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 The crash of Ancient Cloud Rhinoceroses charged in formation. Their earth-shaking momentum was nothing to scoff on. Facing them, the Draconic Beastman looked like a child facing an army of giants.

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Xiuban was scared, paling as he looked at the charging beasts. He slowly turned and showed his bottom at the magic beasts before disappearing in an instant.

Lin Yun making the Draconic Beastmen lure the magic beasts was definitely to make the best use of everything, it wasn't to punish his lazy habits.

Xiuban's ability to attract magic beast enmity was outstanding. Reina and the Heaven Puppet simply couldn't compare to Xiuban in this regard.

This small provoking move made the infuriated Rhinoceroses completely overlook the others, their red eyes pursuing the fleeing Beastman before lowering their heads and aiming their horns at the Beastman's bottom in order to stab it.

Xiuban turned and noticed those approaching horns aiming for his bottom and was scared, he ran as if he was fleeing from Death itself, hating the fact that his parents only gave him two legs...

At this moment, only the loud stomping of the magic beasts and Xiuban's alarmed shouts could be heard.

As Xiuban held off the magic beasts, the other members of the team didn't remain idle, they were all Archmages and they just kept chanting one High Tier Spell after the other, firing them at the ferocious beasts on Xiuban's heels.

The rain of High Tier Spells was like fireworks exploding in this poorly lit forest. The layer of rotten leaves on the ground was hit by the magic bombardment and let out an unpleasant earthy smell.

After the indiscriminate bombing, the forest was filled with a cloud of dust, shrouding Xiuban and the beasts, blocking everyone's line of sight.

Many Archmages looked at each other, puzzled, wondering if that crash of Ancient Cloud Rhinoceroses had been annihilated?

Things would obviously not be that simple...

The barrage of spells had just finished and deafening roars could be heard through the dust, naturally mixed with Xiuban's loud shouts. Clearly, the attack didn't have much effect.

Although the Ancient Cloud Rhinoceroses couldn't use defensive magic, they had exceptionally tough skins and had a natural immunity to magic. Even the damage caused by Archmages' High Tier Spell would be far from critical.

Before the second wave of spells was even ready, and before the dust dissipated, huge silhouettes charged over, the tormented Draconic Beastman at the head of the crash.

"Save, save me... Sir... Damnit, these Rhinoceroses are crazy... Quick, save me, I can't hold on anymore..." Xiuban's frightened voice echoed throughout the area, rushing towards the others as if his life depended on it as the closest Rhinoceros was almost touching his bottom with its horn.

Although there weren't as many Cloud Rhinoceroses as that battle recorded in the books, the storm-like momentum of the enraged Rhinoceroses after being wounded alarmed everyone.

Even Lin Yun couldn't help being somewhat affected by the scene appearing before his eyes. Ancient Cloud Rhinoceroses had indeed left their name in history for their ferocity.

Blazing flames instantly rose as Lin Yun entered Fire Elemental Incarnation and emitted formidable magic fluctuations.

Lin Yun had yet to make a move since they entered the forest, his mind focused on the Heaven Puppet all along, only dispatching one of his subordinates whenever a magic beast blocked his path.

But it looked like he was needed now...

Just as Lin Yun was about to cast a Flame Flash, intense mana fluctuations were emitted from another location, far more formidable than Lin Yun's.

'What's that?'

Lin Yun looked in the direction of the mana fluctuations only to see the Black Tower and the Watson Family's people gathered, with Falton, Zeuss, Suval, Rhett, and Weiss standing together. The incantation they were chanting was close to reaching its end and the surrounding mana fluctuations became even fiercer.

'When did they get together?' Lin Yun squinted, temporarily stopping his actions.

Soon, these five High Rank Archmages uttered the last word of their incantations. At the same time, a dazzling ball of electricity appeared in front of the five.

'Damnit, it's a Lightning Surge!'

Lin Yun instantly recalled the name of the spell that was being cast.

