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 Not waiting for a signal, Xiuban lifted his heavy Carnage, and with a loud bellow, heavily slammed the 5,000kg Carnage down.

White dust rose up due to the impact and flew in the surroundings. Xiuban let out a scream as he was hit by the recoil.

The recoil sent Carnage to the Draconic Beastman's shoulder.

After a few minutes, Xiuban stood up while cursing, but he had a terrible expression as he looked at the ground, as if he had seen a ghost...

Because the place he had smashed was in perfect condition!

Lin Yun had expected it so he wasn't too surprised, he only scolded, "Giving you a drop of Three-Headed Gold Dragon Blood was truly a waste. As a Highland Beastman, how could you be such a fool? After all, you fused with a drop of Three-Headed Gold Dragon Blood, that's its life essence and the source of its power, yet you still can't smash a floor? Forget it... So disappointing..."


"The power of a Three-Headed Gold Dragon had long since fused with your bloodline. When waving your hammer, transfer your bloodline power. You aren't a magic beast, fighting only with your skin, you are a Draconic Beastman, the power of Dragons and Beastmen flow within your bloodline. As long as you can display the power of the bloodline, beating a Dragon with a rod might not be impossible..."

"I... I'll try..."

Xiuban gripped Carnage, shivering with fear and trepidation. Under everyone's watch, he slowly walked forward once again...

This time, everyone could clearly see that every time Xiuban took a step forward, his skin darkened, up until a faint golden luster could be seen.

"That's right, like this, channel the power of your bloodline, your Draconic and Beastman bloodlines, alongside the bloodline of the Three-Headed Gold Dragon, if you really can't destroy that floor then you might as well reconsider the meaning of your existence..."

While Lin Yun was mocking him, Xiuban raised his heavy Carnage...

"Roar!" A wild and berserk shout echoed from the center of the hold.

It was followed by a loud "bang"...

Carnage heavily landed on the mark, causing a shockwave as the explosion spread. In that split second, even space seemed to distort.


A thumb-sized hole appeared on the floor...


The entire hold was silent, everyone was looking at that thumb-sized hole, especially Reina and Enderfa. The Dragon and the Magic Tool Incarnation were bewildered as they looked at Xiuban, they wanted to laugh at this awkward scene, but restrained themselves.

"Sir... Sir Merlin, this..." Xiuban looked at the thumb-sized hole and didn't even know what to say.


'So embarrassing...'

'I, the magnificent Lord Xiuban, transferred the power of my bloodline and smashed down with world-shaking strength, and in the end... Only a small thumb-sized hole appeared. Should I really do as Sir Merlin said?'

"Alright, shut it..." Lin Yun didn't even look at him and waved his hand, "You guys stand over there."

By the time everyone vacated the center of the hold, Lin Yun incanted a spell and let a Mage Eye through that small thumb-sized hole.

From the eye, he could see a black mist, then the Mage Eye instantly shattered by the mana fluctuations.

Lin Yun slightly frowned.

This was unexpected, but it also made sense, the mana fluctuations under them were too fierce, the Mage Eye could only resist for a split second before dissolving.

But in that split second, Lin Yun confirmed the existence of that array, he hadn't made a mistake in his calculations, this small hole was right in its center.

He let out another Mage Eye to confirm, and although he couldn't make out the details of the array in that split of a second, he managed to notice the arrangement, outline, dimension, and the locations of a few large runes.

After constructing a rough outline in his head, Lin Yun took out a crystal pen and quickly sketched a few runes on it.

These few runes had the effect of turning the crystal pen into a crude Magic Tool.

Yes, crude...

At best, it would be of Superior quality, and its usefulness would be very limited. It could receive Lin Yun's mana fluctuations and by turning these fluctuations into commands, it would make the crystal pen able to move according to Lin Yun's will even from a distance.

That's right, it could work remotely...

This kind of crystal pen was something even Apprentice Alchemists looked on with disdain.

Let alone the fact that it was crude, the remote control was rough and troublesome, it couldn't guarantee complete accuracy.

