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 After a few minutes, he was able to confirm that Enderfa had given him the complete remodelling plan.

Lin Yun then sank into meditation.

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After those alchemists obtained the remodelling plan at the peak of the Magic Era, they developed a method to make up for its flaws and prevent the puppet from going berserk.

Although he was familiar with the method they'd come up with, he still needed time.

After all, no one had been able to test it.

He needed to fuse the fixes with the original remodelling method. That process itself needed extreme precision and no mistakes could be made.

Thus, sheets of paper were filled with various kinds of data once again.

Rustling sounds could be heard echoing throughout the night.

After three hours of meticulous calculations, Lin Yun had finished that complicated task and could finally implement it.

But he clearly didn't have the time now, as it was already dawn...

After putting down the quill in his hand and stretching his aching wrist, he spent a few minutes picking up the paper, before meeting with the others to discuss how they planned to go through this forest.

Everyone raised their vigilance as they walked through the huge forest, but fortunately, there wasn't much danger, and they quickly found another place to rest in the evening.

Under the light of his spell, Lin Yun once again started studying the Hydra Heart. In fact, Lin Yun had been pondering over the necessary steps to remodel the Heaven Puppet during the day. The details were very troublesome, and so was implementing them.

But what truly felt tricky was maintaining the life energy of the Hydra Heart.

The heart contained all the power of the Hydra. Even after being separated from the body, its vital signs wouldn't disappear immediately. It would last at least half a month before it stopped throbbing.

And it definitely wouldn't be useful to the Heaven Puppet if it was implanted after it stopped beating.

Thus, Lin Yun had to solve this problem by any means.

This was the key to the success of the remodelling.

Fortunately, he was now an Artisan, and his grasp of alchemy had greatly improved. Many of the techniques needed during the processing of Hydra Heart belonged to the realm of Artisans.

Not long after, Lin Yun started working on the next step. He dipped his crystal pen in ink and started writing down very mysterious and profound runes.

An hour later, the outline of an array could be seen.

Naturally, this wasn't an ordinary array...

It had completely surpassed the True Spirit alchemy realm... It was an Artisan Array!

It was very hard to set up this kind of array, even for Lin Yun.

Five hours had already passed by the time he finished setting the array and then testing that there were no problems with it. At that time, Lin Yun severed the mana source of the Heaven Puppet and started working.

After being processed, the Hydra Heart emitted a purple light as it throbbed, making it feel like a living creature. This was the power of an Artisan, which could keep a Hydra Heart functioning.

Lin Yun then used Pikeman's research on the remodelling method to implant the Hydra Heart into the Heaven puppet. This was a complicated step that took another few hours to complete, but he was still far from done. The Heaven Puppet needed time to slowly adapt to the Hydra Heart, just like breaking in new shoes.

During that time, Lin Yun would keep improving on it until the Heaven Puppet and the Hydra Heart perfectly fused.

This wasn't something that could be accomplished quickly...

Some time passed as the three major forces kept going through the huge forest during the day and resting during the night, unable to keep moving forward. Meanwhile, Lin Yun had been busy with the Heaven Puppet.

After the fight with the Hydra, everyone in the group looked at Lin Yun differently from before. This was the result of the battle at the lake.

At that time, they had seen the Hydra preparing to explode its head to use Eternal Frost. Lin Yun had realized the severity of the situation, which prompted him to rush up to cast a Falling Star Field, creating intense gravity and slowing the Hydra's casting time. But he had also been affected by the spell's gravity, causing him to fall together with the Hydra to the bottom of the lake.

Several hundred meters deep, Lin Yun had been able to see an extremely shocking scene: The Hydra's head exploded and spread a terrifying aura, freezing the entire area with the power of Eternal Frost.

But Lin Yun had been prepared for it, so he escaped the fate of being frozen. Shortly after, he noticed that the head of the Hydra had been severely injured, which caused it to flee.

