"Alright, I shall spare his life..."

Hearing Falton's answer, Weiss finally relaxed and gave Falton a grateful look before running to Lin Yun. "High Mage Merlin, can you do me a favor? You see, Suval isn't too smart, but your friendship with the Black Tower has a long history. How could we let it deteriorate because of Suval? Right, right, High Mage Merlin, we can't let this happen. After I go back, I'll definitely ask Sir Harren to punish him, send him to a dreary plane, and make him unable to go back to Okland for life."

"There is no need to inconvenience Sir Harren about Suval's matter." Lin Yun smiled noncommittally as he lowered his Draconic Staff.

"Ah... haha..." Weiss' smile stiffened because he knew that although this fight had been stopped, Mafa Merlin had no intention of letting Suval off.

'Alright, this is fine...'

As long as he managed to prevent internal strife for now, Weiss felt that it was good enough. Whatever ended up happening to Suval, it wasn't for him to worry about...

Weiss took advantage of this opportunity to change the topic. "Oh, right, High Mage Merlin! You see the situation we are in, how should we handle the Orachiss?"

"I said earlier that the Orachiss was the progeny of an Abyssal Demon and an Ash Python. In other words, the abilities of these two kinds of ancient creatures have definitely been inherited, such as the Ash Cage..."

"What is the Ash Cage?" Although Zeuss Watson had expected that the Orachiss had incredible origins and had been scared by its power, when he heard this new word, his expression paled and he impatiently inquired about it without caring about his status as an Archmage.

Lin Yun started explaining what the Ash Cage was. After all, he was originally going to tell them anyways.

"I previously mentioned the Ash Python, but you might not know enough about it. It is a magic beast proficient in the Law of Space. Even Heaven Rank powerhouses would find it hard to reach its achievements in that field. And as its heir, the Orachiss naturally inherited the Ash Python's aptitude with the Law of Space. Thus, it can use the Ash Cage. This ability uses space and fire, two great Laws, to create a terrifying effect. Although this Orachiss might not be powerful enough to display the Ash Cage at its peak, if it could show even half of its power, it would be enough to make anyone, me included, lose the chance to escape..."

Lin Yun sighed after saying all this.

The Ash Cage was an innate ability known as the shackles of death. In front of it, let alone Archmages, even Heaven Rank powerhouses wouldn't be able to flee.

It could be said that the Ash Cage was a kind of unsolvable spell. Earlier, Lin Yun had led the charge to stop the Orachiss from using the Ash Cage. If the Orachiss was given the time to cast it, even Lin Yun would have a headache.

But, this wasn't the kind of information that people of this era could possibly have, because they had close to no knowledge of the Orachiss. They didn't understand the meaning behind the Ash Cage.

"How could this be possible!?" Arthus shouted.

"With how old you are, you should have seen a few Ash Pythons," Lin Yun disdainfully snorted, apparently not finding anything odd about his remark, considering his own age.

"You..." Arthus was infuriated.

"Shut up!" Zeuss coldly cut in, calming Arthus. Then, this person, whose strength was similar to Falton's, nodded at Lin Yun. "Young man, please continue."

But everyone had paled when hearing Lin Yun's explanation.

The Orachiss' Ash Cage was a troublesome ability. If what Mafa Merlin said was right, then there would be no way to escape the Ash Cage, and they would have to fight the Orachiss to the death.


Even if they struggled with all their might, would they be able to survive?

After witnessing the Orachiss' fierceness, no one thought that they would have such luck.

Among everyone present, whether it was Falton, Zeuss, or Weiss, they didn't dare to think about it. Just how awful would it be if they were faced with that disaster?

'What should we do now?' This thought appeared in everyone's mind. If they still felt capable of getting away from the Orachiss before, then they were thoroughly despairing now. Now that the veil of mystery around the Orachiss had been lifted, they clearly understood how great of an existence they were facing.

"Fortunately, I have a way to handle the Orachiss," Lin Yun added at this time.

All the listeners felt like cursing...

'Sh*t, don't pause in the middle like that!'

As everyone watched him, Lin Yun once again opened his mouth...

But they all had strange expressions as they heard what Lin Yun said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I need everyone to work together to block one attack."

"Mafa Merlin... We should be able to barely block the Orachiss' full-strength attack once if we cooperate, but we will certainly end up with injuries. At that point, wouldn't we be forced to watch helplessly as the Orachiss slaughters everyone?"

Falton clearly didn't believe Lin Yun's words. The Orachiss was shocking enough, and in such a disadvantageous situation, they definitely shouldn't clash directly with the Orachiss.

No, no, this clearly was the stupidest method.

The anger that had cooled down was rising again because of Lin Yun's willful remark.

"Since I said so, I naturally have my own reasons." Lin Yun frowned and raised his head to look at the Orachiss, slowly saying, "Wait until we block the Orachiss' full-strength attack. Then, we will be able to escape this forest."

Even Zeuss couldn't help interjecting, "Mafa Merlin, since you have so much faith in your plan, can you explain in detail why you want us to do this?"

"Just do as I say. Whether you want to live or die, it's all up to you."

Lin Yun glanced at Zeuss and then turned towards the Orachiss, seemingly talking to himself. "There are two sides to everything in the world. Another side of ice can be fire, and the other side of life can be death. Who can say that other side of the strongest isn't the weakest?"

This answer...

Could only be described as lousy.

The surroundings fell silent.

No one could understand Lin Yun's words, but they couldn't worry about that for long, because the Orachiss was approaching...

They could see it, the offspring of an Ash Python and Abyssal Demon, this legendary monster crazily swaying.

The surroundings distorted nauseatingly...

Indeed, the colorless air was like a quilt being folded, stretching in all directions. Then, everyone felt immense pressure, and the mana that caused these strange changes filled the area with glamorous, red waves of light.

It was true fiery power, the power of flames produced after compression... It certainly felt like it had at least ten times the power of an Archmage.

This was simply too frightening...

A deep sense of turmoil appeared in everyone's hearts.

And that wasn't all... This terrifying behemoth was crazily absorbing all mana, completely beyond common sense. But it seemed perfectly normal for this ancient creature.


A loud Dragon Roar echoed in that split second, similar to a battle song. Reina charged into the sky, and atop her head, Lin Yun's silhouette could clearly be seen.

The crystal at the top of the Doom Staff flickered with a multi-colored radiance. This High Rank True Spirit Magic Tool also let out a Dragon Roar, and in a flash, a Flame Burst was sent out.

In fact, using a Flame Burst now certainly wouldn't be able to inflict any real injuries on the Orachiss. After all, the Orachiss naturally had the purest flame power, so it would obviously be immune to fire.

But, Lin Yun didn't have such thoughts.

He wanted to drive the Black Tower and the Watson Family's forces to gather their power and pin down the Orachiss.

Although they were collaborating, it shouldn't be forgotten that these people considered profit more important than anything else. Without a proper catalyst, they might not be willing to properly face the Orachiss.