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 Both the Crimson Flame Gold Essence and the Skyfall Magic Metal were extremely precious metals, their price combined surpassed four million golds. As for the Sutton Gem, it was even more precious, there were only a few pieces in the Watson Family, yet Lin Yun asked for his. How could Rhett not be angered?

After all, these were materials he had been collecting for a long time.

"It doesn't really matter to me if you are unwilling. In any case, I won't be the one affected if I can't refine the potion..." Lin Yun said in a sad tone, "But Sir Zeuss need the potion... Urgently..."

"F*ck!" Rhett cursed. He felt that Lin Yun was too much of a bully. No matter how patient he was, he couldn't agree to such an excessive request.


But Zeuss Watson impatiently stopped Rhett. He ignored Rhett's surprised expression and directly interfere in his dispute with Lin Yun, "Give Mafa Merlin the materials he just mentioned."

"Sir Zeuss..." Rhett was stunned, he very much wanted to change Zeuss' mind.

"Rhett Watson! Keep your complaints to yourself and do as I said!" Zeuss angrily looked at Rhett, 'Damnit, don't you see that I'm even more depressed than you? If you don't hurry and go along with his wishes, wouldn't that make things worse for me?'


Seeing Zeuss' infuriated expression, Rhett Watson lowered his head and didn't dare to say anything else. He truly couldn't understand why Zeuss was willing to let Mafa Merlin take advantage of them in such a big way...

"Wait a minute..."

The crafting of the potion was very simple, the herbs gathered by the Watson Family were quickly processed into a juice before being mixed into a beaker. Then, Lin Yun shook the beaker until all the different liquids turned into an azure liquid.

The process lasted a minute, not one second was wasted...

Then, Lin Yun handed over the potion he refined to Zeuss, "Drink this."

"Mafa Merlin, you took so many magic materials, saying that you needed about eighty magic materials to refine a potion, but now, you just took a few herbs and compounded a potion, aren't you just profiting from others' misfortune?"

That scene made Rhett Watson seeth in anger. His heart was bleeding! Anger wasn't enough to describe his current mood, if he could, he would tear Lin Yun's body apart.

"Indeed, I only need a few herbs to craft the potion, as for the rest of the magic materials, they are only there to put me in a good mood, only then can I smoothly compound the potion. Oh, right, Sir Rhett, why are you so emotional? I'm telling you, I'm very afraid of emotional people, if you remain that way, my mood might become unhappy and it would be very troublesome..."

"What are you planning to do!"

"I'm not planning anything, But I did forget to tell you that Sir Zeuss need to drink three bottles of antidote to be detoxified, one a day..."

These words made Rhett Watson's roar abruptly stop. Let alone that threat, Zeuss' murderous look was enough to shut him up.

Then, Rhett had no other choice but to hide his anger within his heart while gritting his teeth as he watched Mafa Merlin robbing them.

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This canyon was astonishingly huge. They hadn't noticed when they were at the entrance, but as they got deeper and deeper, they discovered that this place was like a brand new continent.

It was desolate no matter where they looked, no vegetation existed in that canyon, it was as if that place had been forgotten.

The entire canyon was bare and was covered by mountains on both sides. Every time the wind rose, it would carry sand with it, forming a disastrous storm of sand and dust which made things awkward for all of them.

And there was a large amount of magic beasts hidden within the canyon.

It was no longer limited to the Black Blood Lizards, there were now stronger magic beasts, as well as many different kinds, and in a large amount. The previous day, the team met a group of Sand Reapers which caused a lot of trouble.

That's right, they were getting encounters!

In a short few days, they had no less than ten encounters.

Although Zeuss had more or less recovered after drinking the three potions, he still couldn't use mana as he wished. Thus, the heavy responsibility of protecting the team was left in Lin Yun's hands.

And during those fights, the team almost sank in crisis time and time again, and only because Lin Yun made a move at a crucial time were they keep their lives.

