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 Even when knowing that there was a powerful enemy behind them and that it wasn't the time to be reluctant, Enderfa still couldn't help having a pained expression. He looked at Lin Yun like he was a disappointing wastrel.

Lin Yun took two minutes to set up a rough defensive array, and after hesitating for a moment, he took out the first box made of Star Essence. After taking out the key from within, the raw material of the box was added to the array.

The array was simple and crude, and it only had a defensive effect. Even an Apprentice Alchemist would be unwilling to throw a second glance at it... It was simply a disgrace to the field of alchemy.

But there was no time to waste.

After arranging the array, Lin Yun turned and assessed the long and narrow hold.

This hold was different from the others, as cannon-like things were piled up in a mess.

These cannons were completely forged out of magic metal. The small ones were over three meters long and half a meter thick, while the big ones were seven to eight meters long and over a meter thick.

The quantity of runes and arrays carved on top would make one's hair stand on end. Every single area was carved, nothing was wasted.

"You must block the monster when it catches up."

After saying those words, Lin Yun summoned Lagulin and Barton. Lagulin had already thoroughly digested Winchester's soul fire and had advanced to level 37.

It was a pity that Lin Yun only took a glance before focusing his attention on these cannons.

These cannons forged out of magic metals were called Mana Crystal Cannons. They used pure mana crystals or the mana crystals of magic beasts as their source of power.

Long ago, the ancestor of the Dwarves, the Titan Dwarf, had gained inspiration from the Gnomes and crafted this magic weapon of war.

These Mana Crystal Cannons could extract and gather the mana from mana crystals, and the energy gathered would form the purest mana attack. With it, the power of one could take down ten. It was a rough and simple, and even Dragons were unwilling to get hit by it.

Lin Yun knew how abnormal that monster's vitality was. They would be caught sooner or later if the chase continued. Also, after learning that the Intrepid itself was a Heaven Rank Array, Lin Yun could no longer allow himself to be chased by that monster.

It was too dangerous... The Intrepid itself was more dangerous than that monster! What if they triggered something while getting chased?

A Heaven Rank Array!

If they triggered a trap, even if it was just a small part, it would be enough for their group to die ten times.

After looking at the map, Lin Yun made this hold of cannons his most important target!

The Mana Crystal Cannons there would definitely not be trash, and furthermore, it was shown on the plans that this was one of the areas of the Intrepid with great external defenses!

The Mana Crystal Cannons there were definitely the most powerful cannons of the Intrepid, and the ones in the best condition!

Lin Yun took out a level 25 mana crystal and inserted it into the notches of the Mana Crystal Cannons one by one to test whether they were still in good condition.

After checking all of them, he found that they were all broken. However, he discovered a large Mana Crystal Cannon hidden in the back.

Those damaged cannons were all piled together, but a thick cannon barrel could be seen sticking out from them.

Lin Yun's eyes shone.

He summoned a few Rock Puppets and had them toss aside the broken cannons. Soon, a huge Mana Crystal Cannon that was nine meters long and one and a half meters thick was standing in front of them.

The Mana Crystal Cannon was fastened to the hold, with huge cannon platform under it. The Mana Crystal Cannon was completely dark purple, and it was emitting a frightening aura.

Lin Yun only took a quick glance before pouncing over, unhesitantly inserting the level 25 mana crystal into the notch.

Mana started spreading, and the arrays covering the entire Mana Crystal Cannon lit up.

"Holy! It's actually a Hand of Destruction! That large killing tool still works!?"

Lin Yun's eyes turned red as he swallowed in surprise.

Hand of Destruction! A true war magic weapon!

During the peak of the future magic civilization, the main cannons of those formidable magic battleships were Hands of Destruction.

The name Hand of Destruction came from one of the most powerful Gods, the Lord of Destruction.

And the Lord of Destruction's greatest power was supported by the might of one hand!

After all, he was one of the most powerful gods during the Ancient God Era. His power could be ranked among the top five of the 72 Gods. It was even theorized that his power could be counted among the top three.

The Lord of Destruction once used just one hand to erase a city from the face of Noscent during the God Era.

Even after countless years, stories of this feat kept spreading.

