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 The situation was terrifying!

While Rhett Watson was stunned, ice filled the air and a huge wave of ice aura spread as a slender figure rushed in the sky once again...


The Frost Dragon let out a huge roar, reverberating Rhett's eardrums. At the same time, the Frost Dragon charged towards the Mountain Python at an incredible speed.

The momentum of that huge body was astonishing and a cracking sound echoed when the Frost Dragon rammed into the Mountain Python. Close to a hundred meters of skin caved in under her powerful claw attack...


A sinister roar echoed as the Mountain Python's let out a cry filled with pain. Frost Runes flickered in that damaged area, raging with chaotic mana fluctuations.

"Heavens..." Rhett was speechless as he saw this, the power displayed by the Frost Dragon far exceeded Rhett Watson's imagination...

Too shocking...

The Mountain Python looked like a target dummy...

Right after, Rhett detected the young mage letting out some fierce mana fluctuations. And before he could react, the young mage had already changed shape, transforming into a several dozen meters tall Frost Giant as he used Ice Elemental Incarnation.

Then, the young mage relied on the surrounding ice elements and used a Frost Flash to reach the Mountain Python's head.

"Sh*t!" Rhett suddenly let out in alarm, 'That Mafa Merlin is too crazy! Females are definitely different from males! The head of a male Mountain Python is definitely its blind spot, but it's not the case for females. Females have Python Runes, standing on her head wouldn't stop her from attacking, even if someone stood under her belly, they still wouldn't be able to dodge her attack...'

And yet...

When Rhett wanted to remind Lin Yun, he discovered shocking mana fluctuations spreading outward from Lin Yun's draconic staff as he raised it up. Mana flared up as the space around the young mage started distorting, forming a rift in the air.

Rhett could clearly feel that the surging mana contained within this spatial rift was in a frantic state, it would pour in the young mage's body with every breath he took. Rhett even wondered if the young mage would burst if this continued...

Not only him, even Arthus' complexion changed as he saw this scene, shock appearing on his face as he looked at Lin Yun with disbelief. The current Lin Yun gave him an overwhelming feeling.

It was to the point that even as an 8th Rank Archmage, Zeuss was scared by the mana fluctuations as well.

Lin Yun's Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was already floating above his head, the Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool was radiating with an even brighter radiance. The might of the Magic Tool had increased a few dozen times, this was the effect of the Demiplane, it was unbelievable.


The Mountain Python let out a world-shaking roar, its voice full of confusion and worry. She ultimately felt an aura of danger when the Demiplane appeared, as only a fraction of the power surging from the Demiplane could tear her body apart. Even a vicious beast like the Mountain Python was aware of the danger, and that kind of unprecedented power made her forget her own goal, only fear could now be seen in her eyes.

"It's too late..." Lin Yun expressionlessly said, announcing the death sentence of the female python just like he did for the male.

Then, Lin Yun's Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, powered up by the Demiplane, cast an endless amount of 6th Tier Spells, wave after wave.

That's right, 6th Tier Spells!

The power of the Demiplane was too frightening, it could help the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel burst with more power than usual. After all, that was the power of a world containing the aura of an Ancient God.


Countless dazzling raging flaming spells tore through the void, tearing the Mountain Python's head apart, and then cutting into her body.

And Lin Yun also took the opportunity to find the python's weak point and dig out the mana crystals.

Lin Yun was somewhat pale, he closed the rift and instructed Xiuban, "Xiuban, you and Reina shall gather the materials..."

Since it had already been done once, the gathering of the materials took less than ten minutes this time. The scales, bile and fangs were taken out one by one and entered a Spatial Magic Tool.

After this event, both Rhett and Arthus looked very excited. This battle had been won too easily, especially to the Watson Family, they didn't do anything and ended up victorious.

It looked like as long as they had Mafa Merlin, the rest of the exploration would proceed smoothly.

But, while he was excited, Rhett found out that Zeuss' expression was quite serious. Even Mafa Merlin was looking at the Mountain Python's corpse thoughtfully.

Their behaviors were too strange...

They had clearly gotten rid of the Mountain Python, there was no more danger, so what was going on?

Just as Rhett grew suspicious, he suddenly saw Zeuss turning towards Lin Yun with a serious expression, "It looks like we met some trouble..."

"Yes, indeed..."

"High Mage Merlin, Sir Zeuss, what are you saying? How come I can't understand?" Rhett noticed Lin Yun's nod and serious expression and couldn't help but ask. Whether it was Zeuss or Mafa Merlin, weren't their words a bit too ominous?

Lin Yun shook his head and looked at Zeuss, "You should explain."

"Okay..." A bitter smile appeared on Zeuss' face. He pointed at the Mountain Python's corpse, "When two Mountain Pythons appear together in the same place, they are called Chaos Twin Snakes."

"Chaos Twin Snakes?" The eyes of the curious Rhett opened wide.

"That's right, Chaos Twin Snakes..." Zeuss bitterly smiled, "It is said that each and every Ancient God had their own Godly Nation, and every Godly Nation had their own unreasonable Guardians. These Guardians could be Heaven Rank unusual beasts, powerful alchemy puppets, and so on..."

Zeuss then paused and looked at the puppet behind Lin Yun, the power the puppet had burst with even left an 8th Rank Archmage like himself feeling on edge. It could easily be seen that this puppet wasn't simple.

At this time, Zeuss didn't delay for too long and quickly looked away, continuing with that old story, "The Godly Nation of Ancient God Constance was guarded by Chaos Twin Snakes. In the rumors, there were two Chaos Twin Snakes, one representing light and one representing darkness. Since Chaos Twin Snakes appeared here, it means that we already entered Constance's Godly Nation..."

"Godly Nation!" Rhett suddenly let out in alarm. Godly Nations were only spoken of in Legends. From the Ascian Dynasty till today, no one had ever stepped foot in a Godly Nation. It wasn't just the Ancient God's residence, the Godly Nation was both the Ancient Gods' territory, as well as the source of power of the Ancient God. If one stepped in a Godly Nation, they might have to face a God.

"But, these Mountain Python's rank seemed a little low..." Zeuss frowned. These two Mountain Pythons had only been at their 9th Awakening. They hadn't stepped in the Heaven Rank yet, so how could they have enough power to be a Guardian of a Godly Nation?

But then, Lin Yun's voice could be heard in the distance, "Don't forget that it has been a long time since the era of the Ancient Gods..."

"Right..." After hearing Lin Yun's words, Zeuss was shaken and quickly understood. The true Chaos Twin Snakes must have fallen during the Ancient God Era and the current Mountain Pythons were only descendants of the Chaos Twin Snakes.

It could be expected that after their 10th awakening, these two Pythons would become genuine Chaos Twin Snakes.

As he thought of this, Zeuss suddenly felt a chill. It looked like they had been very lucky. Not only did the two snakes not appear at the same time, they also awakened for the 9th time and their power hadn't reached their peak. If what they faced had been two Mountain Pythons fully embodying the power of the Chaos Twin Snakes, then their team would have been wiped.

Going through the blockade of the Chaos Twin Snakes meant that they had already stepped foot onto the Godly Nation. After a short rest, the team got on the move once again and started walking towards the depths of the world of ice.

This part of the trip took a long time, after no less than one and half a month, they reached the edge of the world of ice.

This Demiplane was far bigger than they had imagined. From the edge of the world of ice, all they could see was endless forests surrounded by mountains on both sides, and a huge valley. There was no more ice there and the fiery sun could clearly be seen in the sky.