After that, Lin Yun had naturally chased it back to its lair and then took ten minutes to deal with the Hydra. But just as he was about to leave after taking its heart, he caught sight of a huge slate at the entrance of the lair, so he got closer to inspect the patterns on it.

After looking at it from up close, he had found out that those patterns looked like a map representing a boundless starry sky, and among the stars was a huge corpse calmly lying down.

Lin Yun had paused in surprise before suddenly realizing what was represented on the slate. That corpse most likely represented an Ancient God, or it wouldn't have been so huge.

Sure enough...

After searching for a few minutes, Lin Yun had managed to find a row of almost imperceptible words at the bottom of the slate, written in Ascian Runes and containing a mysterious power. But regretfully, Lin Yun had only been able to decipher a few of the words, among which were Solontine, Ashan, and Resting Ground.


Lin Yun wasn't unfamiliar with that word... He knew that this was a mountain range situated in the Odin Kingdom. It was classified as a paradise for mercenary groups, which would hunt magic beasts, gather magic materials, or take part in other missions.

The second word was what truly startled him as he linked it to the King of Ancient Gods, Ashan!

If he put those words together...

'Wouldn't that mean that the body of the King of Ancient Gods, Ashan, was resting in the Solontine Mountain Range?' he had thought. 'Is this true? Or...?'

Back then, Lin Yun couldn't help feeling as if it was all a dream. It had felt so surreal.


He had then recalled some doubtful points. The Solontine Mountain Range was situated in the Odin Kingdom and was the paradise of mercenary groups. Mercenary groups fought over every single piece of land, yet there had never been any clues regarding an Ancient God's corpse being there. Moreover, who was Ashan?

He was the King of the seventy-two Ancient Gods! Even if he had already died, his body would definitely hold boundless power. The Ancient God's soul fragments in Lin Yun's Demiplane were a good reference point. They accelerated the growth of the desolate Demiplane to such an extent in half a year!

The corpse of the King of the Ancient Gods would definitely be more frightening.

But he'd never heard of an unusual area in the Solontine Mountain Range. The mana density was normal, and beside mercenaries, few people would set foot on that mountain range.

On the other hand, that slate suggested that Ashan was buried in the Solontine Mountain Range. This made Lin Yun doubtful.

'Have I missed another important piece of information?'

At this point, Lin Yun had focused on that huge slate once again, staring at those Ascian Runes and gritting his teeth as he worked his brain to decipher the words. After spending spent quite some time, he finally managed to decipher a few more words: Ashan's scepter, God Bloodline, and Key.

None of Noscent's mages could be unfamiliar with that scepter. It was the 1st Extraordinary Magic Tool birthed in the world, and it was rumored to have unfathomable powers in Ashan's hands.

In Lin Yun's life in that era, Noscent's world was heading towards its doom. The Shelter Tower's existence had managed to hold off the destruction for more than three millennia. Back then, someone suggested that if Ashan's scepter still existed, if they combined it with the Shelter Tower, they would be able to ensure that Noscent would never perish.

Of course, no one knew if that was true...

As for the God Bloodline, it reminded Lin Yun of those fifty High Mages. They had meditated for a long time and an Ancient God Aura had appeared within their bodies. They might have already inherited the Ancient God Bloodline, but it was very diluted. There were very few people that might have inherited the bloodline of the Ancient Gods.

Among those was the famous man who came to be known as Charles the Emperor. His life was a legend, and he was the most remarkable disciple of the Dark Sage. He shouldn't have been much behind his master in the domain of puppeteering.

But this Emperor was shrouded in mysteries.

There were various signs that Charles the Emperor inherited the Bloodline of the Ancient Gods, which caused many people to crazily look for information on it, but they were never able to confirm it in the end.

So far, whether Charles the Emperor had the bloodline of the Ancient Gods was still a mystery; even his descendants might not be aware.

Lin Yun recorded the slate and the Ascian Runes one it, and then he didn't stay there any longer. Perhaps one day, once he was capable enough, he would decipher all those runes.