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 Lin Yun desperately pushed his Magic Array to its limits, extracting the mana from a spirit mana crystal while putting a huge amount of power in the Book of Death to help the Crystal Phoenix as much as possible.

A few seconds later, the Crystal Phoenix's left wing was pierced by a dark bony outgrowth and a sinister power collided with the Crystal Phoenix, a large patch of death energy frantically moved in and around the wound, making the Crystal Phoenix scream repeatedly.

And with the appearance of a fatal flaw in defense, those bony outgrowths and those several hundred crazily twitching tentacles only needed a few seconds to twist around the Crystal Phoenix.

The Crystal Phoenix let out a sad lament as it turned into a flowing light, flying towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun hurriedly opened the Book of Death while recalling Reina and Xiuban over, gathering everyone in the small space. Xiuban was guarding them while they were crazily casting spells to block the chasing Undead Eye.

Without the large amount of spells suppressing him, the Death Knight quickly charged over.

It looked as if the Crystal Phoenix wouldn't enter the Book of Death quickly enough, the Death Knight would arrive first!

Xiuban was thoroughly despairing, "Sir Merlin, Xiuban is truly dead this time..."

Despair reached even Reina, "Finished, I shall not see the day my father resurrects..."

Just as everyone was giving up, Lin Yun clenched his teeth and did something unexpected. A pair of flaming wings appeared on his back as he flew towards the flowing light.

Both Xiuban and Reina were stupefied.

On this battlefield, using a flying technique was no different from becoming an easy target!

The Undead Eye was chasing behind the Crystal Phoenix, his tentacles covering the sky... Against that kind of attack, it would be a miracle if Lin Yun's defensive spells could last three seconds! And that was without mentioning the level 38 Death Knight!

But Lin Yun's death courting action ushered their greatest hopes. With Lin Yun flying towards the Crystal Phoenix, it would reduce the time before the Crystal Phoenix fused with the Book of Death by half!

Two seconds. Lin Yun who flew up held the Book of Death in front of him, and the Crystal Phoenix, who had turned into a ray of light, flew inside it.

On an originally blank page appeared a new pattern. The original crystal pattern had disappeared and had been replaced by a vivid Crystal Phoenix spreading its wings.

The Truth Chapter had thoroughly fused with the Book of Death!

Lin Yun didn't have time to relax, he was still sweating profusely. Had he not been quick witted, he might have truly been done for.

Now that they were fused, the Truth Chapter could use the unrestrained power of the Book of Death, and using the Book of Death to display the power of the Truth Chapter was completely different from the Truth Chapter fighting on its own.

Lin Yun floated in the air, several hundred thick tentacles rushing over, alongside three to four hundred dark bony outgrowths flickering with runes. It was like a heavy rain. Under them, the Death Knight slashed a few times, sending a dozen four to five meters long Death Aura Slashes towards Lin Yun.

These attacks were more than thirty meters away from Lin Yun but the pressure they emitted still made it difficult for Lin Yun to breath.

But, Lin Yun's pale face displayed its first smile since the start of this battle.

"See ya."

As he said this, the Book of Death suddenly burst out with an intense light. The glaring sunshine forced everyone to close their eyes.

The sunlight released now was ten times stronger than what the Crystal Phoenix had been able to release on its own earlier!

The radiance turned into a huge glaring sphere centered around Lin Yun, and expanding at a terrifying speed.

When those dark bony outgrowth touched the sunlight, they were instantly turned into dust before dissipating as smoke.

Those over a hundred large tentacles also turned into still death energy and the strong aura of death was instantly purified.

The dozen Death Aura Slashes looked like four to five meters long crescent black moons, but they also ended up being purified when they encountered that sunlight.

That cold and unfeeling Undead Eye finally displayed fear as it recklessly fled. But how could it compare to the speed of sunlight...

The Purifying Sunlight released by the Truth Chapter, once fused with and empowered by the Book of Death, was the bane of all evil!

In just three seconds, the glaring light covered the Undead Eye and vast amount of death energy dissipated, cleased just like that.

As for the Undeads on the floor, they were also affected by the Purifying Sunlight, they didn't even have time to let out a sound before being purged.

The Death Knight also let out a miserable shriek as he tumbled, twitching on the ground as the black fog was purified.

