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 Fortunately, Lin Yun had the Magic Array, when the backlash happened, his Magic Array quickly revolved and suppressed it.

Lin Yun's expression became gloomy.

He just probed by using an almost instant 3rd Tier Fire Dragon...

Fire Dragons Spells could already be cast instantly, but when accompanied by an incantation, the power of the spells would be a bit larger. And that small increase would have little effect in battle.

With Lin Yun's current level, even reading the entire incantation would only take half a second to be completed.

But even so, it was interrupted by Garcia before it was completed.

This also meant that even if Garcia did not use any spells and just used Silence, it would be enough to make all of them unable to use any formidable spell.

They wouldn't have any way to cast a spell of the 7th Tier and above.

Moreover, Garcia wasn't limited to the use of Silence.

The tables have turned because of Garcia's presence...

This difference made them despair...

The four death vortexes were like four Death Gates, large amount of Undeads kept rushing out from within, and the majority of that cannon fodder was between level 15 and level 20!

When faced with this huge quantity, Enderfa and the puppet's crazy flood of spells could only temporarily suppress them.

Lin Yun released a large amount of instant cast spells with a calm face while watching the surroundings.

After five minutes, Lin Yun's group had no other choice but to fall back. They were unable to hold the ground against that army of Undeads.

And at this time, Ice Emissary Cook also made a move.

After a wave of his hand, a human-sized sphere of ice appeared in front of Xiuban, instantly exploding.

The huge ice energy fused with death energy and transformed into six pure attacks spreading out.

The blue gray power rippled like a wave as layer upon layer superpositioned. By the time six layers superpositioned, it exploded.

Ice fragments forcibly condensed in the atmosphere and charged at Xiuban, sending him flying.

Xiuban's miserable scream echoed in the air, but it was drowned in the roars of the countless Undeads.

Not only was Xiuban sent flying, every Undead within ten meters was annihilated. And apart from some bone fragments from skeletal lifeforms, ghosts were unable to leave any remains behind.

"Hell, how could Frost Nova reach such power?" Enderfa clenched his teeth as he dreadfully cursed.

A Frost Nova cast among the Undeads sent Xiuban flying. With only a wave of Cook's hand, snowflakes emitting a flickering cold radiance fell down.

Every single snowflake was at least a dozen centimeters big, and the edges emitted sharp cold light comparable to outstanding weapons.

The light Snow Blades fell within a dozen meters and indiscriminately tore those Undeads apart.

Lin Yun and the others hastily avoided the cast, only to welcome Dark Left Hand Hall's attack.

A large amount of Dark Arrows flew over from the sky. The Dark Arrows condensed purely out of dark energy had incomparable piercing power...

Lin Yun used a large area instant spell, but a dozen Dark Arrows pierced through. And even after fully putting to use his Fire Elemental Incarnation, the incarnation still ended up stabbed by a Dark Arrow.

A large amount of dark power started rushing out in the place that was hit, as if it was being devoured by a group of ants. Startled, Lin Yun hurriedly scattered the Fire Elemental Incarnation.

It was rumored that those killed by Dark Arrows would end up becoming Dark Skeleton Warriors, and all Dark Skeleton Warriors would have to obey the orders of the caster of the Dark Arrows.

"Merlin, what the hell are you doing..."

Enderfa saw the Fire Elemental Incarnation being hit by the Dark Arrow and immediately scolded Lin Yun.

Lin Yun didn't speak, once again using a Fire Elemental Incarnation and a large amount of fire spells to keep attacking those Undeads.

Unfortunately, the spells released were simply unable to get within fifty meters of the four Demiliches.

The fight continued on, Lin Yun and the others were pushing and retreating, continuously moving in the Captain's Cabin.

Suddenly, Garcia, who hadn't attacked again, let out a low roar, raising his hands in apparent anger.

At that instant, a bloody light exploded from Garcia's hands. With Garcia at the core, the blood red light instantly swept through several hundred meters.

Every Undead hit by the bloody light let out an angry shout.

In a split second, all of the Undeads' soul fires turned crimson red and the ignited flames were no longer burning peacefully, it was like an oil had been thrown into a fire.

