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 Just think of the effect made Rhett stare blankly, his head buzzing. He didn't even hear what Lin Yun said.

"Sir Rhett..." Lin Yun called out for the second time.

As if waking from a dream, Rhett Watson realized that he had forgotten himself and awkwardly chuckled. "Sorry, High Mage Merlin, I was lost in my thoughts..."

"Haha..." Lin Yun pointed at the alchemy materials. "Your Watson Family also has a share of these things, you can take a bottle of bile, three fangs, and seven scales..."

"Eh?" Rhett was stunned to hear Lin Yun offer this much. After all, the Watson Family hadn't done much against the Mountain Python. They were only hoping to get some leftovers, but if the Merlin Family refused to concede any, they would have no recourse.

Rhett hadn't thought that before he could even say anything, Lin Yun would take the initiative to offer these materials. He gave these precious materials to the Watson Family without raising any other requirements.

Rhett truly didn't know how he should react. It was like a meat pie falling from the sky.

He looked somewhat muddleheaded until the end of the loot allocation. He was looking at the young mage with a surreal feeling. He was still thinking about how to phrase his reply...

"Many... Many thanks, High Mage Merlin." Rhett only now recovered, his face turning red from gratitude.

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He was too excited.

'So huge, so huge, so huge! Our Watson Family got a huge bargain this time. Not only did we obtain so many good materials, but there is also Mountain Python's bile within.' Just thinking about it, Rhett was moved to tears. He thought to himself, 'No, no, since the Merlin Family was so polite, our Watson Family cannot look so petty.'

Rhett said with a cordial expression, "High Mage Merlin, is there anything else you need?"

"Eh... Well, since you're bringing it up, there is indeed something..."

"There really is?" Rhett's smile suddenly stiffened. He hadn't expected this answer... He had just been showing politeness, but he still asked, "High Mage Merlin, what is... What is it? Do not hesitate, if our Watson Family can do it, we will spare no effort..."

"It definitely doable..." Lin Yun pointed towards the huge corpse of the Mountain Python. "It's this, we should climb this mountain next..."

"Eh..." Rhett's expression eased up. 'It was only climbing a mountain... That's not that bad,' he thought. "Since High Mage Merlin made this decision, I believe Sir Zeuss will agree to it."

"No, no, it's not just climbing this mountain. In the process, all the loot, without exception, needs to be assigned to our Merlin Family. Of course, you don't have to answer so quickly, you can go and ask Sir Zeuss' opinion first."

"No, no need to inconvenience Sir Zeuss, I can agree to your conditions!" Rhett straightforwardly answered. After all, this iceberg-like mountain was simply barren. There was nothing valuable besides the corpse of the Mountain Python.

'Since the Merlin Family wants a chance at unlikely loot, we might as well just let them...'

"Very well..." Lin Yun got up with a smile. He hadn't expected Rhett to concede this so easily, but he added, "Sir Rhett, are you sure you don't need to discuss this with Sir Zeuss?"

"No need, there really is no need..."

"Alright then, I understand, hehe..."

After making sure that Lin Yun didn't need anything else, Rhett took his share of the loot and returned to Zeuss' side.

Rhett's smile didn't drop along the way. The Watson Family had gotten huge benefits from this "negotiation". If Sir Zeuss learnt about it, he would definitely be pleased.

In fact, Zeuss was very happy at first...

But his expression gradually changed as he climbed the snowy peak...

In the end, he stopped and loudly snarled, "Sh*t, we were fooled!"

"Sir Zeuss, what... What happened?" Rhett froze as he saw this. 'Why, why? I already got a lot of benefits for the family.'

"You moron! We were tricked!"


"We were tricked by Mafa Merlin, he gave us some of the materials of the Mountain Python, but he took away the most important thing!"

"Eh? What's the most important magic material? Isn't the most important one the bile of the Mountain Python?" Rhett's face was green as he pointed at the bile.

Zeuss really wanted to slap Rhett to put some sense into him. He almost yelled as he answered, "Wrong, wrong! We were wrong, the most important thing is at the top of this mountain of ice!"

"Eh?" Rhett's eyes opened wide as Zeuss said that. He couldn't understand how there could there be something more valuable than the Mountain Python's bile in this barren land.

"Haven't you noticed yet? During the entire fight, the Mountain Python didn't leave this mountain of ice! Even as it was near death, its body was still coiled around the mountain. What does this mean? It means that there is definitely something here that the Mountain Python would never be willing to give up!"

"F*ck!" How could Rhett not understand after Zeuss said so much? Even Arthus was stunned, his expression rapidly changing from befuddled to unsightly...

"What's more, the Mountain Python had slumbered nine times and woken up nine times. Did it not need food to replenish its energy?"

Rhett was dumbstruck for a moment before realizing what it meant.

'Right... The Mountain Python needed food, and a large amount of food at that... Then, the only possibility was that the Mountain Python could find food at the top of the mountain, and that amount far surpassed what it would have gotten from hunting.

'And... I just readily gave that away...

"What... What... What should we do now?" Rhett was weeping, but he didn't have the courage to go back and renegotiate.

Zeuss couldn't help laughing bitterly. He understood the young mage's temper. He would never spit out what he ate, so asking him to cancel the agreement...

'Forget it, it's better to not think about it.'

The Watson Family could only suppress their unwillingness...

Soon, Lin Yun and Zeuss came to the same conclusion, and everyone flew towards the top.

As for Rhett, he was flying next to Arthus and muttering in a low voice, praying that nothing special would appear on this mountain of ice.

Before flying up, Rhett was still wondering how he could have been so foolish to actually agree to Lin Yun's proposal without thinking about it more.

It would have been a lot better if he'd actually thought about it...

Unfortunately, it was too late now. Because of his ignorance, this was already out of the hands of the Watson Family.

Rhett was convinced that if something was discovered at the peak, Zeuss' anger would definitely rise, and after returning to the Watson family, he might have to undergo a trial from the Ancestral Land. Just thinking of the terrible consequences, he couldn't help feeling numb.

Rhett then looked at Lin Yun, who was flying in front, with an extremely complicated expression.

Everyone stopped at the peak of the mountain of ice because of the appearance of an enormous pond.

The pond was a bit under three meters wide and was shaped like a sphere. And a golden fluid was flowing one meter deep within the pond.

It was like liquid gold, and it was boiling due to its high temperature, releasing bubbles constantly.

Naturally, there was also that magic aura...

As the pond emitted an intense magic aura, a gale whistled past the peak, rendering the flow of mana chaotic. Even if there was no sign of activity coming from the golden liquid, it already made everyone feel boundless pressure. Even Zeuss' expression became more serious as he raised a shield covering everyone.

"Hold on, what's this?" Lin Yun, who had just cancelled his flying spell, was stunned. He got a feeling of déjà vu from that magic aura. After pondering for a few seconds, he had a realization.

It was the aura of an Ancient God...

The fused Ancient God's soul fragment was in Lin Yun's Natural Demiplane, thus, he was very familiar with the aura of the Ancient Gods, which let him recognize the aura coming from the golden liquid!

Lin Yun was truly shocked to find that this liquid seemed to be related to an Ancient God...

At the same time, Zeuss had already taken out a thick, gray book and was quickly flipping through it. When he reached the 8th page, his wrinkled face distorted in displeasure.

"Damnit! That's the blood of an Ancient God!" Zeuss shouted.