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 "Oh? Or else what?" Suval sneered.

"Or else some people might run into trouble..." Lin Yun stroke his chin as he calmly answered.

Hearing Lin Yun's words, this Black Tower Representative, who had suffered setback after setback under Lin Yun's hands, burst into a coarse and unpleasant laughter.

"Haha, this is really interesting. Mafa Merlin, who do you think you are?" Suval pointed at Lin Yun, "You think you are in the Raging Flame Plane? Sir Falton and Sir Zeuss are standing here, how could you be qualified to say such words?"

Hearing this, the speechless Weiss silently shook his head, 'You fool, Sir Harren really shouldn't have dispatched an idiot like you to the Raging Flame Plane...'

'How could you have not learnt your lesson?'

'Did you forget how you were played by that young High Mage in the Raging Flame Plane? How could you instantly forget this bitter lesson?'

'You think you have a backer now?'

You are really brainless.

'It's hard to say whether Zeuss Watson is a friend or foe, are you naively relying on him? To put it bluntly, if the Black Tower makes a move against the Merlin Family, Zeuss Watson would just cheer from the side. Let's see if you can call him Sir Zeuss then...'

'Alright, Zeuss Watson aside, let's look at Sir Falton...'

'Sir Falton is indeed a peak powerhouse of the Holy Land, he can be considered one of the best in this team.'


'He's merely one of the best...'

'Sir Falton's power have yet to reach a tyrannical level. Others aside, one Zeuss Watson is enough to contend against Sir Falton.'Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


'Do you really think that someone able to kill a powerful Hydra several hundred meters under the ice could be just a simple 6th Rank High Mage?'

'Among all of us, apart from Sir Falton and Zeuss Watson, who could affirm with confidence that they could come back alive after facing a Hydra underwater?'

'Suval, didn't you eat a huge loss in the Raging Flame Plane? How come you forgot that scar so quickly and are making such a big fuss..."

"Whether I have the qualifications to speak isn't important..." Lin Yun's face was emotionless, he only said firmly, "It's enough for you to know that I'm capable of turning my words into reality..."

"Moreover..." After saying this, Lin Yun suddenly smiled, "Let me ask you this, Sir Suval, is your Chairman, Sir Harren, aware of what you are doing?"


Lin Yun's tone thoroughly infuriated Suval, he was especially upset by the mention of Harren's name. The scene of being reprimanded by Harren because he caused trouble for Lin Yun appeared in his mind.

Suval couldn't restrain his anger and spit in a towering rage, "Stop using Sir Harren to suppress me, I shall have you know that this isn't the Raging Flame Plane, your identity as the commander of the Merlin Family's Planar Legion is nothing here. This isn't Noscent, the highest position holder of the Black Tower isn't Sir Harren here, it's Sir Falton..."

"Oh, so what?" Lin Yun indifferently shrugged, cutting Suval's sentence. He didn't have the patience to listen to a blabbering grandma.

"Hmpf, so what?" Not knowing what to say, the angry Suval suddenly got quiet, a strange smile appearing on his face, "Wait until we are out of this forest and you'll know..."

"Alright, Suval, you are talking too much." Falton who had been silent for a long time suddenly interrupted Suval, revealing his aged face as he glanced over with dissatisfaction.

Realizing the meaning behind his words, Suval no longer said anything and only sinisterly glanced at Lin Yun. He then turned his body and respectfully apologized to Falton, "My apologies, Sir Falton."

Looking at Falton and Suval's show, Lin Yun rubbed his hands together while smiling oddly, 'It looks like unless I teach them a lesson, these people would never work towards ensuring a proper collaboration.'

'Well, in this regard, Weiss is definitely doing a lot more than these two.' Lin Yun turned his head and smiled at Weiss.

'Eh? What's that, why do I feel as if something terrible just happened?' Weiss saw Lin Yun smile at him and was stunned, an unclear premonition appearing in his mind.

'Damnit, Suval wouldn't have already enraged this young High Mage beyond the point of no return, right?'

'What should I do now. That damned Suval thinks he can disregard Sir Harren's warning and do whatever he pleases with Sir Falton's support!'

