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 "Who can predict such things..." Lin Yun rolled up the map and put it back into his Spatial Ring, "But think about it, a blueprint representing a Heaven Rank Array, and a coded message saying to deliver something to Red Beard... Don't tell me you aren't curious about it."

Enderfa remained silent. He was forced to admit that Lin Yun was right, as that thing was definitely very important. It might be related to the Intrepid turning into a Ghost Ship, or it might be related to that monster. Enderfa felt that he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he missed it.


Without wasting any time, the group made a beeline for the First Mate's room, ignoring everything else on their way. They would occasionally encounter slaves that had turned into Lesser Undead, but those would be shattered by Xiuban in a few swings.

They soon reached the entrance to the First Mate's door.

The entrance was over six meters tall and had two exquisite hand-carved wooden doors, and even the wood was made of the cores of Tree Spirits. An array gate was enchanted into it, but it was a lot bigger than the previous rooms.

After spending a few minutes cracking the array gate, Lin Yun softly pushed the door open.

He was suddenly startled by the mana fluctuations that he sensed.

What appeared before them was a large area that was half a dozen kilometers in length. It was just like land, but the floor wasn't smooth. There was a small hill, and on the earth, some yellow, dried up weeds could be seen.

On top of that hill was a pitch-black castle.

"That damn First Mate's room is so luxurious! Let alone the land, he even built a castle here, and most likely made out of Obsidian!"

Enderfa smacked his lips. From the declining area in front of them, he could see how extravagant the First Mate had been.

This wasn't the continent, this was the Intrepid... And not only had he brought all this soil here, but the construction materials he had sent over weren't common bricks.

Enderfa didn't need to get closer to know expensive it would be to construct such an environment.

He took a deep breath before looking excited.

The rest didn't matter, because there was mana in the environment around them!

Most of the rooms of the damn Ghost Ship had no mana, and in the few places with mana, it was so sparse that it could only be considered negligible.

They had consumed a large amount of mana after continuous battles, especially after meeting that monster, and they hadn't been able to recover more than half of their mana.

This had made Enderfa feel insecure.

Although there wasn't much mana in this room, it was a lot better than in the other areas.

When he first set foot in that room, Enderfa started greedily rousing the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to absorb mana in the atmosphere to replenish the Elemental Amber.

Lin Yun kept sending out one Mage Eye after another, as well as Detect Life and Detect Undead spells.

No danger!

Only a few of the most tenacious weeds remained, spreading on the ground like parasites.

"None of the Undead are here, and there are no signs of life. I detected nothing worthy of attention. Obviously, the First Mate knew how to enjoy life. There is no mess left in his room. Everyone, spread out, see if you can find something useful."

Hearing Lin Yun's words, everyone's tense nerves relaxed. Even Reina, this usually expressionless Frost Dragon, looked quite relieved.

No danger, not even a Lesser Undead, and this room had mana flowing within. They just had to find some clues, nothing more. This could be considered the safest task they had faced in the Intrepid.

The First Mate's castle was huge, and as far as they could see, the castle had no defenses. Everything was built based on comfort and luxury.

From the castle entrance, not even an alarm array could be seen. Remains of rotten carpets covered the floor, while lamps enchanted with Light Spells were still there. Everything with metal was already covered by a layer of rust.

The group entered the castle, and they each chose a direction to search for things that had yet to decay, looking for any clues or treasure.

It was specified on the Intrepid's map that the things to be given to Red Beard weren't treasure, but something very important.

They searched one room after the other and found that none of these rooms had any array gates. The doors were made with top-notch magic wood and could still be considered extravagant when compared to those of the higher nobles of a kingdom. But as time passed, the doors had decayed and could barely obstruct them.

Xiuban kicked a door open and only found a pile of dilapidated furniture and metal inside. After searching for a while, he didn't find anything useful.