Arrays needed meticulousness, a bit of deviation could result in utter failure, both in setting up an array and in cracking an array, accuracy was key!

Something like a mana controlled pen had a very limited use...

But while it wasn't useful to others, it was very useful to Lin Yun!

He controlled wisps of mana like flexible fingers to start using this remotely controlled crystal pen. At the end of the Magic Era, every single wisp of mana was very precious, so he had to master precise mana control.

Using mana to control this crystal pen, he sent it filled with refined gold ink down the hole before closing his eyes.

He recalled the outline of the array underneath along with the array location and a three-dimensional diagram appeared in his head.

And that crystal pen started blindly cracking that array under Lin Yun's control.

In the distance, Enderfa forgot about the mana absorption and watched Lin Yun as if he had seen a ghost.

He had seen Lin Yun making that crude crystal pen and knew what Lin Yun was doing.

He was blindly cracking an array!

An array that was at least at the True Spirit Rank!

Remotely and with no vision cracking it!

Enderfa couldn't help cursing, was that even possible?

Sensing the surge of mana coming from that hole, Enderfa knew how intense the mana fluctuations were down there, 'Mage Eyes would instantly disintegrate, with a mere glance, can he even see the complete runic structure of the array?'

'He is actually trying to crack the array with lacking information?'

'And with a crazy method like remote control? This is the crudest and most careless method, even Artisans would think it was a joke...'

'Especially with the density of mana below, how could he control a wisp of mana? A single mistake and all his efforts would go down the drain!'

Enderfa would have already scolded him, had he not known of his ability to do the impossible.

Xiuban didn't understand what was happening, he only sat on the ground, lost in thought, but Reina had some knowledge and foolishly looked at Lin Yun's actions. Even if she didn't have a high understanding of alchemy, she knew how troublesome and impossible of a task this was.

Even the person who set up this array wouldn't be able to break it in this manner!

Without having a clear look at the array, how could he crack it?

Time quickly passed and sweat started dripping down Lin Yun's forehead, he had an unhealthy pale expression. As mana came pouring from the hole, the speed of the mana absorption increased a few times. It took ten times as much mana to control the crystal pen without making a mistake.

After more than ten minutes, Lin Yun's frown eased.

Then, the twelve dark entrances disappeared from the hold and a new entrance appeared in its stead.

"Sure enough, I wasn't wrong! It's really a Dimensional Cloister."

At the start, Lin Yun had made a rough conjecture regarding this array, after going through one door they would instantly come out of an identical entrance, without them noticing. Arrays with such effects were at least at the True Spirit Rank, and there weren't many to be seen.

Dimensional Cloisters could turn into spatial structures, forming a huge cloister-like existence. Anyone stepping into it would never be able to stop moving in circles within it, the only way to leave was to break this Dimensional Cloister. If they couldn't, they would forever remain trapped within.

This kind of maze was the least dangerous but hardest to solve, as the array itself had no destructive power, no attack, but also no gap. It only had the effect of trapping people.

It was just like a jail!

Naturally, some legendary powerhouses would be able to escape even if they didn't understand it. As long as they could crush the entire Dimensional Cloister, thoroughly destroying the space and the array at the same time.

And at the peak of the Magic Era, many death prisons would use Dimensional Cloisters.

It was said that once an Artisan had somehow provoked a Heaven Rank Beastman Sword Saint and ended up being chased. That Artisan was only a 7th Rank Archmage, how could he be the match of that Heaven Rank powerhouse? He lost three True Spirit Magic Tools and was chased through three planes before managing to return to his own habitat.

As for that Heaven Rank Beastman, there had been no news of him after he chased that Artisan to his own domain, yet that Artisan remained alive and well.

When the Artisan died, a few millennia later, someone found a Dimensional Cloister Array within his old lair. Moreover, with the Dimensional Cloister as the core, there had been many malicious arrays surrounding the Dimensional Cloister, such as mana absorption arrays, air absorption arrays, weakening arrays, or even aging arrays.