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 No wonder Granger always said that these ruthless merchants were all troublesome characters. Mage Merlin clearly wanted to retaliate against the person that slandered him, but by using such a dignified reason, he could make it seem like he was actually worried about the possibility that the Alchemist Guild's prestige might suffer.

"No..." Bassoro was stunned there for a while before he suddenly noticed something wrong. He wasn't just instigating the Alchemist Guild to make a move... This was most likely a hint.

After thinking about it, Bassoro suddenly understood.

'Indeed, he must be hinting that the Alchemist Guild should give an account to the Gilded Rose.'

If anyone else tried this, Bassoro would most likely just spit at them. How could the Alchemist Guild be pushed into making a move so easily, and even be asked to give an account on top of that?

But now...

But now...

Not only did Bassoro refrain from being impolite, but he even almost laughed out loud.

Although Mage Merlin declined the opportunity to study in the Mercury Tower, he did say that the alchemy formula could be traded.

In other words, it wasn't that Mage Merlin was unwilling to trade it at all, but that the initial offer wasn't satisfying enough.

Negotiations were still open.

As long as he didn't completely reject the idea, Bassoro could still find another way.

Mage Merlin isn't satisfied with the offer? That's easy enough to solve: change the offer until he is satisfied!

Once he managed to obtain the alchemy formula, Leader Lys might be happy enough with his work to give him that opportunity to study in the Mercury Tower.

The only problem now was whether he could satisfy Mage Merlin...

But it did seem that there was an opportunity...

The more Bassoro thought about it, the more excited he became. After some time, he bade farewell to his two colleagues, and without looking back, he left the reception room with his papers.

After leaving the reception room, Bassoro restrained his excitement while hurrying to the study room of Leader Lys. Usually, Lys would be in his study at this time, either reading or receiving a guest, so he should have the time to report his findings to Leader Lys there.

But halfway there, Bassoro's footsteps slowed down.

He suddenly recalled Lin Yun's final words. Although he was certain that this was a sort of hint, he hadn't really confirmed anything. If he hastily reported the matter of the trade to Leader Lys and everything went well, then it would be good, but if something happened and Leader Lys didn't get that alchemy formula in the end, it would be a serious problem.

Let alone not getting a chance to go to the Mercury Tower this time, he might never get a chance to go there for the rest of his life.

'No good, I can't go to Leader Lys just yet... I have to finalize the deal with Mage Merlin first.'

Upon realizing this, Bassoro stopped and headed back toward the reception room while also sending someone to call Molin over.

"Great Alchemist Bassoro, what is your instruction?" Molin was a lot different from when he was at the Gilded Rose, not acting arrogant at all. In front of Bassoro, he was wearing a fawning smile.

The difference between the status of an Alchemist and a Great Alchemist was huge, not to mention that Bassoro was a higher-up of the Alchemist Guild who was trusted by Leader Lys. His status was even higher than Granger's. Molin would usually do his best to curry favor with his superiors, so he wouldn't dare to waste his time.

"I heard that the Twin Moons chamber of commerce made some large moves lately."

"Yes, President Monchi of the Twin Moons chamber of commerce is worthy of being called Thousand Sails City's boldest merchant. This time, he opened ten alchemy shops all at once." Hearing Bassoro's tone, Molin knew that he was being asked to give a report of the situation. "From what I saw, it won't be long until the Twin Moons chamber of commerce is able to monopolize the alchemy market of Thousand Sails City like the previous Flashing Gold chamber of commerce did."

"Hmm..." Bassoro frowned slightly. He was a bit dissatisfied with Molin's words. 'I didn't call you over to hear you flatter the Twin Moons chamber of commerce. What use is there in telling me that?'

Originally, Bassoro had still felt that Molin was quite efficient at gathering information and usually was very keen and discerning when handling his work. Moreover, Molin had been trying especially hard to curry favor with him, so Bassoro had intended to give him a chance. But ultimately, Molin failed to draw the proper conclusions. 'Seems like I should distance myself from this idiot to not get implicated by him later on.'

Molin didn't know that those few ill-timed flattering sentences had actually just ruined his own future.

Meanwhile, Molin still wanted to show off in front of the Great Alchemist.

"Oh right, Great Alchemist Bassoro, I already sent a congratulatory gift on your behalf when the Twin Moons chamber of commerce opened their business."

"..." Bassoro suddenly stopped breathing. He stared ferociously at Molin with his eyes wide open.

