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 And in this closed hold, anyone under the Heaven Rank would be killed by this sea of the Undead.

Seeing this scene, hesitation flashed in Lin Yun's eyes, before being replaced by resolve.

He took out the Book of Death, holding it on his left hand, while also tightly gripping the draconic staff in his other hand. He hadn't even cast a spell when the ring he wore flashed with radiance. Wisps of smoke appeared as Shawn' boastful voice echoed, "Mafa Merlin, Lord Shawn has thoroughly fused with that eye of disaster, when are you going to give another calamitous eye to Lord Shawn to fuse with?"

From his tone, it was clear that Shawn was in a very good mood. After thoroughly fusing with the Evil Dragon Eye, the Soul Walker had undergone a transformation, becoming a Mid Rank True Spirit Magic Tool. Lin Yun didn't even know how much more powerful his Magic Tool Incarnation had become.

The fog turned into a Ghost Wolf, and Shawn, who wore a pleased smile, suddenly froze, as if he had been petrified.

"Heavens! Mafa Merlin! What have you done? Hell, so many of the Undead! Heavens, a level 38 Death Knight! Damn, what's this?" He asked.

"That's an Undead Eye."

"An Undead Eye?"

Shawn was panicking like a man being chased by his debtors, subconsciously wanting to run.

Lin Yun Flame Shackled Shawn and brought him closer, before saying in a deep tone, "Five level 28 mana crystals."

Shawn's eyeballs spun chaotically. He couldn't help being frightened as he checked the surroundings, but he didn't need to do much thinking to know that if Lin Yun died here, Shawn would never have the opportunity to appear again.

But he still couldn't help himself and pushed for more. "One spirit mana crystal."


Shawn, who knew that he wouldn't be able to escape if he didn't go all-out, still took advantage of Lin Yun and asked for a spirit mana crystal. Hearing the confirmation, he then turned into a wave that was three meters high.

"Hell, following you is truly draining... Had I known earlier, Lord Shawn would have rather remained asleep."

Shawn was nagging at Lin Yun, but he didn't hesitate to make a move. He let out a loud roar, causing a visible shockwave.

The Death Knight and the sea of Undead all froze under Shawn's spiritual roar.

The soul fires of the Undead flickered violently as if they were under extreme fear. They all looked petrified.

It originally was just a Soul Roar that would make souls shudder, interrupting casts and rendering the target silent for a short moment. But against these enemies, its power was comparable to an Ultimate Spell, because the soul fires were the foundations of the Undead. When suffering from a soul shake, the Undead wouldn't even be able to move.

Even the Death Knight was locked on the spot.

Given such a good opportunity, whether it was the Draconic Beastman or the Frost Dragon, they both used their strongest skills and spells.

Mysterious Draconic words came out of Reina's mouth, and even she needed five seconds to incant her spell.

Draconic Spell, Hailstorm!

This spell, comparable to an 8th Tier Spell, wreaked havoc across the hold. It was like an ice apocalypse as snowflakes fell down, bringing a chilling cold aura with them. All the Undead within several hundred meters froze just as they were regaining the ability to move. And those floating snowflakes were like sharp blades, turning the storm into a huge meat grinder.

The storm only left frozen statues in its wake, which ended up shattering into shards.

As for the Draconic Beastman, he was covered in Aura as he rushed towards the horde of the Undead, with Carnage displaying destructive power comparable to a True Spirit Magic Tool.

Every time the heavy hammer was swung, it would shatter every stunned Undead within a dozen meters into pieces. After a few seconds, the Undead within several hundred meters were taken care of.

As for the puppet that only kept casting waves of fire spells, the soul shaking gave it the opportunity to turn all the Undead within three hundred meters to ashes.

The three of them massacred a few thousand Undead within a few seconds!

The instant Shawn used his Soul Roar, Lin Yun crazily poured mana into his draconic staff. A youthful Dragon Roar echoed as the Magic Tool Incarnation appeared.

The young Dragon Incarnation then turned into a huge shadow that stood behind Lin Yun.

