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 "You mean that we can really bathe in it?" Lin Yun interrupted Enderfa. If what Enderfa said was true, then that would be too amazing. Even he was tempted.

Think about it, what if a mage's physical strength could compare to that of a Sword Saint?

"You are thinking too much... The blood of an Ancient God is one of the most terrifying things in the world. Its power isn't something you can even imagine. It would strengthen the body of any lifeform to an outrageous level, and at the extreme, it could even compare to Star Essence..."

"Damn!" Lin Yun was shocked when he heard this comparison. Star Essence was known as Noscent's hardest metal. It was rumored that the Throne of Life and the Shelter Tower had been crafted out of a large amount of Star Essence.

It was also said that armor with a smidgen of Star Essence in it would be able to resist the bombardment of 4th Tier Spells. Even sharp Spiritual Rank weapons wouldn't be able to leave any traces on it.

And as for armor completely made of Star Essence...

This was something Lin Yun had never seen before. A finger-sized piece of Star Essence weighed at least five hundred kilograms. Only Ancient Gods would be able to properly use armor made entirely of Star Essence.

If the blood of an Ancient God could make someone's body as tough as Star Essence, then everyone would yearn for it...

But why did Enderfa tell him those words?

"Hey, Enderfa, I don't get it. Wouldn't it be a good thing if the Ancient God Blood was so formidable?"

"Of course good things are good things," Enderfa said as he rolled his eyes, "But because the Ancient God Blood is so formidable, once you bathe in it, your body will be completely impervious to the magic elements. Do you know what that means?"

"Oh..." Lin Yun was dumbstruck. Being disconnected from magic elements meant that he would completely lose the ability to use magic. No matter how tough his body was at that time, he would be nothing more than a very tough target.

'This is a bit troublesome...'

He was a mage, and Reina walked both paths, so they couldn't afford to lose their magic ability. And the puppet was only a puppet; it didn't have a living body so the Ancient God Blood wouldn't affect it.

Xiuban was the only one that could bathe in the blood of the Ancient God. The Draconic Beastman never relied on magic when he fought, as all his magic abilities came from the magic patterns inherently hidden within his bloodline. Whether he could connect to the magic elements of the world had no importance to him...

Just as Lin Yun thought of this, Enderfa opened his mouth again. "But Merlin, it would greatly strengthen your body if you just drank a bottle of Ancient God Blood. And more importantly, a large amount of mana will surge after you drink a bottle. A small bottle would be enough for you to break through from the High Mage realm to the Archmage realm. Oh, right, I forgot to mention, the blood of an Ancient God can also let you touch upon the purest source of the Laws. After drinking some, your casting ability will rise to a whole new level. You'll find that when you direct elemental power, the elemental power will feel like an arm. In fact, the benefits aren't that much lower than bathing in the blood..."

"Oh?" Lin Yun's eyes shone when he heard that. "You are saying that even Reina can drink it?"

"That's right, as for why you can drink it, don't ask me. I only heard someone had done this before and had succeeded."

"Around what time?"

"A very long time ago..."


It turned out that the blood of the Ancient God wasn't completely useless to Reina. Despite not being able to bathe in it, drinking the blood would bring her formidable benefits.

Hearing this, he called Reina over. "Reina, follow Enderfa's instructions..."

But, beyond Lin Yun's expectations, after Reina drank the blood, a golden pattern appeared on her skin. Then, a huge lattice of light wrapped around her. She looked like a huge silkworm cocoon at that time. Reina's silhouette could no longer be seen and she remained silent for a long time. No matter how many times Lin Yun called out to her, no reply came from the cocoon.

"Alright, it looks like she fell into a slumber..." After calling out to her for a very long time, he had no choice but to let her sleep in the forest. He then glanced at the puppet.

But he sighed helplessly.

The puppet was quite unfortunate compared to Reina. It didn't have a physical body, so in other words, this puppet couldn't drink the blood of the Ancient God.

"Merlin, your puppet can also absorb the blood. It has the heart of a Hydra, just pour the blood onto it."

"That's possible?" Lin Yun's eyes shone after he heard Enderfa's casual words. To be frank, Lin Yun really wanted to have the puppet drink the blood. He would be perfectly satisfied even if it had only 1% of the effect it had on Xiuban.

Enderfa's suggestion made Lin Yun realize why it worked. He didn't hesitate, and he called the puppet over.

He then dismantled the puppet's mechanical system, took out the Hydra Heart and poured an entire bottle of blood on top of it.

The heart was then reinstalled by Lin Yun, and it started throbbing continuously. Even Li Yun could clearly hear the throbbing from inside. Golden light spread from the mechanical system to the outside and quickly covered the entire puppet. After a few minutes, this puppet was standing there like a golden statue.

"Merlin, how about you take a bottle?" Enderfa didn't have a lot of interest in the puppet. He was holding a bottle of blood in his hand while looking at Lin Yun and saying with an enticing voice, "Only one bottle and your strength will quickly reach the Archmage realm."

"I don't need it" Lin Yun didn't even hesitate. "This isn't my path..."

"Unfortunate..." Enderfa regretfully shook his head.

"No, this isn't unfortunate. Enderfa, don't forget that this Natural Demiplane belongs to me. This Ancient God Blood is mine. Although I can't drink it, as long as the pond is here, its power is mine." After saying that, Lin Yun's eyes fell onto Xiuban who was excitedly gesturing.

"Xiuban, what are you still waiting for? Do you want me to take your hand? Do you need me to teach you what to do?"

"..." Xiuban froze. Sensing that cold gaze, Xiuban really wanted to ask, 'Sir Merlin, aren't I pitiful enough? Can't you be a bit gentler?'

But he obviously wouldn't dare to say this...

Xiuban went to the pond, and the bathing process took him an hour.

During that hour, the Draconic Beastman's originally dark-red skin was suffused with a golden yellow layer. Despite the color being very light, if one carefully checked his skin, they would be able to detect it. Xiuban slowly closed his eyes, and as if the blood had life, it curled around his body. Xiuban's skin quickly started swelling, followed by his body growing. His muscles were bulging a lot more than before, and his power had truly been strengthened.

At this time, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf rushed over from the forest and rubbed itself against Lin Yun's leg.

"You want a bottle too?" Lin Yun lowered his head and looked at the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, nodding approvingly. He was showing praise for the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf's intelligence.

Then, Lin Yun grabbed the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf and led it to the side of the pond.

But to his surprise, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf reacted as if it had seen something frightening, and its and its fur stood on end. It let out some alarmed whimpers and ran. It seemed like it didn't want to stay one more second next to the pond.

"What was that..." Lin Yun looked dumbstruck. But he didn't have time to pay attention to the behavior of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, so he sat on the ground and underwent deep meditation.

Lin Yun was doing another important thing, which was understanding the power as well as the Laws contained within that Ancient God Blood. Lin Yun firmly believed that the power he wanted wasn't one that would just fall into his hands, but one that came from his own power.

Time quickly passed, and Lin Yun was on his third day of meditation.


Lin Yun suddenly heard a strange sound, waking him from his meditation. He raised his head and discovered a fiery red sphere in the sky.

'A sun... It's unexpectedly a sun...'

Lin Yun was in disbelief because he clearly understood what this represented.

The Demiplane had yet to fully develop and the Four Elemental Laws weren't completely stable, so there couldn't be many changes to the plane. But it was different now. The birth of the sun meant that the Four Elemental Laws had thoroughly stabilized, which started forming the sun, the moon, and the stars...

As he thought to this point, Lin Yun could hardly suppress his joy. He then paid attention to the Demiplane. There would definitely be new changes appearing here with the birth of the sun.