No wonder it needed five High Rank Archmages cooperating. Although Lightning Surge's power was shocking and known as only second to taboo spells, its mana consumption was too high. Even an experienced 8th Rank Archmage like Falton didn't have enough mana to cast it on his own.

But it was also written down in the records that it was most suitable to handle Ancient Cloud Rhinoceroses.

Although Rhinoceroses had thick skins and could innately resist magic injuries, they weren't without weak points. Even if those sharp horns were their most powerful weapon, they were also their biggest weakness.

The inside of the horn was linked to the central nervous system... The horn being injured meant that the Cloud Rhinoceros' nervous system had been hit.

Naturally, it definitely wasn't easy to harm the horn on a Rhinoceros' head. In fact, that horn's hardness far surpassed the Rhinoceros' hide. Attacking it would usually prove useless.

But this was a problem that couldn't stump the wise mages. After the Cloud Rhinoceroses' glorious battle, the wise mages quickly focused on their characteristics and researched the most suitable spell against them. That's right, it was the spell the others were casting, Lightning Surge.

Lightning Surge wasn't used to attack the Rhinoceros' horn, rather, it was using its conductive characteristic to directly penetrate the horn and attack the Rhinoceros' nervous system.

Gathering the power of five High Rank Archmages to greet that crash of Ancient Cloud Rhinoceroses with a Lightning Surge was a reasonable strategy... If Xiuban was out of the picture.

This was the problem...

Lin Yun's Draconic Beastman subordinate was still at the forefront, doing all he could to dodge the Rhinoceroses' attacks. He was definitely within the range of the lightning ray...

Lin Yun didn't believe that the Draconic Beastman could endure the spell jointly cast by five High Rank Archmages.

'Damn you, you think you can easily get rid of my people?'

Seeing the Lightning Surge about to be released, Lin Yun unhesitantly cast a Flame Flash, the flaming Fire Elemental Incarnation instantly disappearing.

He then reappeared next to Xiuban and picked him up by his collar with one hand. In front was the tyrannical Lightning Surge about to be cast, in the back were the terrifying magic beasts. The pitiful Xiuban was already scared to the point where blood disappeared from his face.

At the same time, the sound of electricity crackling could be heard as huge bolts of lightning were fiercely emitted, covering half of the sky as they shot towards the Rhinoceroses.

The thick bolts landed on the huge bodies of the Cloud Rhinoceroses, and made the powerful beast' limbs shake, it was more deadly for those whose horns had been directly hit.

The powerful current passed through the hard horn and instantly fried the Cloud Rhinoceroses' nervous system.

The entire crash was covered in that spell, and for a while, it seemed that even the air was filled with a kind of barbecue smell.

Another Flame Flash!

Lin Yun was carrying the Draconic Beastman, whose legs had gone soft from being faced with that kind of spell, and reappeared where he had been, just before the powerful current reached them.

"I need an explanation." Lin Yun said in a gloomy voice. Once the entire crash had been laying on the ground, Lin Yun, still covered in flames, rushed to the others. He looked at Falton, Zeuss, and the others, with a poor expression.

"Explanation? What is there to explain?" Suval looked at Lin Yun with ridicule. He then looked around and feigned understanding, "Oh? Because of your subordinate? Haha, he is only a Beastman, so what if he died by accidentally being hit by a Lightning Surge."

Falton didn't even turn his face, he didn't put Lin Yun in his eyes and showed no interest in his question.

As for Watson Family's Zeuss, he looked as if this matter was unrelated to him. He led his subordinates in watching the bustling scene. After all, he hadn't been the one suggesting to fire a Lightning Surge, he only helped out for the sake of dealing with the Rhinoceroses.

They were in the same team after all, the crash was a fairly huge threat to them, thus they had no other choice but to use a powerful spell like Lightning Surge, as for Xiuban, haha, who would care about the life of a Beastman?

"My subordinate's fate isn't for others to decide.." Lin Yun's eyes slowly moved away from Falton to land on Suval. He had a calm expression, but it was quite obvious from his tone that he was angry, "This kind of thing isn't allowed to happen again, or else..."