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 'No, I must find a way to stop this lunatic... Otherwise, that madman will anger the Orachiss even more!

The Orachiss could go completely crazy and destroy everything here, including Suval.

There might still be time to stop Mafa from going too far, but the problem was that this idiot was ignoring him.

Thus, this matter was hard to handle... They couldn't attack Mafa, could they?

'Hold on.'

At this time, Suval was suddenly reminded of the existence of his allies.

These so-called allies had identical thoughts and reactions at this crucial time. They exerted themselves together as they felt that there was strength in numbers. They would try to make sure that nobody among them did anything wrong that would harm the group.

Such as what Mafa Merlin was doing.

Suval noticed a silhouette that had just retreated.

"Rhett, help me stop this lunatic! If he continues, we will die here," Suval said in a hurried tone. The current situation demanded immediate action. The Orachiss was too powerful, only vicious creatures from the bottom of the Abyss could be as fierce. It far exceeded the team's combined power, so there was no chance for them to defeat it.

Rhett had just dodged the Orachiss' attack and was staggering towards the Watson Family's group with his frozen right arm.

Suval believed that if he could pick an ally, then Rhett, who had been hurt by the Orachiss, was the best choice, as it would make him fear it more.

In order to convince Rhett to believe in his judgement, he also provided an example. "Just look at the barrage of attacks that struck the Orachiss! Yet it is still standing there in good condition, even stronger than before. What does that mean? It means that our strength isn't on the same level at all! The only way we can survive is by fleeing instead of fighting against it. I believe you won't act as stupid as Mafa Merlin..."

"Your words are reasonable..." Suval's words managed to gain Rhett's approval.

What was an Orachiss?

It was one of the lifeforms standing at the peak of Noscent.

Rhett could sense its formidable power. He was sure that even a powerhouse on Jouyi's level wouldn't be able to withstand the Orachiss' attack head-on.

This vicious beast was a peak existence.

In the first bombardment, Rhett and some others did send out a few spells, but that ended in them suffering a harsh counterattack from the Orachiss. If not for Rhett instantly using a layer of arcane halo to counteract a part of the damage, he might have already been critically injured.

This was simply too frightening...

Could their team really handle an Orachiss?

"So, you agree with my suggestion?" Excitement flickered in Suval's eyes as he heard Rhett's answer.

"Hold on, I need to check with Sir Zeuss first..." In fact, Rhett had already tentatively agreed to Suval's offer, but he wasn't the one with the final say in the Watson Family. Zeuss was.

Suval also understood this, so he anxiously nodded. "I'll wait for your answer, but I believe that he understands the current situation."

Rhett rushed to Zeuss Watson's side and related Suval's idea to him.

After explaining, Rhett waited for Zeuss' reply.

"..." Zeuss didn't answer immediately because he felt somewhat hesitant.

Before leaving the Ancestral Land, Zeuss had received a mission.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Had it been an ordinary mission, Zeuss would have told Rhett and the others about it after meeting them, since it would make it much easier to complete it.

But the problem was that this mission was too special. It was a core secret of the Ancestral Land and even the Patriarch of the Watson Family wasn't qualified to know about it!

Because it related to a secret that had been passed down since the early stage of the 3rd Dynasty.

When the people of the Ancestral Land called Zeuss over, they very clearly told him that this secret would greatly influence the future of the Watson Family and that if they could grasp that secret, the family would undergo an unimaginable transformation.

The Watson Family might become the strongest force in Okland, or perhaps even all of Noscent!

Just how amazing would it be...

After finding out what the mission was, Zeuss was shaken, and he also understood how heavy his responsibility was.

This was a mission that absolutely couldn't be allowed to fail.

But, Zeuss hadn't thought that the difficulty would be this high. They had recently entered the Demiplane and already met an Orachiss, this vicious beast of the Ancient God Era.

It was easily able to block them with its strength close to the Heaven Realm.

But even now, this wasn't what he was most worried about... He was worried he would fail the mission.

If he failed, the only thing awaiting him in the Ancestral Land would be the worst punishment.

Such stakes were so stifling that, just thinking about could make an Archmage like Zeuss shiver in fear.

It now seemed that running away was the most correct choice, just as Suval said. At least he would be able to continue with the mission.

"Let Suval know that our Watson Family will fully support his proposal." Zeuss' instinct was telling him the same. He should leave this forest while the Orachiss still had yet to show its full power.


Rhett froze for a few seconds when he heard those words, before feeling uncontrollable joy.

'Great, Sir Zeuss also agreed! We don't need to face that terrifying Orachiss...'

Rhett soon reached Suval.

"How was it?" While Suval had been awaiting the answer, the whistling spells had still been flying at the roaring Orachiss. It had left him feeling quite depressed the whole time.

But he didn't want to act without support from the Watson Family.

Seeing Rhett finally coming back, he was able to relax. He was sure that the matter had come to an end.

And sure enough, Rhett's answer didn't disappoint him. "Our Watson Family shall support you."

"Haha, this is the best decision!"

Suval suddenly relaxed and then wiped the sweat from his forehead. It looked like his decision to look for the Watson Family was right.

For him, whether the Watson Family agreed or not was crucial. With the support of the Watson Family, they could fully decide the actions of the team and overrule anything the Merlin Family had to say. It would no longer matter if the Merlin Family didn't agree. If they didn't agree to retreat, the Black Tower and the Watson Family would ruthlessly leave them behind and let them face the fury of the Orachiss on their own.

"I hope you can act fast... I feel like it won't be long until the Orachiss explodes in rage," Rhett said. That mountain-like beast still made him flinch whenever it attacked.

"Of course, I'm not ignorant like this Mafa Merlin. That kid really overestimated his abilities and is deluded enough to try to fight an Orachiss like this." As Suval thought about this, he started subconsciously criticizing Lin Yun out loud. "If he is throwing his life away by himself, it would only end up in the death of a 6th Rank High Mage, so it wouldn't really matter. But what about the rest of us? Everyone is a respected Archmage! What does he think he is doing, trying to make us die with him? This is too hateful!"

"Su... Suval... Look..." As Suval startled blabbering, shock suddenly appeared on Rhett Watson's face.

"What is it?" Suval asked as he turned to look.

Suddenly, his face went pale with fright.

Suval could clearly see that the young mage had once again raised his staff, and he wasn't using an ordinary spell this time.

The moment Mafa Merlin raised his staff, a hexagonal star array soared. This was a Hell Gate, a spell that could directly connect to the Hell Plane. If he completed this spell, a horde of creatures from Hell would rush out of the Hell Gate.

"Sh*t!" Suval cursed. The Hell Gate was only a 7th Tier spell. Given that young mage's power, it wasn't difficult for him to skip a rank and use it, and it could truly play a role in restraining the Orachiss.


The most frightening part of that spell was that it would summon hellish lifeforms.

As an Archmage, how could Suval not know that those beings and Abyssal Demons were mortal enemies? The Orachiss had the bloodline of an Abyssal Demon. Wouldn't it go crazy if it encountered a hellish lifeform? They were archenemies, and they would fight to their last gasp. The entire forest would surely be razed to the ground, and no one would be able to escape the Orachiss' fury.