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 Lin Yun could sense some reaction. There was not a single bit of mana in that cabin. The illumination spell above their heads had a simple array, and that array was absorbing the mana in the air to supply the light.

And that crystal had also darkened. According to his conjecture, the mana within the crystal was enough to keep this illumination powered for over a millennium. Since the mana within it was running out, the mana within the cabin must have run out four or five centuries ago.

But no matter how little mana it needed, that Mana Morning Glory needed it to grow!

In Noscent, these grew in various places, and some even considered them weeds.

But it wasn't normal!

After cracking the spatial distortion, Lin Yun keenly found the abnormality of that area. This place actually had very little mana, so little that it could barely provide for a Mana Morning Glory.

The mana had been exhausted for a few hundred years inside a sealed cabin, so how could it be normal for there to be an area that still had some mana left?

He used his crystal pen once more and started writing. After a while, the space in front of him distorted and another layer of space cracked.

The original one-meter space had doubled in size!

The space there was folded!

And in the newly revealed area, there was a level 35 mana crystal with more than half of its power eroded.

Lin Yun faintly frowned, writing with his crystal pen once more. After no less than half an hour, he relaxed again and reached with his hand.

Then, Lin Yun's hand disappeared. After a second, a metal box appeared in his hand.

"The first layer of space was twisted, the second layer was folded... Even if someone put a mana crystal inside, before being eroded, that mana crystal should have been about level 40. If someone found this place and discovered a mana crystal close to level 40 after cracking it, they wouldn't have noticed those twenty centimeters of hidden space."

Enderfa glanced at the box in Lin Yun's hands, a bit shocked. He couldn't help cursing, "Again? A jewelry box made out of Star Essence? This is so extravagant!"

But before he could open this box, the surroundings shook and a faint shout could be heard.

Their expressions changed as they realized what it might be.

"Quick, let's leave this place, it's most likely that monster chasing us!"

They rushed out of the cabin and were able to clearly hear the shouts of that monster in the hallway.

An angry, deafening roar came out from one of the back rooms, alongside the sounds of everything being smashed.

Xiuban's expression was terrible, Enderfa's face was shivering, and Reina's hand was trembling as she held Heaven's Wrath.

"Quick, let's take this short distance teleportation array and leave, it should lead us to the upper floor."

Lin Yun pointed at the small array at the end of the hallway and then hurriedly incanted, immediately activating it.

Reina, Xiuban, and the puppet walked into the teleportation array and disappeared with a flash.

As for Lin Yun, he took out his crystal pen and quickly arranged symbols in front of him and tampered with the array of the room that the monster was in, increasing the defenses of the array gate in the process.

As for the array in front, it was a delayed burst array that could annihilate all traces of Aura, mana, and so on.

After finishing with that, Lin Yun didn't wait for the monster to come out and immediately took Enderfa with him and left through the array, disappearing in a flash.

After leaving, before even looking around, he immediately destroyed the array behind him!

Only after destroying the teleportation array did he relax.

'Too dangerous...'

When he heard the monster's angry roar, he knew that the latter hadn't been injured too much. If they were blocked by that monster in that kind of narrow place, or even in any of the cabins, they would be in a dead-end all the same.

Especially after experiencing that monster's disgusting vitality, comparable to Winchester. Lin Yun simply didn't think of fighting that monster face to face.

Able to absorb mana, seal mana, and simply defy death... He simply didn't know how to put an end to that monster. Under such circumstances, avoiding it was the most sensible course of action.

At this time, Xiuban and Reina had already done a rough inspection of their surroundings. Besides the deathly silence, there was no clear danger.

This place was a wide square with multiple array gates all around. Four hallways shrouded in darkness spread from the square's four directions.

After confirming that there was no danger, Lin Yun took out the Star Essence box.

"That monster shouldn't reach this place for the time being. Let's take a look at what's inside this, it might be usable."

After having cracked a similar box already, the second one was a lot easier.