"Such a poor guy! He appeared well-off from the outside, but not even a gold coin could be found inside," Xiuban mumbled as he left the room, only to see Lin Yun standing in front of him with a dark expression.

"Sir Merlin..."

"Idiot, look at what you have done! F*ck off from this castle, go search the outside."

Xiuban lowered his head, not daring to retort, still not understanding what mistake he had made, but seeing Lin Yun's cold expression, he instantly shivered and promptly answered, "Yes, Sir Merlin, I'll go immediately..."

Xiuban then ran out of the castle, not daring to ask what had happened.

As Xiuban ran out of the castle, the icy Lin Yun turned around, his height increasing and the cold expression disappearing... The clothes on his body shifted and transformed.

Lin Yun's figure disappeared and was replaced by a sneering Draconic Beastman.

"Xiuban" turned to look at the Draconic Beastman that had run out of the castle and sneered mischievously before turning back to search for others.

Lin Yun was searching the top floor of the castle.

With enough ambient mana to recover, he no longer had to drink those smelly Mana Potions. He was controlling eight Mage Eyes to search through the rooms at an astonishing speed.

After a long time, his attention was attracted by a particular room.

He discovered a huge nautical chart after going in and couldn't help staring at it.

This huge nautical chart occupied an entire wall. It was five meters tall and over eight meters wide. It was made using the hide of a level 30, or perhaps higher, sea beast. After so many years, the nautical chart only looked somewhat ancient.

At the edge of the nautical chart was the frontier of the continent, and most of it was Noscent's Endless Sea, and countless islands were marked on it, as well as all kinds of major natural resources.

This location had Eternal Gold Essence, that one had Sea Core Mineral...

The locations of all kinds of shipwrecks, lairs of formidable sea beasts, and dangerous environments...

Everything was marked!

There were also frames made of metal in front of the nautical chart, holding rolls of some areas with detailed marks. These were enlarged and detailed nautical charts, recording relatively precious minerals and treasure troves!

And there were a few chests in the corner, filled with some nautical charts of some areas and maps of islands!

Even with Lin Yun's steady mind, his breathing couldn't help becoming rough.

This was simply a treasure trove of treasure maps!

Where was Noscent's greatest wealth? The knowledgeable ones knew that it was in the dangerous Endless Sea!

The Endless Sea had far more important natural resources and treasures than the continent!

But it was also too dangerous, and most of the wealth was hidden deep beneath the surface. It was ineffective to scout the vast sea. With those tens of thousands of kilometers, there was simply no difference from just scouting the surface.

Even if they passed over a huge ore vein, they had no means of discovering it on the seabed.

The Endless Sea's natural resources and wealth had attracted waves of people since the distant Ancient God Era, but most of them would meet the ends of their days in the Endless Sea.

Even so, it still didn't stop people from being greedy about the Endless Sea's wealth.

Many boats had sunk in the Endless Sea, and just salvaging those shipwrecks would make a lot of people wealthy.

Too many legends had started in the Endless Sea, too many forces had suddenly emerged because of the Endless Sea.

And even so, after countless years, the wealth and natural resources that those pioneers had found in the Endless Sea were barely the tip of the iceberg.

After a few glances, Lin Yun cautiously put these nautical charts in his spatial ring. He was even more meticulous when he took the huge nautical chart off the wall, casting a few preservation spells on it, and even spent time carving four eternal runes specialized in preserving items.

The harvest was too great!

The worth of these few nautical charts, even just a small part of it, could make two kingdoms start a war of extermination to try to get rid of their competitors. Even Heaven Rank Powerhouses would be unable to remain calm in front of these Nautical Charts.

Everyone knew that the resources of the Endless Sea were too great to be estimated, but they all knew of the dangers.

Now, with these nautical charts, the dangers of the Endless Sea would be reduced to an extremely low degree, and even the most time-consuming search could be skipped.

As long as he formed a naval fleet after leaving this place, the bounty of natural resources, shipwrecks, and ore veins would completely fall into his pockets.