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 Yes, drove away, not killed...

They didn't have enough power to kill the Mountain Python that appeared, even with the power of the country.

"Hell, this Mountain Python's power is close to the Orachiss', it could have only obtained that kind of power after slumbering seven or eight times..." Zeuss was attentively staring at the Mountain Python, deathly pale.

"Level 39..."


"I said, this Mountain Python already underwent nine slumbers, it has reached level 39..." Lin Yun looked at those nine extremely dazzling golden rings on the Mountain Python's tail.

The amount of golden rings on a Mountain Python's tail represented their current strength. Mountain Python were born as level 30, and every time they slumbered, a golden ring would appear. Now, there was a total of nine golden rings, which also meant that it had the power of a level 39 magic beast.

These words stunned everyone. Xiuban, Arthus, Rhett, they all paled, at a loss.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

What kind of situation was this...

They thought that after managing to narrowly escape the Orachiss and after going through the canyon they were safe for a while.

But now...

The level 39 Mountain Python was infinitely close to the Heaven Rank in terms of power, it was like a second Orachiss.

When facing such a terrifying existence with unfathomable power, could their group still survive?

As everyone's hearts froze, the mana the Mountain Python had been gathering on the side suddenly burst out...

In a flash, the mana in this world of ice flared up. The layer of snow rose up and formed an Avalanche similar to a snow wall.

It was terrible...

Apart from Lin Yun, they were all scared witless. The Mountain Python's attack wasn't a joke. Just one ability would be enough to freeze them into ice statues.

And the most terrifying part was that the Mountain Python's tail couldn't resist sweeping across, causing avalanches with every whip. It was as if the entire world was being ripped apart, only snow could be seen on the horizon, accompanied with gales and roars. It was an apocalyptic scene.

"Flee!" Lin Yun instantly used Frost Flash.

Unfortunately, the rest of the group was a step too slow...

Sword Saint Arthus' line of sight was blocked by the avalanches and he was a bit slower when dodging.

This Sword Saint then ran out of luck.

The tip of the Mountain Python's tail fell square on Arthus' body.

In that split second, everyone heard a loud sound as Arthus was sent flying at an unimaginable speed. He flew higher and higher and got further and further away from the others.

After no less than ten seconds, Arthus landed on a snow field.

Seeing Arthus' landing area, they all couldn't help holding their breath.

A ten meters deep crater had formed where Arthus had landed...

Fortunately, this snow was deep enough.

Otherwise, Arthus wouldn't have been able to cling onto his life...

But even if the snow was thick enough, Arthus had suffered a serious loss. This was no laughing matter, the Mountain Python's all-out attack had taken half of Arthus' life on the spot. Even the Sword Saint's Aura was merely able to stop his body from being smashed to pieces...

After crawling out of the snow crater, the first thing Arthus did wasn't retaliating against the Mountain Python, but rather lean forward and vomit a large amount of blood.

The others couldn't help feeling numb...

Arthus was a Sword Saint...

He surpassed all these mages in both physical abilities and defensive ability with his Aura. If even Arthus ended up in such a state after one hit, then what about the others...

"F*ck" Zeuss looked at this scene and cursed in fluster.

But after swearing, he used Flight to charge towards the Mountain Python.

He didn't have much choice, at the same time as Arthus was attacked, the surrounding avalanches formed snow walls trapping them in. In other words, it was impossible to escape.

As the only 8th Rank Archmage, Zeuss had no other choice but to summon his courage and charge forward.

Following Zeuss' charge, the Mountain Python's berserk power rose up once more, icy tornadoes appeared, distorting space and forming invisible vortices. Then, Zeuss' legs and arms twisted in extremely strange angles.

Zeuss' expression sank. In the end, he was still an 8th Rank Archmage, he controlled his mana to break the Mountain Python's suppression. He then waved his magic staff and a gold light suddenly appeared.

It was as if sunshine was suddenly falling down. At the same time, formidable mana burst forth with a lightning speed and frantically engulfed the Mountain Python's head.

Zeuss' power had an innate lacerating feeling. With unparalleled power, it could instantly turn a newly advanced Archmage into nothingness.

But the Mountain Python wasn't a newly advanced Archmage, it was an ancient monster with terrifying power...


The Mountain Python burst out with power, its big maw opening and swallowing Zeuss' mana just like a black hole. Then, not only did Zeuss' mana not cause any damage, to the onlookers it looked as if the Mountain Python only opened its mouth and directly swallowed Zeuss' attack.

The counterattack was too sudden and too strange. Zeuss briefly froze before shaking his magic staff a few more times.

Unfortunately, this Mountain Python wouldn't give Zeuss a second opportunity to attack.

That was an ice storm big enough to be called a disaster... They only saw the Mountain Python open its maw once again and spit out countless spheres of frost, the frost spheres becoming bigger and bigger while leaving its mouth.

They even stirred the space and with the snow and hail dropping from the sky, they formed an elemental flood which forced Zeuss to retreat quite a few steps.

"This, this is..." Zeuss' expression froze.

Every sphere of frost had now become extremely huge, Zeuss could already see that they were close to a hundred meters large.

But the spheres of frost's true strength wasn't their size.

The truly frightening power was that the inside of these frost spheres contained the purest ice power of the Mountain Python. Even a formidable 8th Rank Archmage would look very insignificant in front of these frost sphere. Not to mention that there was already several dozen of them.

As more and more frost spheres appeared, Zeuss Watson hurriedly lifted his magic staff, and cast layer upon layer of defensive spells, as if he was possessed. Such as Elemental Shield, Flame Storm, Hailstorm,... In fact, there were not only defensive spells, there were also attacking spells mixed in. Zeuss only felt safe when he covered every angle.

At that time, the frost spheres landed.

The several dozens of frost spheres covered Zeuss' line of sight, only a vast expanse of white covered his field of vision as a terrifying mana poured out of the frost spheres, unrestrained.

Following the Mountain Python's roar...

The frost spheres' power started bursting out.


This loud roar was like the charging signal of a bugle horn, it echoed once again, and again, and again...

"Rumble, rumble, rumble..."

The successive sounds were like a barrage of explosions. It was the only sound left in the world for that instant. The frightening ice power destroyed everything, the ground was torn apart, the sky was covered, and one crack after another appeared on the ice field.

"Heavens..." When the first frost sphere exploded, Zeuss was already using his fastest flight speed to retreat.

But how could Zeuss' flying speed be faster than raw mana?

The power of several dozen frost spheres exploding simultaneously ripped the space apart, not to mention Zeuss who wasn't that far.

There was no suspense...

The aftermath of the terrifying explosion directly hit Zeuss Watson. This 8th Rank Archmage had close to ten defensive spells around him, but these ten spells were powerless when faced with the explosion of the frost spheres, they only protected Zeuss for less than a second before failing.

"Sh*t!" Zeuss let out in alarm.

At this time, the only thing that could protect Zeuss was the Crystal Scales!

When his Ice Fire Shield faded, Zeuss activated the Crystal Scales...

This True Spirit Magic Tool which came from Ancestral Land displayed shocking power. A sparkling crystalline roof appeared above Zeuss' head. Under the impact of the mana, it emitted dazzling light.

The frost spheres' explosions lasted for a minute...

When the aftermath of the final frost sphere explosion disappeared, Zeuss let out a relieved sigh.

But he was then assaulted by a feeling of weakness...

It was the price to pay to use the Crystal Scales...