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 That's right.

Just as the two Undeads were annihilated by the Mountain Python, Lin Yun quickly took out a few spirit mana crystals with his one hand and squeezed them in the Book of Death in his other hand, quickly re-summoning the two Undeads.

These two revived Undeads turned into two shadows as they once again charged into the Mountain Python like gods of death. And soon, the stabbing sound of Lagulin's spear echoed once again as it pierced the Mountain Python's head.

At the same time, countless Bone Spears, carrying sinister aura, blossomed on the snake's head. For some time, a large amount of Undead Spells exploded like fireworks.

The Mountain Python suffered one heavy hit after another while Lin Yun used the Book of Death's 8th character to increase his spells' power once again. Then, one Ultimate Spell after another flew out, while the Undeads and the rest of his team jointly attacked the Mountain Python.

But then, the Undeads drew enough anger from the Mountain Python and ended up having their bones crushed under another endless barrage of ice spat from the snake's maw, dying once more.

But this didn't matter, because Lin Yun could just summon them again...

He quickly opened the Book of Death and the hexagram star appeared once again. He used spirit mana crystals as fuel for the Book of Death and summoned them for the third time.

Once they appeared, they just relentlessly charged towards the Mountain Python.


Seeing this scene, Even Zeuss couldn't help cursing as he shockingly looked at the Undead Horseman and Lich that appeared for the 3rd time.

He was really terrified.

'Mafa Merlin is actually able to continuously summon Undeads...'

If Mafa Merlin really had the power to keep summoning Undeads, then it could only be considered terrifying.

At that time Zeuss was truly sweating, if that was true, then the power of the Merlin Family could only be described as terrifying. Mafa Merlin could fight against a level 38 powerhouse at the very least, the beautiful Frost Dragon could contend against a level 37 or stronger, the puppet was comparable to a level 37, and there was also the two almost immortal level 36 Undead Horseman and level 37 Lich. These two immortal Undead Summons alone could sweep through half of the Watson Family...

"What are you doing still frozen? Until when do you plan on watching!" Lin Yun's voice suddenly echoed.

"Eh?" Zeuss was stunned at first, but he then suddenly reacted, 'Yes, what am I doing being stunned? Isn't this the best opportunity? The two Undeads are already tenaciously restraining the Mountain Python and Mafa Merlin already managed to suppress the Mountain Python with the help of the Frost Dragon and the puppet, isn't this the best opportunity for our Watson Family?!'

As he thought of this, Zeuss no longer hesitated and cast Flight. He then turned into a shadow as he rushed towards the battlefield at an extreme speed.

With Zeuss going to battle, Rhett and Arthus also woke up from their stunned state and they raised their magic staff and greatsword to start attacking with spells and Aura, providing aid to the two Undeads in restraining the Mountain Python.

At this time, Lin Yun finally roused his Magic Array.

Only a dazzling flame could be seen as Lin Yun turned into a several dozen meters tall Flame Giant.

He then used a Flame Flash, only leaving a flaming afterimage behind, and directly appeared on top of the Mountain Python's head.


A deafening roar of humiliation and unwillingness echoed through the entire world of ice.

The Mountain Python then crazily shook its head.

It felt that Lin Yun's actions was an insult to its race. In fact, no magic beast race could tolerate a human standing on top of their head.

But clearly, the Mountain Python had no way to get rid of Lin Yun.

At the soles of Lin Yun's feet flickered Suction Flames. This was a low 2nd Tier Spell, but it was the most efficient spell in the current situation. Lin Yun's soles had turned into some sort of suction pads, and no matter how crazily the Mountain Python moved its head, it had no way to shake Lin Yun off.

Eventually, Lin Yun finished casting his incantation and held the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel in his hand.

Only explosions could be heard as the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel burst with power, bombarding the Mountain Python's head with waves of spells.


The Mountain Python let out a deafening roar once again, but it was full of pain this time. Scales fell off the Mountain Python's head. It crazily spat out all kinds of ice spells, but they had no effect.

