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 Enderfa knew that the things Lin Yun took for himself would never be taken back out, which was why he was willing to just bluntly explain what he knew.

And even if Enderfa didn't say it, Lin Yun would know that the sword was a good thing.

"Say... In the end, what is this sword?"

Enderfa started talking with an expression full of regret. "This is Mograine's Heaven's Wrath Blade. If not for this sword, how could Winchester could have fled? I reckon that after getting rid of Mograine, there was some internal strife because of that sword. Winchester received serious damage and his level dropped. But he managed to obtain the sword and flee to the Red Beard Pirates."

Lin Yun nodded. It truly looked like this was what happened.

"Sure enough, it was like that. How could there be such a heaven-defying Death Knight apart from Mograine? This sword is truly Mograine's Heaven's Wrath Blade, but how come it's so different from the legends?"

Enderfa glanced at Lin Yun as if he was looking down on him.

"So there are times when you are foolish too? This Heaven's Wrath Blade had nine runes at its peak, each of which could cast a peak Runic Spell. Now, only three runes remain. It is natural for it to be very different."

Lin Yun awkwardly chuckled. He had spoken reflexively without thinking about it. The current Heaven's Wrath Blade was at best a first-rate Spiritual Magic Tool, at its peak, the Heaven's Wrath Blade was a famous Peak True Spirit Magic Tool.

Enderfa's unpleasant attitude was due to him failing to get the Heaven's Wrath Blade for himself.

It was very difficult to upgrade a True Spirit Magic Tool, especially the Incarnation, which was linked to the upgrade and strengthening of the Magic Tool itself. In the past, an Incarnation like Shawn had fused with the Evil Eye, and with the power up of the Incarnation, the True Spirit Magic Tool had been upgraded, but such a case was extremely rare.

Things that a Magic Tool Incarnation could directly devour in order to strengthen itself were very rare, and the three runes of the Heaven's Wrath Blade were such things.

If he devoured all three of these runes, not only would Enderfa's strength sharply increase until it reached a terrifying stage, but the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel might also rank up.

However, Enderfa wasn't Shawn, and he also wasn't the young Purple Dragon. Lin Yun definitely wouldn't let Enderfa's power overshoot the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and it would also be a waste of the three Runic Spells.

Enderfa had given up on the three runes, but he suddenly cunningly chuckled at Lin Yun.

"You remember that Black Death Rune you borrowed before?"

Lin Yun was surprised as his eyes opened wide.

"You are saying... That Black Death Rune is..."

Enderfa proudly laughed. "Indeed, that Black Death Rune is actually one of the runes of the Heaven's Wrath Blade. If you can snatch it and fuse it with the Heaven's Wrath Blade once again, the sword might advance to the True Spirit Magic Tool realm. If you can find all of the six missing runes, the might of the Heaven's Wrath Blade will truly reach the heavens, becoming the strongest True Spirit Magic Tool. If you are lucky and find another suitable rune to integrate into it, the Heaven's Wrath Blade might become an Extraordinary Magic Tool!"

Lin Yun rolled his eyes at Enderfa's obvious instigations and didn't bother with him.

Back then, he had received the Black Death Rune out of pure luck. He had helped the Cloud Tower's Jouyi solve a problem that had perplexed him for a long time, and even then, he could only borrow the Black Death Rune for three months.

Every True Spirit Magic Tool was the foundation of a major power, especially Magic Tool Incarnations. They were of the utmost importance, and nobody could afford to just directly give them up.

If he wanted to reintegrate the Black Death Rune into the Heaven's Wrath Blade, he would have no choice but to fight his way through the Cloud Tower's powerhouses.

Lin Yun casually gave the Heaven's Wrath Blade to Reina.

"We can also use it."

The Heaven's Wrath Blade would have felt as light as a feather in Xiuban's hands, and Lin Yun was a mage... Only Reina could use it properly. Moreover, they could the effects of the Evil Halo to a slight degree.

They had no use for Death Redemption, while Death Summon also needed a large number of corpses, or at least the remains of the Undead. But the movement speed and attack speed increase of the Evil Halo was very useful, even though it was incomparably stronger in the hands of a Death Knight.

While everyone rested, the remnants of the Undead were cleaned up by the puppet. When the last Undead collapsed, a door appeared on one of the walls of the sealed hold.