The array cracking went very smoothly. Lin Yun was very careful and meticulous, spending a dozen minutes on that task.

But he stopped at the last step.

"Is there a problem?" Enderfa asked.

Lin Yun pointed at the box, confused and dumbfounded.

"I don't know which scoundrel did this, but the last step not only requires a password, but it also is linked to a Fortune Box!"

Enderfa was confused.

"What do you mean? Is it impossible to crack?"

Lin Yun's expression was terrible.

"It is crackable... I can decipher the last sentence, it only needs time. Even if I don't decipher that sentence, I can crack it, but the crucial part is the Fortune Box linked to it. That damned Fortune Box is still inside the Star Essence box, and if I can't crack the Fortune Box, then it doesn't matter if I get the password! The Fortune Box will teleport the contents away."

Enderfa was at a loss when he heard that.

"Damn, that box was completely forged out of Star Essence, even a Saint Alchemist wouldn't be able to crack the array inside."

Lin Yun massaged his eyebrows before pointing at the Star Essence box.

"You can test it, you can try saying the password. It will work if you are right."

Enderfa's three faces moved in front of the box and started talking to it.

He said everything that went through his mind, even stuff like why Pure-Blood Male Elves couldn't copulate with Female Chromatic Dragons.

But the box still didn't react. None of those things had been identified as the password.

After half an hour, Enderfa ran out of words. Lin Yun glanced at Reina and Xiuban and pointed at the box.

"You also give it a try, who knows what password that damned scoundrel chose."

Reina, who was looking at Enderfa in confusion, recovered her wits. After hesitating, she decided to give it a try.

"Cold moon's sun, carries an intoxicating radiant yarn..."

Reina started reciting all kinds of poems and then moved on to narrating ancient ballads.

Her cold and cheerless voice had a bit of a bard's rhythm... Lin Yun stared at her, seeing an entirely new side to this cold Frost Dragon.

Even Enderfa stopped, flabbergasted.

As for Xiuban, it could be seen how uncultured he was.

"Lord Xiuban raised his Carnage and killed his way from Thousand Sails City to Okland City, then from Okland to the Raging Flame Plane, magic beasts and the Undead shiver in front of Lord Xiuban, ah, the great Lord Xiuban is the bane of all enemies..."

The Draconic Beastman was shamelessly narrating in great detail. Had it not been for Lin Yun still being near them, he would have also brandished Carnage as he boasted. Everyone's voices overlapped as they made their guesses.

"Damned Monster, kneel to the ground and beg forgiveness to Lord Xiuban!"


A light sound echoed, and to everyone's surprise, the box was unlocked.

Reina stopped, Enderfa also stopped, and Xiuban also couldn't help stopping.

"It's open?" Enderfa was dumbstruck, "What was the password?"

"Let's try again and we will know..." Xiuban straightforwardly closed the box.


The surroundings went silent.

They all stared at Xiuban.

After a short moment, Enderfa condensed an arm out of his fog and grabbed the Draconic Beastman by his neck. "F*ck, F*ck, you idiot! If the box can't open again, I'll get rid of you!"

"..." Lin Yun's expression was terrible. 'Calm, calm, I must remain calm.' He kept reminding himself, 'Killing a weak child is wrong, yes, deep breaths, deep breaths.' After calming himself down, Lin Yun told Xiuban, "I'll give you a minute to open the box again..."

"I..." The Draconic Beastman looked at Enderfa, then looked at Lin Yun and was scared into tears, "I really don't know what it is..."

"F*ck, think about it carefully!" Enderfa stomped with fury, "The last sentence! The last sentence!"

"Beg forgiveness to Lord Xiuban?"


"Kneel to the ground..."

"F*ck, if you can't come up with it, you'll really have to kneel and beg for forgiveness!"

"Eh..." Xiuban was still weeping, "That... Is it... Damned monster?"

"You are the damned..." Enderfa couldn't endure it anymore, anger could be seen on his three faces.


But at this time, a light sound echoed again.