightning.

The speed of lightning couldn't be caught with the naked eye and it instantly pierced through the flood of spells cast by the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and hit the Elemental Amber.


With Hall's instant spell hitting the overloaded Spell Wheel, the Elemental Amber became unable to support the burden and exploded...

Having lost the Elemental Amber, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel lost the source of its power and fell like scrap iron.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was no different from trash...

And this provocation made Arnold, this pure Undead Summoner, fly into a rage.

Arnold also joined the chase.

Lin Yun led everyone to quickly run back as four Demiliches were chasing after them like mad dogs.

But no one noticed that the trashed Spell Wheel rolled to the side of the crystal wheel, as if still under someone's control...

Arnold almost exploded from anger, even if he didn't die, that attack was enough to make that Demilich explode in rage.

All the Undeads followed those four Demiliches in their chase, and in less than ten minutes, not a single Undead could be seen in the surroundings of the crystal wheel that had originally been packed with Undeads.

In the distance, Lin Yun was holding the Book of Death in one hand and the Draconic Staff in the other, battered and exhausted from the fleeing.

The four Demiliches attacking together was too much pressure, it was like walking on the edge of a precipice. If he didn't pay attention, he would fall into the abyss.

Whether it was Lin Yun, Xiuban, or Reina, their power had been roused to their pinnacle, and a single mistake could cost them their lives.

Frost, Askrim Gates, Frost Lances...

All of Cook's spells became viable tools to obstruct Lin Yun's group.

As for Hall's Dark Hand, Dark Arrows were powerful offensive spells accurately striking the weakest areas of Lin Yun's defenses.

Not to mention, there was still Garcia and his disgusting curses and Arnold and his treacherous Instant Summon.

It was very hard for Lin Yun to resist, he clung to a single thought, 'Enderfa, I'm counting on you!'

On the side of the crystal wheel, a smoke slowly came out of the trashed Spell Wheel. The smoke condensed into three pained faces.

Enderfa silently turned his heads, saw that there was no danger in the surroundings and immediately condensed a pair of hands and took out a spatial ring hidden in a notch of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

There were a few crystal pens as well as a few bottles of Star Ink, moreover, there was also an Alchemic Mana Whirlpool.

Enderfa plugged the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool in the location of the Elemental Amber and started operating the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel that had lost its source of power once again started operating.

"Damn, this is a huge loss... A True Spirit Magic Tool damaged like that... Such a huge Elemental Amber won't appear again..."