The glaring sunlight converged, and like a substance, returned to the Book of Death.

No Undead Eye could be seen when the sunlight withdrew, that Death Gate also disappeared like a bubble being popped.

A large amount of Undeads was purified, but the Death Knight was only seriously injured, he hadn't been finished.

Lin Yun looked at the Book of Death, the Crystal Phoenix could be seen on the page, holding a pitch-black eyeball in its claw.

It was the Undead Eye. Lin Yun hadn't expected this change, but then, he saw a trace of radiance coming from the Crystal Phoenix.

Lin Yun unhesitantly closed the Book of Death, and the latter strongly shook, as if something was trying to struggle free.

Lin Yun let out a mischievous laughter in a good mood.

"Haha, you want to back out on the fusion?"

The Book of Death was closed and the Truth Chapter had already completely fused. Even if it had amazing abilities, that phoenix still would have to give up on that idea.

But the Undead Eye wasn't actually destroyed, it was instead grabbed by the Crystal Phoenix. This was a bit out of his expectations, but it wouldn't have much of an influence.

One shouldn't throw away free food.

Lin Yun fell from the sky and gave an order to the puppet, letting it take care of the remaining Undeads while Lin Yun himself approached the seriously injured Death Knight.

The Death Knight was in a very miserable state, the four legs of his mount had been crushed by Xiuban, yet its soul fires were still burning.

As for the Death Knight himself, he was bathing in Hellfire from head to toe, continuously emitting black smoke while being covered in traces of sunburns.

After all, the Purifying Light of the Truth Chapter was still a bit stronger than the Holy Light.

It was the bane of everything vile, yet the Death Knight had managed to survive after being hit in close range; Lin Yun was a bit surprised at first.

After all, the Truth Chapter had burst out when meeting its arch-enemy, the Undead Eye, but now, even if Lin Yun wanted to, he wouldn't be able to display such power.

"Stupid Human! Even if you destroyed the Undead Eye, you can't kill me! I am unkillable in here!"

The Death Knight couldn't avoid his mount's fate. His sword had already left his hands, and his lambs had been crushed by Xiuban.

He had yet to finish his cold words when the enraged Xiuban brandished his Carnage and smashed it onto his limbs.

"Stupid Undead! Are you looking down on Lord Xiuban?"

Xiuban had been scared for so long and his golden red skin was still somewhat pale, how could he be polite now that the situation had been solved?

The heavy Carnage smashed onto the Death Knight's body, causing fierce gales to spread around. Lin Yun didn't know whether to laugh or cry and used a Magic Shield to block that shockwave.

"Xiuban, stop, he is right, no one can kill him here."

Hearing Lin Yun's words, Xiuban immediately put Carnage away, he was more afraid of facing Lin Yun than the sea of Undeads. Just now, Lin Yun looked like a God and purified a large amount of Undeads, even getting rid of the Undead Eye.

With the Draconic Beastman's intelligence, he couldn't understand concepts like Truth Chapter, he only knew that Lin Yun burst with power far stronger than the Death Knight in front of them.

"Sir Merlin, you are always right, but isn't there a way for Sir Merlin to get rid of this damned Undead?" Xiuban flattered and asked, unwilling to let it go.

Lin Yun looked at the paralyzed Death Knight and said with a smile, "He is right, he is different from ordinary Undeads. Even I can't kill him on the Intrepid, but someone else can."

The Death Knight couldn't budge, but he still remained unyielding, not worried at all that he might die. But because the Undead Eye was "destroyed", he had lost the ability to live, even though he couldn't be killed.

"Stupid Human, I absolutely can't be killed on the Intrepid. Once I recovered my power, your soul will fall to oblivion for all eternity!"

Lin Yun didn't explain to the confident Death Knight, he instead took out the Book of Death and a light flashed from it, before Lagulin and Barton appeared.

Lin Yun then nodded at the Death Knight with a smile, "Indeed, I can't kill you on the Intrepid, but the result would be different if it's not a human..."

After Lagulin and Barton appeared, that level 38 Death Knight could no longer remain calm.

"Impossible! How could you summon Higher Undeads!"

Lin Yun didn't feel like saying anything superfluous, he just gave the command and the restless Undead Horseman and Lich rushed over like hungry wolves.