This was the ability the draconic staff had gained after birthing its Magic Tool Incarnation. It would support Lin Yun for one minute, making his casting ability comparable to that of a Chromatic Dragon for a minute and raising the power of every spell by a tier.

The instant he was supported by the Magic Tool Incarnation, Lin Yun gave up on using Low Tier Spells and started a complicated incantation. Even with the huge processing power of the Magic Array and the support of the Magic Tool Incarnation, it still took him nine seconds.

A huge Meteor Shower was cast. This spell would mostly appear when Legions battled. It was a very economical channeled spell, but also a very simple spell to interrupt. To display its might, it had to be continuously channeled.

It would only be cast when a Legion fought, as the protection of allies would create the opportunity to channel it. If he tried to cast this spell normally, not only would it need a huge amount of mana, but it would also require a very complicated incantation. Furthermore, the might of the spell would be too scattered. It wasn't great against small numbers of powerful enemies, so the spell was rarely used.

The Death Knight recovered from the soul shake during the nine-second cast time, so Enderfa was controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to suppress it with a flood of spells, regardless of the mana consumption.

Because everyone knew that even without the Death Knight, they would still be screwed as long as the army of the Undead remained.

The Meteor Shower was released, and a red cloud appeared above the horde of Undead. With the support of the draconic incarnation, the might of the spell raised by one tier.

This Meteor Shower turned into a large-scale 7th Tier Fire Spell. The red cloud was like lava, and many Fireballs fell down like rain. Each of them originally had the power of a 4th Tier spell, but they had risen to 5th Tier at this moment.

The dark-red Fireballs kept falling continuously. At this moment, at least four to five hundred Fireballs had fallen into the sea of Undead, turning the entire hold into a sea of fire. The raging flames charred the bones until they crumbled to ashes. Only the Undead that were level 25 or above managed to struggle on the verge of death for a bit before being burnt a few seconds later.

But there were fewer and fewer Undead below level 20. The Undead rushing out from the Death Gate were gradually at higher levels. The Meteor Shower that had been upgraded to 7th Tier only killed several thousands of the Undead, and most of them were Lesser Undead.

Lin Yun's expression was somewhat pale after casting that spell, as it had used a bit too much mana.

But after completing that cast, he followed with a 6th Rank Bursting Flames spell, which was also upgraded to 7th Tier, on the suppressed Death Knight, sending it flying.

The Death Knight with its Evil Halo wasn't injured too much by the 7th Tier Spell, and while it was sent flying, the death aura helped its wounds quickly recover again.

But before the Death Knight could regain its footing, Lin Yun's 2nd Bursting Flames already landed. The blue Bursting Flames once again sent the Death Knight flying.

The explosion-oriented Bursting Flames did next to no damage to the Death Knight, but it also couldn't stop itself from being blown away by each time.

Lin Yun calculated the timing and cast five Bursting Flames in a row, each of them landing while the Death Knight was still trying to stabilize itself, sending it further and further away.

After five Bursting Flames, the Death Knight was pushed a very long distance away from Lin Yun. Enderfa clearly understood what should be done and controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to continuously suppress the Death Knight with fire spells. As for Lin Yun, he kept using the Meteor Shower.

By the time the Death Knight rushed through the flood of spells, Lin Yun frantically cast more spells alongside the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to suppress it.

During that minute, Lin Yun cast a total of four Meteor Showers and turned all the undead-infested areas into oceans of fire.

Several tens of thousands of the Undead, with Reina, Xiuban and the puppet sweeping through them... All of this had started with Shawn's Soul Roar, stunning all of the Undead.

The Draconic Staff's Draconic Incarnation returned to the staff, exhausted. Lin Yun was also pale, his body faintly shaking. Only the hands holding onto the Draconic Staff and the Book of Death were stable.

Shawn had been unresponsive for a long time after using that Soul Roar.

This sweep alleviated the pressure, and although there was still a steady flow the Undead rushing from the Death Gate, it wouldn't form waves like before for the time being.

Lin Yun glanced at the Book of Death in his left hand and knew that he could no longer hesitate.