As for the power of the Hand of Destruction, it was said to be comparable to the power of one hand of the Lord of Destruction!

Because of this, the Hand of Destruction was the only Mana Crystal Cannon with a name!

At the peak of the magic civilization, when encountering a plane that was difficult to conquer, the mages would only need to send those most powerful magic battleships and show the appearance of the Hand of Destruction. It would make the plane's indigenous lifeforms fall apart without even needing to act.

Lin Yun gently caressed that Hand of Destruction like one would treat a lover.

After a few seconds, Lin Yun took back his and focused, albeit with reluctance. He started cracking the controlling array of the Hand of Destruction.

During the end of the Magic Era, the Hands of Destruction on the formidable magic battleships were also torn off and affixed onto the Shelter Tower, used as one of the main defenses of the tower.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun had never seen a Hand of Destruction in action. During the last few centuries of Noscent, the Hands of Destruction were nothing more than decorations.

They consumed mana crystals like bottomless pits. No one was willing or able to use one.

During those twenty years, Lin Yun had researched those Hands of Destruction.

Could they be used? Yes!

As long as they had mana crystals to power them, anyone could use them.

Unfortunately, in that era where they had to face huge dangers and meditate to squeeze just a pitiful amount of mana from the Netherstorm, based on what Lin Yun knew, not a single person could get the mana crystals required to power up one of them.

When Lin Yun had learnt of the Hands of Destruction, he rushed over to study them. Apart from tearing one open to study how they were made, he was able to learn how to adjust them and how to manipulate them.

Lin Yun's fingers were constantly moving on the control array of the Hand of Destruction. There were over four hundred control commands on the two-meter-long control array, and most of the array was encrypted. Lin Yun had to crack the encryption before he would be able to control this Hand of Destruction.

Holding the crystal pen in hand, he was like a shadow, writing a great many runes to try to break that encryption.

After barely fifteen minutes, a huge shaking came from the entrance.

The people guarding the entrance were instantly startled. Xiuban tightened his grip on Carnage, his aura very unstable as he was fretful and worried.

Enderfa floated a few meters in the air, his three faces carrying a very heavy expression as he roused the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, ready to cast a wave of spells anytime.

Reina tightened her grip on Heaven's Wrath, glancing at the level 37 Lagulin and recalling the might of the previous owner of Heaven's Wrath, Winchester. After a bit of hesitation, she handed the sword to Lagulin.

Holding the sword, death energy rushed forth and the runes on the sword slightly glowed. It could be seen that the power of the three Runic Spells would clearly be stronger in its hands than in Reina's hands.




After less than a minute, the array gate was burst open. Light shattered as two dozen thick tentacles started rushing in from outside.

As they were under attack, the array that Lin Yun had set up ahead of time was activated. It was a simple and rough Heaven Net Defense, a defensive array that was only at the Great Alchemist level. Even an alchemist that had recently advanced to the Great Alchemist Rank could easily set it up.

The only things that could affect the power of the defensive effect were the materials.

This was also a benefit of this inferior array. It had very few restrictions on what materials could be used.

Lin Yun had extravagantly used three lumps of Eternal Gold Essence and a box made of Star Essence to reinforce this Heaven Net Defense to its peak.

The entrance was covered by a net with golden radiance. The tentacles were forcing their way in, but they were stopped by the Heaven Net Defense.

On the other side, Lin Yun was working faster at cracking the encryption of the Hand of Destruction. He had already cast Sharp Mind and Haste to increase his writing speed.

The crystal pen in his hand had already turned into a shadow, consuming three bottles of ink in the process.

Had it been an ordinary Mana Crystal Cannon, he would have already been done cracking it, but with the increased power of this cannon, he had greater chances of getting rid of that monster, so how could Lin Yun give up?

After five minutes, the Heaven Net Defense was reaching its limit. The golden net was dimming, and black smoke was already slipping through it.

That smoke quickly condensed into a black tentacle and attacked the group.

Xiuban rushed over with a roar as he raised Carnage up, and Lagulin also brandished Heaven's Wrath as the rune representing the Evil Halo shone.

A scarlet, ring-shaped rune appeared under Lagulin's feet. The speed of both Xiuban and Reina was doubled.

With the first tentacle passing through, the battle truly started.