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 Besides the puppet, the Lich was the subordinate that Lin Yun dispatched the most. It would have become a huge helping hand if it reached level 38. At least, he wouldn't keep it hidden against a level 38 Death Knight.

The suppression between the Undead of different levels of power was too great. Lin Yun wasn't a Necromancer, and he couldn't summon Undead beings that would disregard that level suppression. If it was inferior to the other side, in rank, sending it out would be no different than sending food over.

'Damnit, there is no chance of having it level up now... Forget it, there are many Undead here, it should be able to recover if it devours some soul fires.'

Lin Yun sent the Lich back into the Book of Death and looked at the large hole made by the black, corrosive goo. It was already four to five meters wide and a meter deep. The black goo was also slowly being consumed.

As he was about to leave, Lin Yun suddenly caught sight of a metallic reflection.

He turned around and noticed the corner of a metal box. As the goo slowly disappeared, the metal box was revealed.

The box seemed to have been decorated with specks of stars.

'That box is actually made completely out of Star Essence?'

Lin Yun was shocked by the extravagance. This was too luxurious! Star Essence could even be used as the main part of a True Spirit Magic Tool. In the future, many Heaven Rank Sword Saints were keen to use Star Essence for their weapons. By using it as the main material for a weapon, it would innately have an antimagic effect, giving it the ability to pierce through a mage's shields as easily as paper.

That black goo contained a huge amount of death energy and was extremely corrosive, even able to form a huge hole in the hold of the ship... but it was still unable to harm that box. Considering that, Lin Yun wouldn't believe it if someone tried to tell him that the box wasn't made of Star Essence.

It had been hidden inside the hard hull, and Lin Yun couldn't sense any magic response from it.

So much effort had been spent hiding it that it definitely had to be something important.

Even just the box made out of Star Essence was priceless.

'Do I grab it or not? It's within reach! Most of that black goo has been consumed, not taking it would be a crime!'

Although the monster was still watching its prey, Lin Yun would hate to part with the box.

He quickly summoned three Rock Puppets and had them rush to the sides of the hole. One of the Rock Puppets directly jumped down, spreading like a star in the hole, and the remains of the goo quickly started corroding the puppet.

Another Rock Puppet jumped onto the back of the first one and grabbed the box in its hand.

A large amount of black smoke suddenly rose up within the hole. A few black tentacles instantly took shape, rushing towards the Rock Puppets in the hole.

Lin Yun chuckled.

"You made me waste so much in the fight! Even if it's just scraps, as long as you want it, I won't let you have it!" Lin Yun fiercely shouted.

Seeing the monster fighting over it, he didn't feel like leaving anything!

He pointed his Draconic Staff, and a flaming, golden spear fell from above, sharply impaling a tentacle as it blocked the thumb-sized hole!

Having temporarily lost their connection, these black tentacles became powerless.

One of the tentacles had grabbed a Rock Puppet, but that Rock Puppet threw the box out of the hole, and the last of the puppets caught the box and ran.

The remaining tentacles crazily tried to give chase, but Lin Yun cast a handful of Flame Spears and nailed them to the ground.

He then took the metal box from the Rock Puppet and put it in a Spatial Ring before running away.

The Flame Spear blocking the hole exploded, and a large amount of black fog rushed out, along with a deafening bellow.

Lin Yun was frantically running while turning to send a Dimensional Edge towards the small hole while also casting a few dozen 1st Tier Fireballs, covering the floor of the hold in flames.

"I said I won't even leave you scraps!"

Although the Dimensional Edge was slow, it could easily hit a stationary target.

When the Dimensional Edge hit the hole, it severed the origin of all the tentacles, only leaving dripping black venom behind. But as if nothing could dissuade it, after it was injured, black fog poured out of the small hole once again like an erupting volcano, and it condensed into over twenty tentacles that fiercely pursued Lin Yun.

Lin Yun sent out a large number of Wind Blades to stop them, and he even hid a Dimensional Edge among them. The monster didn't even pause as it continued trying to catch him.

