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 Red Beard completely disappeared in the later part of the Nesser Era. Some said that he followed Constance into an unknown world, while others thought that he ended up getting killed by Pure-Blooded Elves as retaliation for what happened to the Pure-Blooded Elven Princess. There were many theories.


"If I'm not wrong, this ship should be the Intrepid..." Lin Yun's expression sank.

It was said that at the start of the God War, Constance defeated an Ancient God named Sanders and used his body as a frame to build the Intrepid.

Before dying, Sanders used the last of his God Power to cast a God Curse, turning this ship into a cursed ship. Thus, the God Curse had always been hovering around the Intrepid. All those who set foot on the Intrepid would encounter sinister things in there, including countless powerhouses who met there ends.

After obtaining the Intrepid, Red Beard suppressed the curse on the ship and took the ship on expeditions through the four seas.

As he thought of this, Lin Yun's heart tightened and he rushed to lead everyone out of there.

The curse left by an Ancient God was no joke...

Not to mention the fact that Lin Yun was only a High Mage, even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would have to flee in defeat when faced with the curse of an Ancient God.

They had to quickly leave this ghost ship, or else...

The group went through a long passage and quickly reached another hold. This place was cold and filled with the fishy smell of seawater. Apart from the sound of their footsteps and the heavy panting of the Draconic Beastman, the surroundings were very quiet.

"Sir Merlin, I..."

"Shut up Xiuban." Lin Yun didn't even look at the Draconic Beastman as he told him to be quiet. He knew that the only thing this cowardly Draconic Beastman would say at such a time was how scared he was. Lin Yun didn't want to deal with his complaints. He had to quickly find the captain's quarters because that was the only place where he might be able to find a way to control the ship and find a way out...

"Okay..." Xiuban opened his mouth, hesitated, and then decided to hold his tongue...

The group continued forward...

But, less than five minutes later...

"Sir Merlin, I..."

Xiuban fell silent as Lin Yun turned towards him angrily.


Xiuban didn't look like he was just being cowardly... Rather, he seemed incomparably devastated...

Thus, Lin Yun took back the words he was about to say and instead asked, "What is it?"

"Our... Our group..." Xiuban was faintly sobbing and he struggled to answer. "Our group seems to have one more person than before, Sir Merlin..."

"Hmm?" Lin Yun suddenly froze, he looked around and felt a chill. 'Hell, there really is someone else... One, two, three, four, five...'

There were indeed five of them...

Himself, the Draconic Beastman, the Frost Dragon, the puppet, they should have been the four members of the group, but now there was an extra...

"Sir... Sir Merlin, it looks like there is one more of me..." Xiuban said with a sob.


Just as Xiuban said, there were two of him...

One Xiuban was standing in front of Lin Yun, sobbing softly, and one was standing at the back of the group looking pale and stupefied.

They were identical!

"Sir Merlin, what should we do, what should we do?"

Lin Yun looked at Xiuban before his eyes, then looked at the one at the end of the group. It was just like in the legends, Ancient God Sanders was called the Nightmare Lord and the Godly Nation that he controlled was known as the Nightmare Nation. He was said to be an expert in illusions, able to create all kinds of illusions that others were unable to differentiate from reality.

Lin Yun just experienced it.

There was no difference between the two Xiubans.

"Sir Merlin, do something, quick! He, he, he... He wants to snatch my body..." The Xiuban who was standing in front of Lin Yun cried out.

"Shut up, I know what to do!" Lin Yun glared at the Draconic Beastman and slowly raised his staff, its huge Draconic Crystal letting out dazzling radiance.

Then, an explosion echoed.

A Flame Burst was instantly cast.

But the target wasn't the Xiuban in the back...

"You..." The Draconic Beastman standing in front of Lin Yun was sent flying after being hit by the Flame Burst. The flames on his chest remained as he looked at Lin Yun in disbelief. "How did you know?"

"Xiuban isn't as courageous as you..." Lin Yun chuckled while rousing his Magic Array, pouring a large amount of mana into his staff as he cast multiple Flame Bursts, blasting the target into ashes.


Just as everyone thought that this unknown existence had been annihilated, black smoke rose from the ashes and twisted in the air, turning into a smiling, malevolent face...

"Hahahaha, Human, your luck is quite good. I hope that it will remain that way in the next game..."

After saying that, the black smoke suddenly dispersed, leaving no traces behind.

Lin Yun's immediately roused his magic array to try to catch the smoke's tracks. But a loud sound suddenly echoed in the hold.

The entire hold shivered with a deep rumble. A formidable mana fluctuation rose up in an instant, and before Lin Yun's group could recover, the hold had already turned red, a deep blood red. A huge hexagram array appeared in front of everyone, and as the ground shook, Skeleton Warriors began to stream out from inside.

"F*ck!" Lin Yun cursed. Flames instantly appeared around his body, slowly being emitted from his skin as he turned into a ten-meter-tall Flame Giant. He grabbed Reina, Xiuban, and the puppet, before whisking them all away with a Flame Flash.

"That's a lot of Skeleton Warriors..." Although Xiuban already had the power of a 1st Rank Sword Saint, he couldn't help feeling numb when he saw the thousands of Skeleton Warriors. The hold, which had room for many thousands of people, slowly became crowded as more and more Skeleton Warriors appeared, the aura of death spreading to every corner of the hold.

"This place doesn't seem too welcoming," Lin Yun said as he looked at the numerous skeletons. The Skeleton Warriors were only level 10, so even Great Mages wouldn't care about them, but the horrifying part was how many of them there were.

It didn't take long for the number of Skeleton Warriors to surpass several thousand, and it kept increasing. Let alone Xiuban being terrified, even Lin Yun couldn't help frowning...

Lin Yun knew that this couldn't be avoided. With so many Skeleton Warriors, they could easily block all the exits, so he instantly cast volleys of Flame Bursts, sending them towards the areas with the most Skeleton Warriors.

After being transformed by the Magic Array, the might of the Flame Bursts reached the limit and they were comparable to Ultimate Spells. As he suppressed the Skeleton Warriors, Lin Yun also looked behind him and said to the other members of his group, "What are you foolishly standing there for? Are you waiting for their invitation?"

"Sir, I'll rush over immediately..." Xiuban wiped the sweat from his forehead. Noticing the dissatisfaction in the young mage's voice, he didn't hesitate. Only a whistling sound was heard as he charged into the fray.


A dazzling, dark-golden light rushed in the sky. That was the might of the Boundless Layering Technique. The ship shook, and with a "boom", Xiuban sent a hundred Skeleton Warriors flying.

"Sir, Sir, did you see?" Xiuban, who had originally been so terrified, now seemed rather excited as he swung Carnage once more. The might of 5,000 kilos burst with a deafening sound and shattered the bones of countless skeletons, greatly thinning out the horde.

At the same time, Reina turned into a huge Frost Dragon before casting a large number of spells along with the puppet. In a flash, countless spells burst out from them: Frost Spikes, Flame Roars, Fire Arrows, and all sorts of Low Tier Spells. But against Skeleton Warriors, these were the most effective spells. And with their power, casually casting one spell would take out a large wave of Skeleton Warriors.

The tyrannical power quickly changed the course of the battle as thousands upon thousands of Skeleton Warriors were exterminated, their bones spreading on the ground, forming thick piles. The last time Lin Yun saw so many Undead beings was in the Bone Plane.