For some Undeads with physical bodies, the change was even more obvious, such as Zombies, Vampires, Dark Warriors, Death Knights...

All the Undeads with physical bodies seemed to have become bigger and a layer of mist was covering their bodies.

In an instant, the overwhelming majority of Undeads turned berserk, they crazily stood up and rushed at Lin Yun and the others.

These fearless Undeads advanced wave after wave, using numbers to force them back.

"Damn, Bloodthirst, and such a large-scale Bloodthirst spell with no backlash at all... Garcia is even more ruthless than during his life..." Enderfa gnashed his teeth as he cursed.

He then turned to check Lin Yun's expression, but ended up getting angry as he saw him looking somewhere else.

The fight had only started a few minutes ago, yet that guy had remained absent-minded, his attention not on the battle, making the team almost suffer heavy losses a few times. And now, Garcia used this Bloodthirst spell, yet he still was absent-minded, 'Damnit, you are going to be the end of me...'

Before Enderfa could scold Lin Yun, a pleasantly surprise appeared on Lin Yun's face, "Finally found!"

Enderfa Swallowed the words he was about to say and quickly asked, "Found what?"

Lin Yun's originally somber expression was a bit more relaxed now, he only said one sentence, "Follow me."

After saying those words, Lin Yun led everyone to fight and retreat, while heading towards the left side.

After moving a hundred meters towards the left, Lin Yun suddenly smiled, "Did you notice? The pressure has weakened!"

Enderfa was in a daze, he had noticed what Lin Yun was pointing out. Originally, the flood of spells could only be used to resist the attack, but it had gradually changed, the flood of spells seemed to be pressuring them a bit now.

"What's going on!" Enderfa hurriedly asked.

Lin Yun explained while fighting, "The four Demiliches awakened, but the frequency of their attacks isn't very high, especially Garcia, he had only released two spells so far. There hasn't been a time when the four of them attacked at the same time, doesn't it feel strange?"

Enderfa nodded, he also felt that this was odd, but the pressure was so great that he was naturally happy to see the Demiliches' slow pace.

Now hearing that Lin Yun had noticed something, Enderfa hurriedly asked, "What is it? Quick!"

Lin Yun said in a low voice, "Do you see that crystal rudder in the distance? We have been constantly chased around, but whenever we got close to that crystal rudder, the pressure greatly increased, to the point that Cook, Hall, and Arnold simultaneously attacked when we were closest to it."

Enderfa understood something and his eyes opened wide, "Damn, you are saying that the four Demiliches..."

Lin Yun nodded and said with a confident tone, "That's right, these four ruthless mages had waited here for who knows how long, from their appearance, it can be seen that they started the process of turning into Lich before their death and had yet to succeed after such a long time, they definitely planned to retain their consciousness as Liches."

"Moreover, from their appearances, it could be seen that most of their transformation had been done, thus they almost succeeded and possessed the characteristics of Liches, there is no soul fire in their eyes, but their souls must definitely be in their phylacteries!"

"I probed a bit, and when the rudder, I, and the four Demiliches were aligned, I feigned a weakness. With the power of these four Demiliches, they definitely couldn't heavily injure me, but they rarely attacked me. Thus, I'm fairly certain that their phylacteries are at that crystal rudder!"

A remorseful expression appeared on Enderfa's faces, 'Damn, how could I have forgotten that they already had the characteristic of Liches but still didn't finish the transformation, their phylacteries definitely couldn't be far, it had to be in the Captain's Cabin! And since they didn't finish their transformation, their phylacteries should be relatively weak...'

After scolding himself a few times, Enderfa's faces sank. He looked at the large amount of Undeads separating them from the crystal rudder. There were also four Demiliches, it seemed hopeless.

"Even if we know the location of the Liches' phylacteries, what use does it have? We can't force our way there, and we can't determine what the phylacteries are..."

Lin Yun shook his head, "At first, I also thought that these four Demiliches considered me as an intruder, but have you noticed now? To these four ruthless Demiliches, our power is simply not worth wasting energy, they didn't consider us their match from the start, all their attention was focused on protecting their phylacteries..."