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 Although they had reached an agreement, these people would prioritize their interests before anything else. Without a suitable catalyst, no one would be willing to face the Orachiss.

Lin Yun was quite certain about this point...

And facts proved that Lin Yun was right. After that Flame Burst fell, a rain of dazzling lights followed as a swarm of spells poured onto the Orachiss' body, exploding like fireworks.

"Roar..." At the same time, a world-shaking bellow echoed in the forest.

In a flash, the Orachiss' huge, scaly tail swept over with overbearing momentum. Countless trees snapped, and the entire ground seemed to be convulsing. That terrifying power made everyone feel numb.

The most frightening part was that the Orachiss hadn't even moved. Those heavy footsteps were enough to make the entire forest shake. The Orachiss was also frighteningly fast. In a split second, it crossed a vast distance, its red and blue heads held high...

"Damnit!" Falton cursed. He was in the air, but then he disappeared in an instant, moving several hundred meters away.

Almost at the same time...

The area where Falton had just been suddenly exploded.

Rumbling sounds loudly echoed, like earthquakes...

That's right, it exploded.

The Ice Breath and Fire Breath coming from the Orachiss' heads simultaneously landed at Falton's previous position, and the conflicting forces were too powerful. That area wasn't able to take it the entire area exploded, making many loud rumbles.

It was like someone had thrown an explosive into the sky. Spatial ripples could be seen in a hundred-meter area around it.

"Damn..." Falton couldn't help wiping his forehead after this lucky escape. He had no choice but to attack now.

After all, if he didn't attack now, all that was left to do was to wait and die.

The Orachiss wouldn't care about his status...

Falton was levitating in the air. He raised his magic staff and several hundred Wind Blades slashed down at the Orachiss. Falton used the recoil from these Wind Blades to sharply fly away from the Orachiss, faster than any ordinary Archmage could ever imagine moving. In an instant, he had already left the Orachiss behind. At the same time, the precious gem at the tip of his magic staff started emitting a bright radiance.

To a powerhouse like Falton, those several hundred Wind Blades were only an appetizer. The true killing attack would be served up after he reached a safe range so that he had the opportunity to cast a High Tier Spell.

After Falton got involved in the fight, the others also narrowly escaped. Zeuss, Rhett, Mark, Arthus, Suval, Weiss... Everyone was drawn into the fight by Lin Yun's attack.

Every one of them was a powerful Archmage. Any spells they casually used would be enough to make a High Mage despair. Furthermore, they no longer held anything back. After all, they weren't facing a mere High Mage, but an Orachiss.

They created a magnificent scene.

A Meteor Rain spell filled the sky as one black meteorite after another fell from the sky like hornet nests, turning this ancient magic beast's habitat into scorched earth...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

But before everyone could cast a second wave of spells, the Orachiss' counterattack had already begun.

The left head and the right head swayed crazily with azure ice and crimson flames, both carrying terrifying auras.

Ice and flames spread wildly.


This was an outrageous power. The ice seemed to cover the earth... Even the thick trees and rocks weren't spared as a thick carapace of ice formed over them.

Then, the raging flames descended!

It was no different from a rain of fire, like the power of an ancient god. That burning aura emitted heat that evaporated the moisture in the air.

The earth split open, followed by trees collapsing with loud rumbles. At the same time, flames from the depths of the earth seemed to rush out at great speed like erupting volcanoes.

This was a world of ice and fire.

Naturally, the target of all this was the team.

At this time, everyone had grim expressions. This could definitely be compared to a peak Archmage's full-strength attack. If the Orachiss were slightly stronger, it would be considered true Heaven Rank.

But everyone knew that they couldn't just sit around. They had to keep counterattacking to survive the power from the cracked earth.

Following Lin Yun's command, the Archmages within the team immediately used their strongest defensive spells, and the strongest two individuals within the team, Zeuss and Falton, used mana to form a Mana Shield covering everyone.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

The power of ice and fire had already grown to an incomprehensible level. Even these High Rank Archmages found it extremely difficult to withstand it. And after the fierce collision, Falton looked like he was being strained to his limits. His magic robe was swaying around, hiding his shivering body.

Zeuss looked very miserable. He had spurted blood the moment the Orachiss' power had struck. His mouth spat up blood, and were it not for Rhett's timely Ice Wall, he might have been incapacitated there.

But fortunately, thanks to everyone's combined efforts, they managed to block the attack.

However, the Orachiss' offensive power was far from being limited to just that.

Just as everyone thought that they had managed to weather the storm, an even more shocking thing happened.

The Orachiss' 3rd head...

The one Lin Yun had dubbed the strongest head because it had inherited the Abyssal Demon inheritance.

As the progeny of an Ash Python and an Abyssal Demon, although the Orachiss couldn't completely inherit their bloodline inheritance because of it being somewhat diluted, it still completely inherited the Abyssal Demon's Abyssal power, that so-called Abyssal Spell.

And what was that?

In the legends, the Abyss was a place where only the Demons were qualified to stay. Countless Demons were hidden in the depths of the boundless Abyss, and the most powerful ones among them had wisdom far surpassing ordinary mortals. After countless years, they had recreated Abyssal Spell, which was in no way inferior to mankind's creations.

The most powerful Abyssal Spell could match an Ultimate Spell in power, and not just any ordinary Ultimate Spell... It could match an Ultimate Spell that was infinitely close to the Heaven Rank.

And the Orachiss was in the process of casting an Abyssal Spell at the team. It would be a disaster if it successfully cast one.

Despite how incredible they were, the raging flames and ice were used as cover. The Orachiss was using them to ensure that the abyssal head wouldn't be disturbed. Once the ice and flames flooded everything, no one would be able to strike back, giving it enough time to fully use an Abyssal Spell.

Everyone looked in shock as the middle head opened its mouth wide open, shouting rune-like characters that rotated around it.

"That's Demonic Language," Lin Yun said with a heavy expression...

If Nesser Runes were Noscent's most mysterious runes, then Demonic Language, also known as Abyssal Language, was unique to the Abyss. It was the language representing disaster, destruction, and doom.

And now, the Orachiss was using that language to form completely new magic power.

This sudden change would definitely cause a storm that could threaten everyone's lives.

The Orachiss started using Demonic Language to cast a spell. The way it was arranged and the incantation speed were different from Noscent's spells, but the sudden burst of mana fluctuations was like a violent storm that was creating spatial tears.

As the incantation just started, an invisible shockwave that felt like the power of the gods formed. Even these Archmages were scared into complete silence. They couldn't help retreating, no longer daring to contend against the Orachiss. The mysterious Demonic Language was enough to make each and every one of them despair...

The abyssal power rose up and swept through the spatial tears. Black energy exploded like firecrackers, followed by an ash-colored fog filling every part of the area. The power that had just burst even sent pieces of the overturned earth flying high into the sky.