Before the sweating Weiss could even find a way to ease the situation, the surrounding mana was suddenly roused and the raging flames around Lin Yun's body rose up dramatically. The young mage was clearly ready to make a move.

"High Mage Merlin, please be patient. We can discuss if there is any misunderstanding..." Weiss rushed to smooth things over, this couldn't end up like this. This young mage was someone Sir Harren wanted to keep as a cooperative partner.

But before Weiss could finish his words, something happened, catching everyone off guard.

After the annihilation of the crash, the calm earth once again started shaking.

Moreover, the intensity of the shaking far surpassed what the crash of Rhinoceroses had done, even making the fallen tree leaves sway. Bulging mounds cracked open one after the other as steep cliffs appeared, varying from several meters tall to over a dozen meters tall, leaves and soil falling down from them.

Under such an intense shaking, the group of mages almost couldn't stand stably, and for a moment, even Lin Yun temporarily put aside the thought to teach a lesson to certain people and returned to his group.

What was coming clearly wouldn't be something good.


A huge tree fell to the ground with a loud bang, followed by the sounds of an unknown magic beast closing in.

Although everyone's line of sight was limited under the cover of the forest and they couldn't see the appearance of the magic beast, that world-shaking momentum was enough for them to very well imagine that this new magic beast was a hundred times more terrifying than the crash of Rhinoceroses that fell under the Lightning Surge spell.

After all, every tree in this primitive forest from the Ancient God Era was a few dozen to a hundred times thicker than the usual tree. One ancient tree was enough to build an entire house.

What kind of existence was that magic beast casually breaking trees on its way?

As the continuous sound of giant trees falling got closer, it didn't take long before the last tree blocking their line of sight finally fell and a huge silhouette appeared in their field of view.

'Hell, how could it be that!'

They all held their breaths.

Appearing in front of everyone was a huge and sinister colossus. That creature's leg was over a hundred meters tall and its thick body was like a moving mountain.

It was covered in flaming fish scales and had three completely different fierce heads. In an instant, fire and ice spread through the entire forest.

"An... Ancient Vicious Beast Orachiss!" Rhett let out in fear, disbelief showing on his face.

It wasn't just him, everyone was dumbstruck. The impact of that giant beast far surpassed their encounter with the Hydra.

Every remaining Hydra during the peak of the Magic Era was at the Heaven Rank, that Hydra named Shudela was one of the four Magic Beast Emperors and stood at the peak of Noscent.

But Lin Yun was still able to kill a Hydra and bring back its heart, transforming it into the puppet's mechanical system. Although that Hydra's strength was tyrannical, it was only at level 38.

A level 38 Hydra simply couldn't compare to the Ancient Vicious Beast Orachiss, because this huge beast was almost a Heaven Rank existence, it was a mere step away from the Heaven Realm.

In the legends, one of the 72 Ancient Gods, Blood King Moradin, had a Peak Heaven Rank Orachiss as a mount. He held a Sin Artifact, bathed in blood, and had birthed the Thunder King. He was one of the most formidable Ancient Gods. Some legends even indicated that this Blood King might have been the first Demon to have been born in the boundless Abyss, the primogenitor of the current Abyssal Demons.

Ancient Vicious Beasts like Orachiss were born in the boundless Abyss and were rumored to be the descendants of Abyssal Demons and Ash Pythons. In fact, this could be seen from their external appearance. They had two python heads, one blue representing ice and one red representing fire, and between these two heads was the head of an Abyssal Demon. That middle head was the true source of power of the Orachiss, which meant it possessed the power and evil nature of the boundless Abyss which were characteristics of Abyssal Demons.

Every adult Orachiss' power was infinitely close to the Heaven Rank, and to everyone present, it was an invincible existence. Having inherited the power of both the Abyssal Demon and the Ash Python made the Orachiss' name terrifying. This was a magic beast fated to reach the Heaven Rank. Even if it didn't do anything and just slept, it's power would keep growing up until it became as terrifying as Moradin's mount.

No one wanted to face this kind of Ancient Vicious Beast.