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 Lin Yun walked to the Hand of Destruction and caressed it for a while, regret smeared across his face.

Unfortunately, that thing couldn't be removed. As the Intrepid's main cannon, it could be said that it was part of the Intrepid. The Intrepid couldn't be damaged, so it could only remain there.

Enderfa recovered, his three faces regretfully looking at the Hand of Destruction. Even when watching Lin Yun gently caressing the Hand of Destruction, he didn't feel like making any jokes.

Suddenly, Lin Yun frowned, apparently recalling something, before quickly taking out a crystal pen and writing in a corner underneath the control panel.

Soon after, Lin Yun reached out to the panel and pulled out a palm-sized drawer.

Inside was a folded blueprint. After he took a glance, Lin Yun's hands shook.

"Sure enough, sure enough, it was hidden in there! The blueprint for the Hand of Destruction was really there..."

The Hand of Destruction's blueprint...

This thing didn't exist even during the end of the Magic Era. It had already been lost in the river of time, and even up until the end of Noscent, no one was able to lay their eyes upon it.

Thus, there had only been thirteen Hands of Destruction at the peak of the Magic Era. This was not because they didn't have the technology, since they had reached the pinnacle of all time, and it was also not because they didn't have materials, considering that they had colonized so many planes and could find all sorts of materials.

It was because they didn't have the blueprints, and the Magic Crystal Cannons designed later didn't reach the power of the Hand of Destruction.

After producing thirteen Magic Crystal Cannons, this blueprint disappeared, and even the creator, the Titan Dwarf, didn't know where the blueprint ended up...

Lin Yun was pleasantly surprised to have found the blueprint of the Hand of Destruction that had been lost for so many years...

This was a real treasure...

With the complete blueprint, many things needed to be supplemented. After returning, he would only need to build one Hand of Destruction in the Flame Demon Fort, and then they wouldn't be afraid of Heaven Rank powerhouses...

As for those under the Heaven Rank, they could only fall to the cannon without even getting to struggle!

Lin Yun happily looked down, but it didn't take long before his expression changed.


Enderfa saw Lin Yun's face and promptly asked, "What's up? Is there a problem? Is that blueprint fake?"

Lin Yun grumbled for a long time before gloomily saying, "The blueprint is genuine, and it's also complete, but... We can't manufacture a Hand of Destruction. The crucial requirement for that thing is the forging talent of those damn Titan Dwarves!"

Enderfa lost interest when he heard that.

Titan Dwarves?

It was unknown when that entire race died out, but the Titan Dwarves hadn't appeared since the end of the 3rd Dynasty. Who knew if they might be living in seclusion in a corner of Noscent or in another plane?

No one could understand this more than Lin Yun. Titan Dwarves were the ancestors of all Dwarven Races. They inherited their forging skills from the Titans, which could be considered at the peak of all races. They developed many unique techniques for forging things.

While crafting the Hands of Destruction, some core components needed to be forged by Titan Dwarves. Without these core components, there would be no Hand of Destruction.

Lin Yun clearly remembered that five millennia later, the Titan Dwarves would end their seclusion and appear in Noscent once again.

Before that, no one ever found a Titan Dwarf. It wasn't that no one tried to, but rather that no one was able to find them.

After five millennia, the Titan Dwarves appeared with their blueprint of the Hand of Destruction and crafted thirteen Hands of Destruction. Unfortunately, that blueprint ended up going missing afterwards. No more of those legendary cannons were ever forged from that point on.

And during the forging of the Shelter Tower, the Titan Dwarves were among the most important participants. They were the ones that installed those thirteen Hands of Destruction atop the Shelter Tower.

Thus, seeing this, Lin Yun immediately gave up on crafting a Hand of Destruction.

But other thoughts appeared in his mind as he looked at the Heaven Rank Puppet.

'Even if I can't craft a Hand of Destruction, can't I craft some sort of an imitation?'

If he forwent the need for the component that had to be crafted by a Titan Dwarf, the Hand of Destruction wouldn't have the power to annihilate Heaven Rank powerhouses.

On a lower scale, its power might be weakened, but it could be attached to the body of the puppet.

Even if it had 1% of the power of the Hand of Destruction, once attached to the body of the Heaven Rank puppet, it would be able to sweep aside anyone under the Heaven Rank.

