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 Enderfa was puzzled, but he had no other choice but to admit that Lin Yun was right, they fought so hard and could have been submerged by the sea of Undeads anytime, yet the other side had no intention of chasing with all their might, the other side only thought about how to protect their phylacteries.

Lin Yun beckoned the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel over and held it in his hands before telling Enderfa, "I have an idea and we can test it now. If it's successful, we will be able to get rid of these four Demiliches, but you might feel wronged..."

Since it came to this point, how could Enderfa have a choice, but he was still struggling after hearing Lin Yun's words.

"Then... Then you better be careful and not let me die..."

Enderfa stopped controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and Lin Yun directly controlled it.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was a True Spirit Magic Tool created by Lin Yun himself, his control was very smooth, and since he fused it with the Elemental Heart, controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was as easy as moving a finger.

Lin Yun controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and had it hover in the air, continuously rotating. This imitation of the Magic Array was fusing spells at an unprecedented speed.

A large amount of fire spells had been fused and the casting speed was even faster than Lin Yun's own casting speed.

Lin Yun was extremely fierce, frantically rousing the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel's potential to its pinnacle. The overload released a flood of spell that was at least twice as powerful as Enderfa's.

Flame Spears bursting with flames, dark red Bursting Fireballs, large scale Fire Rains...

The overwhelming flood of fire spells deliberately avoided the wheel area, thus, the four Demiliches only stood there, not paying attention to Lin Yun at all.

At this time, Lin Yun was certain that the four Demiliches' Phylacteries were there. He watched for a long time, but didn't notice anything resembling Phylactery.

There was only a desk over there with a two meter large crystal wheel. There was no other thing within five meters.

Unless he could confirm what the Demiliches' Phylacteries were, he couldn't start his plan.

Betting everything on something uncertain wasn't Lin Yun's style, moreover, Lin Yun clearly knew that he only had one opportunity.

As long as the four Demiliches get enraged, he would lose that opportunity.

Now, these four Demiliches weren't even watching Lin Yun's group and they could see that the four Demiliches' eyes were focused on that crystal wheel.

After going around the Captain's Cabin, Lin Yun once again returned near the crystalwheel and attracted the Demiliches' attention.

Lin Yun crazily squeezed the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, putting a pained expression on Enderfa's face. He could feel the mana within the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel frantically leaking out while the runes on top were squeezed to their limits.

Regardless of how much it was roused, and even if the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was a True Spirit Magic Tool, it couldn't keep enduring.


Enderfa called out, but Lin Yun didn't react at all, his attention was focused on those four Demiliches and that crystal wheel.

When he was fifty meters away from the crystal wheel, Lin Yun suddenly roused the Spell Wheel again and swept the Undeads in front of the crystal wheel.

He rushed forward and when he reached the thirty meters mark, he cast ten Mage Eyes. Unfortunately, the Mage Eye that lasted the longest had only managed so for a second before disintegrating.

And those four Demiliches also made a move at that time!

Ice Emissary Cook roared and with a wave of his hand, three 10 meters tall, five meters wide and no less than three meters thick deep blue Ice Walls appeared in Lin Yun's sight.

An ordinary Ice Wall had been refined to the point of becoming an artwork in Cook's hands, the deep blue Ice Walls were covered in runes, and these gorgeous runes were constructed into the pattern of two vivid Frost Dragons looking forward. There were also many frost beasts carved on the sides of the Ice Walls.

These things made the Ice Walls look like a huge ice gate. This Ice Wall ability had already exceeded the limits of Ice Walls and had a separate name, Askrim Gate.

Of the three instant Askrim gates, the first one managed to block Lin Yun's flood of spells for no less than three seconds!

No attack would be able to fall within 30 meters of the wheel at this time.

As for Dark Left Hand Hall, he was raising his Dark Contract and a black rune appeared in the sky, and the rune appeared to be melting, silently spreading in a black ripple.