Its head was not only the source of spells, it was also its blind spot. Regardless if it was spells or that tail whip that sent the Frost Dragon flying, they couldn't attack its head. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that as long as Lin Yun stood there, he would never have to worry about the Mountain Python's attacks.

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But Lin Yun wanted more...

After a few seconds, he once again raised the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and unhesitantly squeezed spirit mana crystals into it. Having swallowed those spirit mana crystals, raging flames instantly rose up on the Spell Wheel's surface, just like a sea of fire. The blazing temperature felt as if it would turn everything to ashes. Everything within several dozen meters was dyed crimson red by the dense sea of fire.

Then, Lin Yun expressionlessly raised the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and one spell after the other ruthlessly smashed onto the Mountain Python's head.




One after another.

The raging flames curled around the Mountain Python as they burnt everything with their extreme heat, every hit sounded like thunder, echoed by the miserable roars of the Mountain Python.

"What a pity, you will no longer have the chance to awaken for the 10th time." Lin Yun was pale as he said those final words to the Mountain Python, his Ten Thousand Spell Wheel blazing with a fierce radiance.

Then, Lin Yun took out a whole twenty spirit mana crystals and stuffed them into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel at once.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel suddenly blossomed with radiance as boundless spells converged into a wave formed by countless spells. It erupted with the power of twenty spirit mana crystals in an instant, making that wave of spells look like a light pillar as it ruthlessly exploded atop the Mountain Python's head.

The world of ice suddenly became silent.

It felt to the others as if the flow of time had stopped as the entire world was frozen.

Everyone lifelessly stood there, only Lin Yun seemed unaffected. As the Mountain Python's corpse loudly collapsed, Lin Yun also came down from the sky and cast a Flame Burst at the Mountain Python's heart location before taking out the mana crystal located there.

Although that sparkling mana crystal was only the size of a little finger, it shouldn't be forgotten that this was the mana crystal of a Mountain Python, it was something that even Star Sage Jouyi would covet.

Lin Yun only relaxed when the mana crystal was in his hands. Everything he had invested in this battle was worth it...

Then, Lin Yun got busy gathering other things...


Looking at Lin Yun working on the Mountain Python's corpse, Zeuss' expression distorted.

The face of this 8th Rank Archmage went from white to red, then green. He couldn't help being tempted by the Mountain Python's corpse.

Zeuss had already felt his heart ache when he had seen Mafa Merlin extract the mana crystal. But he couldn't say anything about it, he didn't have the strength to stop Mafa Merlin, and even if he did, he wouldn't stoop so low! After all, he hadn't been the one to kill the Mountain Python...

But the other materials...

'In any case, the Watson Family should get some of the leftovers!'

Thus, as he saw that Lin Yun was about to finish gathering, this 8th Rank Archmage couldn't stand still, and poked the still dumbstruck Rhett...


"Eh?" Rhett was still sluggish.

Zeuss almost kicked him from anger, "Eh what? Go get some of the leftovers..."

"Eh, oh..." Rhett woke up.

Following Zeuss' command, this 7th Rank Archmage walked to Lin Yun's side, but he kept a very low posture and smiled apologetically while bowing his head. He couldn't do anything about it, he had to keep a low posture, how could he remain fearless after seeing such a monster?

He had seen the other side kill the Mountain Python, even if Rhett was ten times stronger, he wouldn't dare be as rude as before...

By the time Rhett arrived, Lin Yun had already finished sorting the materials.

Every material collected from the body of the Mountain Python had unimaginable worth. Such as the ten scales around the snake's heart, they could be used to make the greatest shields and armors, as for its four fangs, they could be made into weapons, they could easily be made into powerful Magic Tools in the hands of a brilliant alchemist.

After all, they had been collected from the body of a Mountain Python, an ancient magic beast comparable to an Orachiss. As long as they could get some materials, it would greatly benefit the Watson Family.

There was also the Mountain Python's bile.

That was a truly priceless treasure.

A drop of bile could raise the quality of a potion to another level...