'You must be kidding?!' Jolted by this discovery, Bassoro nearly jumped up. 'I'm trying to distance myself from the Twin Moons chamber of commerce... and you actually used my name to send a congratulatory gift... Do you want to speed up my downfall?'

Bassoro was inwardly panicking at this point. 'I'm done, I'm done... I was truly done in by that bastard Molin. After all, the Twin Moons chamber of commerce was the one that embarrassed the Gilded Rose... It would be a big problem if Mage Merlin found out that I sent a congratulatory gift to the Twin Moons chamber of commerce. He wouldn't need to do much to retaliate... Refusing to trade that alchemy formula would be enough. If Leader Lys gets angry, who knows how many people will be out of luck.'

"Who told you to send a gift on my behalf?!" he lashed out.

"Ah?" Molin froze. He looked at Bassoro, who had suddenly become angry, and didn't know what to do. He felt stunned and genuinely surprised.

'What's going on...'

The relationship between Great Alchemist Bassoro and the Twin Moons chamber of commerce was usually pretty good. There shouldn't be any problem at all with sending a congratulatory gift for the opening of their shops, so why would Great Alchemist Bassoro become so angry at him for doing this?

For some time, Molin didn't dare to say a word, he only looked at Bassoro while frozen in fright.

"Now, immediately, get on a horse and go to the Twin Moons alchemy shop. If you can stir up some trouble, do so. The more trouble you cause for me, the better!" Bassoro felt hard-pressed, so he ended the discussion and ordered Molin to go back with this strange task.


"Ah what? Why aren't you getting on the move!"

"Yes yes yes..."

After sending Molin away, Bassoro massaged his temples and thought to himself, 'Damn, keeping my distance from that Molin is truly wise, what if I ended up dead because of that idiot...'


In the past few days, the most sensational matter was undoubtedly the opening of the Monchi Family's alchemy shops. They opened ten shops at the same time, one of which was the Twin Moons Splendor, located in the Victorious Return street. It was acclaimed as Thousand Sails City's biggest alchemy shop. It had the best magic equipment, the most mystical potions, and the most advanced alchemy skills. It even had a Great Alchemist personally overseeing it.

The person in charge of Twin Moons Splendor was the butler of the Monchi Family, Jonathan.

These past two days, Jonathan had been in a very good mood.

First, it was because of the opening of Twin Moons Splendor, his master entrusted him with a heavy responsibility, being in charge of the biggest alchemy shop in all of Thousand Sails City. And second, he was feeling gleeful because Jonathan knew that the Alchemist Guild was currently holding a hearing. It was the hearing of Mafa Merlin, the one that had made Faleau slap him twice at the Black Horn Auction.

Although the results of the hearing had yet to come out, Jonathan was already celebrating internally.

He knew that before the hearing started, his master had sent Young Master Ryan to pay a visit to one of the hosts of the hearing, Great Alchemist Granger. Moreover, he had offered precious magic materials that any Great Alchemist wouldn't be able to refuse.

As long as Granger messed around with the hearing, Mafa would only be able to end up crying in front of the Alchemist Guild.

At that time, he would be able to relish in that upstart's misery while simultaneously clearing away the rival of Twin Moons Splendor, thus making him feel quite cheerful.

Jonathan kept smiling for the entire afternoon.

By the time evening fell, Molin had come to pay a visit, and Jonathan's smile bloomed.

Jonathan felt quite sure that Molin was here to bring good news.

"Alchemist Molin, please sit, please sit..." Jonathan had a cordial smile on his face as he personally welcomed Molin into the shop with an eager expression on his face. "Alchemist Molin, I have been waiting for you for many days."

"Hmm..." To be honest, Molin felt quite favorable toward Jonathan.

This wasn't the first time the two men had come into contact with each other.

One was supervising the alchemy businesses on behalf of the Alchemist Guild while the other was the most trusted butler of the Monchi Family. Moreover, the Twin Moons chamber of commerce recently stepped foot into the alchemy market, so the number of times the two met had risen sharply. Last time, for example, Molin had delivered a congratulatory gift in Bassoro's name, and Jonathan had personally received it.

Compared with those madmen in the guild who were always obsessed with alchemy, Jonathan clearly treated people a lot better. It was a butler's specialty, the last time they met, Molin had felt like he had been cleansed. He had a very good feeling about Jonathan.

But a good feeling was only a good feeling.

Compared to his future, even the best feelings would have to be put aside.