All the Undeads under level 20 within several dozen meters of the crystal wheel stopped and an identical black rune appeared on their foreheads. This was the rune of the Dark Contract!

All the Undeads under level 20 instantly died, their soul fire dissipating. Whether it was Skeletons, or Zombies, their bodies were covered by darkness similar to that rune and they silently dissolved.

Then, a large amount of pillars of darkness rose to the surface and all Undeads above level 20, regardless of the severity of their injuries, instantly recovered. Even those high level Undeads who only had small parts of their bodies left were instantly resurrected in full.

Over a thousand level 20 or below Undeads died, but in exchange, five hundred Undeads were at their peak condition. The lowest level Undeads among them was level 25!

Death Contract...

Seeing the two dozen intact Bone Dragons in the sky, Lin Yun's expression turned very unsightly. Hall's Dark Contract still had its Death Contract ability after he turned into a Demilich. He could forcibly sacrifice low level Undeads to revive high level Undeads in battle, and it could also treat the injuries of high level Undeads.

This wasn't over. Garcia then made a move and a totem fell from the sky, emitting dense death energy.

That totem seemed to have been made from countless skulls and was emitting death ripples visible with the naked eye. All the Undeads not only recovered, their abilities also greatly strengthened.

It didn't end with single totem, a second totem appeared, seemingly made from blood, which was still dripping. The bloody light spread out and affected the Undeads, turning their blue soul fires red.

As for Arnold, he controlled his four death vortexes, making them spin even faster and the speed at which Undeads appeared increased.

The outcome of the four Demiliches acting at the same time suppressed Lin Yun, who had even squeezed more power from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and forced him back.

Lin Yun unhesitantly gave up on the breaking through plan and led Reina, Xiuban and the puppet back to break out of the siege.

As Lin Yun got away from the crystal wheel, the four Demiliches no longer acted against him, but they did something that made Lin Yun's heart sink.

The four Demiliches floated up and moved closer to the crystal wheel.

The four Demiliches stood in a row in front of it and had the Undeads guard a three hundred meters area around it. This meant that the Demiliches who hadn't taken him seriously so far were finally putting him in their eyes.

The pressure greatly lowered after retreating a kilometer away. Lin Yun turned around to look at that crystal wheel with doubt, before finally understanding.

Why these four Demiliches didn't pay attention to them at first and why he was certain that these four Demiliches' phylacteries were in that crystal wheel yet nothing resembling a phylactery was there.

Although those ten Mage Eyes didn't last long, he was still able to see for a second, and thanks to that, he discovered something shocking.

Those four Demiliches didn't have phylacteries to begin with!

The Mage Eyes spotted some runes on the crystal wheel which shocked Lin Yun to his core. These legendary runes had already faded in the river of time!

Only when the magic civilization stepped into the peak of the Magic Era and conquered the Undead Plane for the first time did these forgotten runes reappear.

This was the rune countless mages unwilling to die were looking for, the Life Affixing Rune!

It was something of a higher level than phylacteries.

Liches' phylacteries were items in which the Lich's soul was deposited. As long as the Lich's Phylactery was hidden properly, the Lich would remain immortal.

Even the most inferior Lich was at the Heaven Rank, but as long as a Lich's phylactery was exposed it could be killed by a 1st Rank Archmage.

By destroying the phylactery, the Lich would be destroyed.

As for the Life Affixing Rune, they were a lot more profound than the phylacteries.

If when turning into a Lich, one's life was affixed to an item, that iem wouldn't have as many restrictions as phylacteries. They wouldn't be restricted by materials or by arrays.

They could affix their life to a mountain, or to a True Spirit Magic Tool, or even to an ordinary crystal pen.

Although it didn't have the tedious restrictions of the phylactery, the Life Affixing Rune was even more dangerous in some conditions. Sometimes, even the lowest amount of power could make a Lich fall.

Because affixing one's life to an item could have some unexpected circumstances. As long as these circumstances were met, then the Lich's life could dissipate from the item, and this also spelled the death of the Lich.