After spending a lot of time cracking the several hundred arrays fortifying the Dimensional Cloister, the body of the Heaven Rank Beastman was found.

Later, the person in charge of a planar prison divulged some information. During the construction of the planar prison, that Artisan had been the main force behind the construction of the Dimensional Cloister.

Even this Heaven Rank Beastman was no different from an idiot when it came to alchemy. He naturally couldn't understand how to crack a Dimensional Cloister, and he wasn't powerful enough to directly destroy the Dimensional Cloister that had been made by an Artisan after spending a lot of time and effort. Thus, he could only remain trapped within until someone found his corpse.

Because he had read about the record of a Heaven Rank being trapped in this way, Lin Yun instantly thought of Dimensional Cloisters. He remembered each rune and each mark clearly as he scoured his memory to crack it.

And although this Dimensional Cloister was different to some extent, the overall characteristics were the same.

It was different from the Infinite Dimensions, which made people travel back and forth through countless dimensions, and it was also different from the ruthless Dimensional Killing Array.

Only the Dimensional Cloister met these requirements!

Lin Yun remembered every small detail of the Dimensional Cloister, so he only needed to see a rough outline to know all the details that others couldn't see!

Even how the array changed due to the array above and other such details... He was clear about everything.

The cracking was completed, and it was indeed a Dimensional Cloister!

Had it been another array, Lin Yun wouldn't have been able to crack it in such a way, but a Dimensional Cloister...

Haha, back then, all the answers, variations, and detailed explanations, he had spent a great amount of time studying it from the library. It certainly wasn't spent in vain.

"Okay, it's settled, let's go..." After finishing, Lin Yun sighed in relief.

"Quick, quick, let's go.." Enderfa impatiently said.

It wasn't just Enderfa; everyone was impatient, as this place was too strange. No one was willing to spend any more time here...

But, as the Dimensional Cloister was cracked, something happened below.

The connection to the mana-controlled crystal pen was instantly severed, and a huge amount of death energy crazily burst out.

And underneath, that gently churning black fog flared up instantly. It had been originally been floating about, but it suddenly rose up.

The black fog was like the water of a fountain as it came out of that small hole.

As these wisps of fog appeared, they quickly condensed and turned into black tentacles.

Lin Yun, who had used a lot of mana, leaving him feeling mentally exhausted, didn't react in time and ended up having three black tentacles coiled around him!

His face turned white when he was grabbed by the tentacles.

The mana within his body was escaping like flowing water... It seemed that the tentacles were siphoning his mana away.

It only took a few seconds for more than half of the mana of an Alchemic Mana Whirlpool to be drained!

"Haha... Prey finally came after so long." A coarse and unpleasant voice, akin to the sound of metal grinding, echoed out.

More and more tentacles condensed and moved towards the rest of the group.

"Leave first, hurry!" Lin Yun roared as he forcibly cast Bursting Flames at himself.

These black tentacles were very strange. Not only were they absorbing energy at a terrifying rate, but they also had a strong mana-sealing effect, making Lin Yun unable to display more than 10% of his power. This Bursting Flames Spell was already the full extent of his remaining power.

Casting the spell at such close range resulted in two heavy explosions...

The second explosion was enough to blow up a few tentacles.

In that split second, Lin Yun freed himself from their grasp.

But he didn't have time to rejoice celebrate yet... He took this transient opportunity and quickly took out two spirit mana crystals and summoned the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Enderfa jumped out of the Spell Wheel in fright, looking at Lin Yun and wondering what he was up to.

"Merlin, careful..." Enderfa originally wanted to say that he definitely shouldn't risk the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. If he lost it, Enderfa would have to find a new True Spirit Magic Tool to live in, or he would die.

But he then remembered that if Lin Yun fell there, he would also be done for.

Thus, Enderfa restrained himself and swallowed his words back.

But even so, when Enderfa looked over, he saw that while the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was still in Lin Yun's hands, a tentacle had shot out to coil around it. At that time, this secretive Magic Tool Incarnation held his breath.

Only a woosh was heard as the tentacle arrived in front of Enderfa. Fortunately, Lin Yun reacted quickly enough and sent a Flame Burst over. A muffled sound could be heard as the tentacle was struck, saving Enderfa in the process.

"Get Enderfa away, don't disturb me!"

Lin Yun cast two blazing Fire Walls with all his strength, cutting off all the tentacles and covering everyone as they exited the hold, before focusing his attention on what was in front of him.

More and more black smoke poured from that small hole, condensing into something in the air.

Lin Yun was extremely pale. The mana was from his second Alchemic Mana Whirlpool was also quickly devoured clean, and the mana within his body was akin to a flood pouring out.

Now, Lin Yun could clearly understand the horror that those twelve magic beasts must have felt before dying.

These magic beasts had clearly been drained dry by this unknown evil existence. Considering that a mere few tentacles were so frightening, if they met the main body of that thing, wouldn't they be unable to escape...?

Without a doubt, that thing was the main culprit.

This also explained why the corpse of a Baubin, which had eternal runes, ended up turning to dust.

Struggling had no effect. Even Lin Yun, with his outstanding mana control, couldn't stop his mana from leaking out. Those tentacles not only had an amazing sealing effect, but their power was also terrifying, approaching the power of a Sword Saint. Lin Yun simply couldn't struggle free.

His bones were cracking painfully, but he still tightly held onto those two spirit mana crystals.

At the same time, he transferred the mana of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel's Elemental Amber, and with no regard for the consequences, he poured that mana into the spirit mana crystals.

The draining of the tentacles, combined with Lin Yun's own extracting, made the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel darken at a visible speed. Enderfa would have let out a heart-wrenching howl had he been there to see that.

At this time, Lin Yun's second Alchemic Mana Whirlpool had been completely emptied, so his own Mana Whirlpool's mana started to flow out.

The tentacles were coiling even tighter, and Lin Yun's hands were turning purple as his blood couldn't reach them, but he was still tightly holding the two spirit mana crystals.

Suddenly, a fluctuation was emitted from those two crystals. The originally calm spirit mana crystals shone brightly, as if filled radiating dense energy.

Sensing this change, Lin Yun unhesitantly summoned the Book of Death and poured a large amount of mana into it.

A light flashed.

Lich Barton was summoned.

Before the Lich even appeared, Lin Yun threw the two mana crystals out, and as it actually appeared, it caught the two spirit mana crystals.

When it sensed the energy from the crystals, the black tentacles that had been coiled around Lin Yun's body split up, wanting to plunder the mana crystals.

And the appearance of the Lich fully captured the attention of the tentacles, as the black mist contained dense death energy.

It was a level 37 Lich, and it had devoured half of the soul fire of a level 38 Death Knight, pushing it to the verge of levelling up.

With it appearing so close, the tentacles that were originally wound around Lin Yun immediately released him as they rushed towards the Lich.

Being freed from the tentacles, Lin Yun's mana was no longer sealed. He unhesitantly used Fire Elemental Incarnation and cast two Flame Flashes to move two hundred meters away.

At that time, there were already forty to fifty tentacles, and a huge head condensed in midair out of the fog coming from the hold.

The head seemed to be made of countless small ink-colored skulls piled together. The skulls of all the races were there, but a few times smaller. There were also human skulls that were the size of a fingernail.

The convergence of those countless skulls formed a huge skull that was four to five meters tall. That skull only had two eyes and one big mouth. Grey flames were burning in those eyes. The flames appeared to be full of grievance as countless howling shadows could be seen flickering within from time to time.