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 Lagulin's mount was the first to act. It bit down the skull of the skeletal horse on the ground and devoured its soul fires.

This was an ability that every Undead possessed, Undead Devouring.

The world of the Undead was originally that ruthless; there was a simple rule of the devourer and the devoured...

But most of the time, it was Higher Undead devouring Lesser Undead.

Just like in Lin Yun's Bone Plane, where the Bone Devil could casually eat any Skeleton Warrior on the Black Wasteland to recover its health, but the Skeleton Warriors could only dream of devouring the Bone Devil...

It was the same on the rumored Undead Plane, just crueler and simpler.

Ranks were strict in the Undead Plane and a Lesser Undead devouring a Higher Undead was almost impossible. Even without the gap in power, just the pressure of levels was enough to make Lesser Undead shiver when faced with Higher Undead. Let alone soul fire devouring, just moving a finger would be very challenging.

But, the Summons of the Book of Death, Barton and Lagulin, were clearly exempt from this.

Because they had been summoned from the Book of Death, they completely listened to Lin Yun's command without even considering the matter of level difference. Even when faced with an Orachiss, they would dare to charge at it. It was needless to say that they would do the same against a Death Knight struggling at its deathbed.

Thus, a strange scene unfolded...

The two lower-level Undead Summons actually gorged themselves on a higher-level Undead, gleefully devouring its soul fire. If it weren't for the fact that the Undead were lacking when it came to emotions, these two might have expressed great joy.

As it shouted miserably, the Death Knight's soul fire turned into two faint blue flames and flowed out of its facial cavities to Lagulin and Barton.

In just a dozen seconds, the Death Knight's shouts became lower and lower before finally dying out.

Its soul fire and been devoured by Barton and Lagulin.

After devouring the soul fire of a level 38 Death Knight, the death energy covering these two starting bubbling, and their aura became more and more powerful.

It looked like these two would advance after digesting the soul fire they had consumed.

The level 36 Lagulin would advance to level 37, and if Barton, who was level 37, couldn't advance, the Lich would at least reach the peak of level 37.

After all, starting from level 35, each advancement would require a lot more effort. For Archmages, the 5th Rank was a huge watershed.

The increase in power that each rank or level brought was huge. It was also the reason that Lin Yun hadn't summoned Lagulin or Barton in the battle.

Although it looked like they weren't far off from the level 38 Death Knight, the difference in power would greatly pressure them.

In battle, they would have been chopped into pieces by the Death Knight, wasting their mana for nothing.

Moreover, Lin Yun had no mana to waste in this battle.

Lin Yun cheerfully looked at Lagulin and Barton. The difference between levels 36 and 37 was huge. Once Lagulin leveled up, his power would definitely skyrocket.

Especially since that level 38 Death Knight was very special. Its power was a lot higher than that of an ordinary Undead Horseman. And as another Undead Horseman, Lagulin might awaken a Death Knight Runic Ability by absorbing the soul fire, and that would definitely be a huge profit.

Lin Yun cheerfully put away the two Higher Undead. He felt that the Truth Chapter wasn't behaving itself, so he didn't flip to its page. As long as he didn't open it, it would be unable to escape. Moreover, he had plenty of methods to make the Truth Chapter behave.

Once the battle was over, Reina didn't even care about her appearance as she sat on the ground to rest. Xiuban was sprawled on his back like a dead fish, not moving at all. Eventually, the sounds of his snores echoed throughout the hold, making Lin Yun not know whether to laugh or cry.

If that puppet hadn't been made with the Heaven Puppet as its foundation and a Hydra Heart that had been reinforced by God Blood, it would have fallen apart after fighting for such a long time.

Lin Yun was rather pale. He had used too much energy during the battle and had absorbed more than half of the mana of a spirit mana crystal.

Shawn hadn't answered for a long time. It was a rare occurrence for him not to come and demand his rewarded mana crystal. The Draconic Staff's Incarnation also didn't react. The consumption indeed hadn't been small.

Enderfa had yet to return to his Magic Tool, and his three faces looked exhausted. Fortunately, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel had only used Low Tier Fire Spells, and the Spell Wheel had a huge Elemental Amber. Otherwise, Enderfa would have also needed to return within to slumber.