That's right... This was the best method Lin Yun could think of at the moment.

Only the puppet, which had once reached the Heaven Rank, had enough power to endure the might of that magic war weapon.

Even if it was just an imitation, the basic requirements could only be described as shocking. Only the puppet could satisfy this kind of abnormal load. After all, although the puppet had already been damaged, the mechanical system, weapon system, frame, mana reactor, and other parts were all Heaven Rank.

As for the other puppets...

They could only bear an even worse imitation that would only display half of the power of the Heaven Puppet's imitation. Otherwise, even powerful puppets would fall apart after the cannon fired.

It was unfortunate...

Something not forged by the Titan Dwarf Race could only do so much... Lin Yun decided that after returning, the first thing he would do would be to call Faleau over and have him slowly research this blueprint. In any case, since it wouldn't be a genuine Hand of Destruction, he wouldn't need to spend too much energy on it...

As he thought about it, Lin Yun put the blueprint in his Spatial Ring.

Xiuban, seeing that Lin Yun had finished his business, worriedly asked, "Sir Merlin, shouldn't we hurry up and leave this place? I'm afraid..."

Lin Yun didn't even have time to say anything before Enderfa already scolded Xiuban, "Afraid of what? That monster suffered grievously from the Hand of Destruction. It must be hiding somewhere, weeping. Even if it was ten times more courageous, it wouldn't dare look for trouble again..."

"Forget it, let's not remain there for too long, the Intrepid is full of evil things. We should hurry up and figure out if there is anything worth taking and then escape." Lin Yun started disassembling the Magic Crystal Cannons, taking out every single part, not leaving a single screw behind. These components would be the best parts to use in the manufacture of the imitation Hand of Destruction.

After spending no less than an hour, the group cleaned the hold of its cannons. After taking an inventory of their harvest, Lin Yun couldn't help regretfully looking at the Hand of Destruction before leading everyone out of there.

"Merlin, are we going the wrong way?" After walking a short distance, Enderfa asked doubtfully.

Lin Yun shook his head. "We aren't."

"But there shouldn't be any need to go through here to reach that place?"

Lin Yun silently took out the design of the Intrepid and put it in front of Enderfa. He then pointed at a set of numbers on it and said, "Can't you see, this set of numbers had clearly been added afterward, the ink is completely different from the rest. Moreover..."


"Moreover, this set of numbers is completely independent. It has no relation to the array or the blueprint. In fact, I already calculated that this set of numbers was completely meaningless. It looked like someone's mischievous prank..."

"How could that be?" Enderfa snorted.

"That's right, this is impossible. This is the map of the Intrepid, and also the blueprint of a Heaven Rank Array. Countless people would go crazy with greed if they thought they could get their hands on it. How could someone casually write meaningless numbers on it? What's more, the password of that box was "that monster", and an average person simply couldn't open it, so the theory of the mischievous prank doesn't hold..."

"Then... You mean..."

"I'm saying that this set of numbers definitely has some special meaning, or else it wouldn't have been added on top..." Lin Yun paused before adding, "So I did an experiment."

"What experiment?"

"I arranged those numbers to correspond to the alphabet of the Sea Race and got some interesting results..."


"You see..." Lin Yun pointed out the text he had gotten after arranging the numbers. "I got a sentence."

"If I die, take the things in my room and give it to the captain..." Enderfa read the sentence Lin Yun had pointed out and then exclaimed, "This... This is a coded message!"

"Yes, a coded message hidden within the blueprint of the Intrepid. Now we know why the annotations on the blueprint were written in the language of the Sea Races," Lin Yun said after pointing at the last number. "Furthermore, I spent a lot of time to discover the meaning behind that number. It indicates the location of the cabin, see here?"

"The First Mate's room... The one who left this box is the First Mate of the Intrepid?"

"That's right, the Intrepid's First Mate left this box behind, and left a coded message on the blueprint in case he died, so that if he ever died, people would find something in his room and deliver it to the captain..."

"And you want to find that thing?" Enderfa nodded in understanding, but he then expressed some doubt. "But although that monster was greatly injured by the Hand of Destruction, it had astonishing regeneration. What if something goes wrong when we go to the First Mate's room?"