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 "What is it, Sir Merlin? Can I take a look?" Curiosity could clearly be seen on Xiuban's face.

Lin Yun thought of something when he heard this and then said, "I found an ordinary necklace, I don't know what it is exactly... Why? You are getting interested in jewelry now?"

Xiuban said with regret, "I just wanted to take a look, only finding an ordinary thing after searching for such a long is such a shame."

"Alright, go and take a look then..." Lin Yun smiled, still holding the diary in his hand while taking a ruby necklace from his pocket and tossing it to the expecting Xiuban.

But suddenly, a strange smile appeared on the Draconic Beastman's face as he caught the necklace. He then turned to run away.

Or at least he tried...

Before the Draconic Beastman could even finish turning, the ruby suddenly exploded, that surging power exploded on Xiuban's chest, sending him flying with a mournful shriek.

Xiuban looked extremely miserable on the floor, his chest had caved in and he was looking at that necklace with shock.

"Sir Merlin, this..."

Lin Yun's expression didn't change, he looked at Xiuban who had fallen on the ground, and with a wave of his hand, six Flame Spears fell down, nailing Xiuban's limbs and his chest to the floor. The spell had been incanted very quickly and the Draconic Staff also appeared in Lin Yun's hands.

Two flaming blue Bursting Flames exploded on Xiuban's body with loud explosions.

Xiuban's body was snapped in two. The originally cautious and cowardly expression had disappeared from his face, replaced by disbelief.

"How did you find out?"

Lin Yun sneered, "I already told you that Xiuban wasn't so courageous. Even I don't know what that necklace is, so how could Xiuban dare touch it?"

Before even finishing his words, Lin Yun cast an Ice Wall behind "Xiuban" while also casting two Fire Dragons from both flanks.

"Xiuban" gnashed his teeth spitting blood as he angrily looked at Lin Yun. He hadn't expected to be discovered twice for the same reason.

A defensive spell was blocking "Xiuban"'s the escape route, while the two Fire Dragons were blocking two of his paths.

"Xiuban" bellowed, his shattered body turning into a phantom as he pounced at Lin Yun.

But the only thing awaiting him was Lin Yun waving his Draconic Staff and releasing a prepared Dimensional Edge.

That ink cyan Wind Blade cut that phantom in two.

The phantom let out a blood-curdling shriek as the slashed part turned into smoke and dissipated while the remaining part charged towards the window, barely resisting a Fire Dragon before jumping down.

An incantation echoed as it jumped out.

Lin Yun dashed to the window and waved the Draconic Staff, casting twelve Flame Spears. The fiery red tips of the spears pursuing relentlessly, up until a fifteen meters large Wyvern flew over from the ground and caught that phantom. As it flapped its wings, Lin Yun made his twelve Flame Spears obstruct his path.

The Wyvern let out a loud shout and sprayed green acidic flames at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun frowned and cast five Ice Walls in a row to block those green acidic flames.

But as expected, those few seconds were enough for that Wyvern to take that phantom a few kilometers away, disappearing from Lin Yun's sight in an instant...

"Damn..." Lin Yun angrily cursed, "Count yourself lucky!"

It hadn't been hard to see through the fake Xiuban, that guy wasn't a good actor, he had too many flaws. Lin Yun had already said that he didn't know what that necklace was, yet that fake Xiuban wanted to see it, the real Xiuban would have never dared to say those words, thinking where he should hide in case it was cursed was more in line with his character.

What's more, with Xiuban's thick skin, whether it was Bursting Flames or Flames Spears, neither could break his thick skin, so how could he end up with his intestines flowing out from a mere few Bursting Flames?

But Lin Yun still didn't understand why that fake Xiuban had come? Was he also looking for something?

'Oh right, there is also that Wyvern...'

That wasn't an ordinary Wyvern, that was a famous Wyvern in the Raging Flame Plane.

Indeed, that Wyvern was the mount of the Raging Flame Emperor!

Lin Yun was still shocked, how could the mount of the Raging Flame Emperor appear in such a place...

Formidable death energy suddenly rose up, and sounds specific to Undead lifeforms echoed...

It was followed by a Dragon Roar. Lin Yun looked out of the window and saw Reina in her Dragon Shape breaking her way out of the castle to fly out.