Unfortunately, after a few seconds, Lin Yun had already rushed towards the exit. After Lin Yun disappeared from the hold, that entrance turned back into an ordinary wall. The monster's tentacles crazily attacked the wall, but they couldn't destroy it.

The instant Lin Yun reached another area, he used Haste and quickly rushed away from the wall, but he relaxed when glanced behind and saw that the entrance had closed.

"Merlin, how is it?"

Enderfa floated over, his three faces extremely nervous as they checked Lin Yun.

Lin Yun rolled his eyes and threw the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel over. Seeing that the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel hadn't been destroyed, Enderfa hurriedly rushed in for a bit, before coming back out, exasperated.

"Hell, the Spell Wheel's mana has been completely consumed!"

Enderfa had been away from the True Spirit Magic Tool for so long, and moreover, they had been in different places. The Magic Tool Incarnation's power had already started declining, and now, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel's mana was almost depleted. It was no wonder he was angry.

Smokey trails led from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to Enderfa's three faces as they complained.

"Merlin, did you get rid of that monster?"

Lin Yun sat on the ground, recovering mana while helplessly shaking his head.

"How could it be that easy? I don't even know what kind of monster that was... It didn't die when a peak level 37 Lich absorbed two overloaded spirit mana crystals and exploded in its mouth, and it still had the energy to fight over something. I barely managed to escape, and the losses were quite huge this time. The Lich fell to level 35...

Enderfa was speechless.

"Damn, what the hell is that thing..."

When the pale Reina saw Lin Yun safely coming back, she didn't ask questions and immediately closed her eyes to recover. Dragons had amazing constitutions. Whether they were injured or low on mana, they only needed rest to recover.

And on the other side, a deafening snore could be heard. After confirming that he was safe, Xiuban sprawled on his back and started sleeping. Since Sir Merlin told the rest of them to run first, he would definitely come out alive.

Lin Yun drank a few Mana Potions, slightly replenishing his empty mana.

Yes, slightly...

Lin Yun had his Magic Array and two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, so his total mana capacity could only be described as enormous. Let alone a few Mana Potions, even a few dozen of them wouldn't be enough to let him recover to his peak. But these few Mana Potions were better than nothing. As for a full recovery, he could only rely on a long meditation.

But, he didn't have time to meditate.

Because Enderfa came floating over.

"Merlin, you said you that monster fought over something with you? What was it?"

Lin Yun unhappily glanced at Enderfa.

"What makes you think I got it?"

Enderfa sneered, his three faces disdainfully looking at Lin Yun.

"Don't even try. You suffered such a huge loss this time that you would even squeeze the blood out of a mosquito if that could help you make it up. There is no way you would have calmly sat there and let that monster get what it wanted, right?"

Lin Yun awkwardly chuckled, refusing to acknowledge this.

"I'm that kind of person?"

At that time, Shawn's exhausted voice echoed.

"Of course, look at Lord Shawn, I didn't even have a single day of peace ever since I met you, I'm squeezed clean every time you have me work."

Shawn also came out of the Soul Walker, but he looked exhausted. He had clearly used a lot of power this time. He wasn't like Enderfa, who used the mana of the Elemental Amber when fighting.

Shawn was using his own power when he fought, and he had used a lot this time. His Evil Eye was tightly closed.

"What about the spirit mana crystal?"

Shawn didn't care and reached his hand out towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun threw a spirit mana crystal towards Shawn.

Then, in order to prevent these two guys from continuing with their badmouthing, he hurriedly took out that box made of Star Essence and placed it on the floor, where it let out a loud sound.

"This is what I snatched."

Lin Yun explained the origins of the box and it instantly attracted the attention of Shawn and Enderfa.

The box wasn't big... It was only twenty centimeters long, ten centimeters wide, and ten centimeters tall.

But the design was very simple and ancient. The box was whole, without a single crack, and it was covered with numerous arrays, runes, and patterns.

"Very ancient art... This design should have been popular near the end of the Ascian Dynasty, but it was also loved by the Pure-Blood Elves of the Nesser Dynasty."

Enderfa was the first to express his opinion.

Shawn rolled his eyes. "That's the same as saying nothing..."