As the Death Knight died, Enderfa's three faces watched the one-handed sword with attention.

"Merlin, that sword is something good, let me study it."

Lin Yun threw a despising glance at Enderfa. If the Death Knight has used only one top-notch Runic Spell, Lin Yun would have felt that the Death Knight had been lucky. Had it used two, Lin Yun would have thought that it had great talents... But it used three, and every one of them had been inscribed in the one-handed sword! Only a fool wouldn't understand that there was something up with this sword!

Especially since Enderfa was going as far as asking for it shamelessly, if Lin Yun didn't understand, he would be a huge fool.

Shawn was greedy for mana crystals, but that was in order to recover to his peak and then progress even further.

Enderfa was usually silent, and whenever he said something, it was bound to be that he had seen something good. Everything he wanted could greatly increase his power. Thus, Lin Yun unhesitantly snatched the sword when Enderfa brought it up.

Enderfa awkwardly chuckled. At this time, the helmet of that level 38 Death Knight fell down.

Behind the helmet was an ashen face with sharp facial features that looked quite brave, but there was no sign of life in the facial cavities.

Seeing that he couldn't trick Lin Yun, Enderfa couldn't help cursing. After glancing over, he suddenly said with alarm, "No wonder I felt he looked familiar, it turned out to be him!"

Lin Yun was a bit surprised.

"Did you know him when he was alive?"

Enderfa shook his head.

"I only recognized him. Moreover, he had already been a Death Knight for a long time when he was famous."

Lin Yun was puzzled.

"I think aren't many famous Death Knights apart from the first generation...?"

This was a fact. There were actually many famous Death Knights during the Planar Colonization Era, but they were all in the Undead Plane and Lin Yun didn't think that anyone in this era had knowledge of the Death Knights of the Undead Plane.

Enderfa transformed into a hand supporting the middle-aged head's chin as he conscientiously explained.

"This guy is considered a 1st generation Death Knight!"

Lin Yun was startled.

"This... This guy is someone from the Ascian Dynasty?"

'Heavens, that level 38 Death Knight was actually someone from the God Era, no wonder he was so tyrannical! His power was far stronger than that of an average level 39 Death Knight...'

Enderfa then casually said, "This guy was named Dean Winchester and was the disciple of Noscent's first Death Knight..."

In the ancient Ascian Dynasty, during the time where the seventy-two Gods ruled the world, there was a human with a rather important position among the Lord of Death's subordinates, called Lenn Mograine. It was very rare in the Ascian Era filled with powerhouses. Moreover, Mograine only had the power of a 1st Rank Archmage, which made the situation seem even more curious.

Although Mograine wasn't particularly powerful, his talent was something that the Lord of Death valued highly. At that time, Gods frequently fought one another, and Mograine's wisdom brought many victories to the Lord of Death. He was the greatest contributor to the Lord of Death's number of victories.

Unfortunately, Mograine was only a 1st Rank Archmage in the end. He had great wisdom, but he still ended up dying.

Not only did the clashes between Gods continue, but they actually increased in intensity. The Lord of Death was unwilling to let Mograine sink into eternal rest and ended up reviving Mograine as the vice commander of his God Nation.

But there had been an issue with the resurrection that the Lord of Death hadn't been able to anticipate. After coming back to life, Mograine lost his memories, even losing the wisdom that had made the Lord of Death value him so much, giving birth to a new soul instead.

In such a way, his memory was erased and he became one of the living dead.

The Lord of Death was very disappointed, but he was unwilling to lose such a capable general, so he kept transforming Mograine until Noscent's first Death Knight was born.

Having lost his original intelligence, he became an undying Undead. But Mograine's fighting power had greatly increased, and he beheaded quite a few Heaven Rank lifeforms.

Death Knight Mograine looked for people who had similar experiences during his later years.

After reviving, they became the Undead and also lost their memories.

Mograine took these people as his disciples and taught them the way of the Death Knights. These people were Noscent's 1st generation of Death Knights.

Winchester was one of Mograine's numerous disciples...