Lin Yun kicked awake the sleeping Draconic Beastman and gave a reminder. "Everyone, be careful. There are too many strange things on the Intrepid."

They crossed through the doorway and appeared in another hold.

That hold was huge. They didn't know why Red Beard had expanded it, or if it had been because of the God's remains, but every hold seemed to be the size of a city, and this hold was even bigger.

Compared to the holds they had been through before, this one was smooth, like the surface of a mirror. With a glance, they could see that nothing was there. It was absolutely empty, and the silence was stressful.

After entering the hold, even the Draconic Beastman with the worst nerves remained obedient, not doing anything without permission.

In this smooth hold, the most noticeable part was the floor, which was different from the other places.

The floor was crafted with blue planks that had some unending runes carved on them. Each plank's pattern was perfectly lined up with the pattern on the next plank, making it look as if the entire hold was made of the same piece of wood.

Lin Yun crouched to look at the floor, and after a while, he shared his findings, "This is made out of Soul Absorbing Trees?"

Enderfa came out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and nodded after a glance, "That's right, it's made of Soul Absorbing Trees, and so much of it!"

It wasn't that Lin Yun lacked confidence in his judgement, but he was in disbelief about how much there was. Hearing Enderfa agreeing with him, Lin Yun held his breath and checked the hold. It was at least ten kilometers wide, just like a small Secondary Plane, and it was completely made out of Soul Absorbing Trees.

Enderfa also smacked his lips. After flying for a bit, he shook his head and said, "There haven't been many Soul Absorbing Trees since the Ascian Dynasty. In fact, even in the Ascian Dynasty, besides the Gods, not many people could use Soul Absorbing Trees for a floor.

Soul Absorbing Trees were a species specific to the Ascian Era. They grew on messy graveyards, on battlefields littered with the dead, or other such places. They used ghosts, specters, spirits, and other evil souls as sustenance.

The Soul Absorbing Trees not only required harsh environments, but they also grew extremely slowly. In the Ascian Era, where everything was larger, even if it had sufficient nutrients, a Soul Absorbing Tree would need at least a decade to grow.

In the Ascian Dynasty, deaths were very common. There were countless mass graves and messy graves, and plenty of people were buried together, spawning many, Ghosts, Evil Souls, and other such Undead beings. Thus, the Soul Absorbing Trees were also in abundance.

But because of the location and growth requirements for Soul Absorbing Trees being so harsh, it was rare for any of them to grow enough to be used as wood.

At the end of the Ascian Era, great changes spread across Noscent, making it so that the environment was no longer conducive to the growth of Soul Absorbing Trees, and they eventually became extinct.

Eventually, during the Nesser Dynasty, the stored wood from Soul Absorbing Trees became a valued treasure, especially to Pure-Blood Elves. Their living quarters all used wood from Soul Absorbing Trees, even after they became extinct.

The Soul Absorbing Tree had the ability to resist attacks from the Undead. If an Undead or another Ghost approached a house built from Soul Absorbing Trees, they would end up being devoured by the wood planks. Some of the more powerful existences would still take the initiative to avoid any area with Soul Absorbing Trees, and the ordinary ones would also take a detour.

Nowadays, the Soul Absorbing Trees still in circulation came from the Pure-Blood Elves of the Nesser Dynasty.

In the Nesser Dynasty, only the Elves had wood from the extinct Soul Absorbing Tree!

Lin Yun was startled by all of this. Red Beard was truly crazy! He used so much of this precious wood for the sake of the floor!

Lin Yun shook his head and continued onwards. He didn't walk long before he noticed some alchemy runes on the floor.

The continuous link of alchemy runes covered the entire floor. Lin Yun casually cast a few Mage Eyes and sent them flying in other directions.

"These runes are truly ancient," Lin Yun sighed as the information from the Mage Eyes were relayed. He actually recognized a few of these runes. However, he couldn't understand the meaning of most of them, and he could understand the array formed by these runes even less.

Enderfa sighed as he hovered in the air.

"These runes date from the Ascian Dynasty, even during that period, there were very few alchemists that used these kinds of runes."

Lin Yun nodded. He couldn't crack the array because of the runes from the Ascian Dynasty, so he could only study them.

After walking for a while, Lin Yun suddenly stopped and released a few Mage Eyes once again, sending them out to explore.

After a short moment, shock and understanding appeared on his face.

"Heavens, there are a few separate arrays here! And they are all True Spirit Arrays!"