Behind Reina were over fifty Skeleton Warriors led by a Skeleton Lord.

Enderfa was controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and chasing behind.

Reina being able to fly meant that the First Mate's cabin wasn't restricted by that Domain's suppression.

But before Lin Yun could use a pair of flaming wings, a sinister roar echoed behind him. An Undead covered in dark aura, and whose face was covered by a helmet, raised his greatsword and slashed at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun's expression changed, his first reaction was to jump off the window.

A dark cross-shaped Aura Slash brushed past him.

'Damn, a Dark Warrior...'

'That damned guy, summoning a bunch of Skeleton Warriors while running away would have been fine, but he actually summoned a Dark Warrior, and a level 38 one at that!'

Dark Warriors were an extremely rare kind of Undead Zombie lifeform, the weakest were level 30! This also meant that Dark Warriors were at least Sword Saints before their deaths, and even after dying, they retained their techniques, and the higher leveled they were, the more powerful they had been during their lives.

This level 38 Dark Warrior must have been a level 39 Sword Saint before his death!

Lin Yun had a poor expression on his face.

'Damn it, a tireless, unafraid of consuming mana, and always at its peak level 38 Dark Warrior, and with the fighting experience of a 9th Rank Sword Saint...'

And there was also a squadron of Skeleton Warriors down there...

This battle wasn't like the others, it was different from when Winchester only had to tie Lin Yun down to win...

That Dark Warrior was leading a squadron of level 30 Skeleton Warriors and a level 35 Skeleton Lord, just based on power, they could suppress Lin Yun's group.

The situation was far from good...

After leaving the castle, Lin Yun immediately landed and used Fire Elemental Incarnation alongside Flame Flashes to escape. Fighting against a Dark Warrior that had the experience and technique of a 9th Rank Sword Saint was courting death.

Xiuban had already joined the fight when he regrouped with Reina and Enderfa.

Xiuban was at the forefront, Carnage pressuring everything as deafening noises echoed. By themselves, the Skeleton Warriors weren't Xiuban's opponents in a duel, but the Skeleton Lord was commanding the Skeleton Warriors, and so far, Xiuban had only shattered one...

Reina fully used her ice magic while fighting in her Dragon Shape.

Enderfa was manipulating the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to make it rain fire spells.

But even so, they could only slightly suppress these Undeads.

Enderfa's expression distorted when he saw the Dark Warrior chasing Lin Yun, "Damn, Merlin, didn't you say there was no Undeads? Where did that one come from?"

Lin Yun's expression was very unsightly. After grouping up, he released the alchemy puppet to make it a bit easier on everyone.

Lagulin and Barton were also summoned. Lagulin fully used the Evil Halo to support everyone and then started fighting these Skeleton Warriors. As for the Dark Warrior, sending Lagulin and Barton over would be no different from sending snacks.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, the puppet, and Lin Yun with his Draconic Staff, the three of them could be considered mobile magic fortress, with their large amount of spells, they could resist this siege.

But they could only resist, nothing more.

As time passed, more than half of that squadron of Skeleton Warriors was dealt with, but the Dark Warrior had only received a few injuries, the nimble Dark Warrior didn't need to use any technique when faced with that flood of spells with his battle awareness, he only need to pay a small price to carry on.

The cross-shaped Aura Slashes sent by the Dark Warrior made everyone feel pressured...

At this time, the difference between the Death Knight and the Dark Warrior could clearly be seen, although their power was more or less the same, the Dark Warrior used all kinds of opportunities to attack the weak points in their defense.

Everytime Xiuban attacked the Skeleton Lord, a cross-shaped Aura Slash would come over to save it. This was the difference in battle awareness. Death Knights would use pure power, while Dark Warriors had truly inherited their original bodies battle awareness, understanding how to fight at their best with their own power.

After over a dozen minutes, none of the Skeleton Warriors remained. Having lost its troops, the Skeleton Lord's fighting power sharply declined.

And Lagulin decisively cast a Death Summon, using the raw materials of the Skeleton Warriors to raise thirty new Skeleton Warriors to attack the Skeleton Lord.

Level 37 Lagulin, level 35 Barton, Xiuban and those thirty Skeleton Warriors were more than enough to deal with that Skeleton Lord.

But the situation wasn't that optimistic on the other side...