As for Rhett, Arthus, and Reina, they had been injured in the fight with the Orachiss and they couldn't keep up with the mana consumption. Moreover, meditating in this area was wishful thinking.

Thus, had Lin Yun not been there, the team would have already been annihilated.

This was something no one could deny. Even Rhett, who had a poor opinion of Lin Yun, had no other choice but to admit that this was all thanks to Lin Yun.

Time slowly passed under such dire circumstances.

On the night of the 5th day...

Everyone was exhausted, even the powerful Zeuss suggested to Lin Yun to pitch a tent there to let everyone rest for a moment and meditate.

Lin Yun agreed.

Thus, they cleared up the magic beasts within five kilometers and found a relatively spacious area to put down their tents.

Xiuban volunteered to look for firewood and start a bonfire.


"High Mage Merlin..." As he just finished meditating by the bonfire, Lin Yun heard Zeuss' voice.

He then saw Zeuss standing on the other side of the bonfire.

"Sir Zeuss, a patient should be resting properly." Lin Yun was about to tidy up the fire source, but he hadn't expected Zeuss to come up uninvited. A puzzled expression flashed in his eyes.

After all, he had no friendship with this 8th Rank Archmage and they had nothing to talk about, so why did Zeuss Watson come to find him?

"I came to thank you, High Mage Merlin..."

"Thank me?" Hearing this, Lin Yun was surprised. This wasn't consistent with how Zeuss handled things.

"Yes, High Mage Merlin, if not for you, the Orachiss' poisonfire wouldn't have been removed so easily." Zeuss didn't continue to stand and sat next to Lin Yun. After sitting, he sighed and sized Lin Yun up.

Even now, he could see that the young mage wasn't as simple as he looked.

Not to mention the fact that his alchemy skill had already reached the Artisan realm, even the power he had displayed so far could compare to 4th Rank Archmages.

And Mafa Merlin was only a 6th Rank High Mage!

At his rank, Zeuss could only challenge 7th Rank High Mages, as for being on par with an Archmage, that was a dream far off in the distance.

Lin Yun rolled his eyes, "I think you didn't look for me just to thank me?"

"There is indeed something else..."

Zeuss seemed to be organizing his words, and after a long time, he said, "This collaboration between our Watson Family, the Black Tower and your Merlin Family isn't too fair to your Merlin Family. High Mage Merlin, do you understand what I mean?"

"Haha, Sir Zeuss is being to polite." Lin Yun smiled. Zeuss' words thoroughly confirmed his conjecture.

To tell the truth, Zeuss telling him those words was actually letting Lin Yun know that the Watson Family and the Black Tower's goal in this expedition wasn't as simple as the Merlin Family.

This didn't need Zeuss' explanation, Lin Yun could guess.

In fact, if there was no other goal, then how could the Horn of Fertility attract Zeuss and Falton, these two 8th Rank Archmages powerhouses.

After all, these two powerhouses were infinitely close to the Heaven Realm, it was hardly an exaggeration to say that they were people at the peak, only a few steps away from the Heaven realm.

It could easily be guessed that they were attracted by something else.

Then, Lin Yun started recalling the rumors pertaining to Raging Flame Emperor Norrick.

Norrick could be said to be a rather mysterious character. This included his life, it was said that no one knew where he came from.

The only information that could be found in the Raging Flame Plane only said that Norrick suddenly appeared on a night where lightning kept falling. He then led his own legion to conquer the Raging Flame Plane in a few years.

There was something else, but it was about Norrick's scepter.

It was said that this magic staff represented all of Norrick's power. In those years, Norrick was only relying on a magic staff to sweep through the entire Raging Flame Plane and become the most powerful existence in the history of the Raging Flame Plane.

And it was worth mentioning that the legend said that this scepter hid the greatest secret of Norrick's life.

Because the Raging Flame Emperor represented mystery, everything related to him was undoubtedly mysterious. As for the secret within the scepter, it was naturally very attractive.

But Lin Yun was an exception, he was disdainful of that scepter.