Hearing the Draconic Beastman's words, Reina's expression worsened. She bitterly said, "What can I do?"

"What can you do?" The Draconic Beastman repeated with a puzzled expression.

"To save him!" Reina was annoyed at the Draconic Beastman. She truly couldn't understand how this fool could become a 9th Rank Expert Swordsman...

It was very clear right now...

The young mage had encountered an unprecedented crisis and fallen into the lake with the level 38 Hydra. He might already be frozen solid. This was no laughing matter, as even a Sword Saint comparable to the Hydra in terms of power wouldn't be able to survive for long in such a situation...

Not to mention a mage.

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It would be very fortunate if the young mage was still alive right now. With everyone here, they could hold off the Hydra and give him an opportunity to escape. But the problem was that the young mage and the Hydra were several hundred meters under that ice already. They wouldn't be able to break through it fast enough.

Only a Heaven Rank would be able to rescue him with extraordinary means.

"Oh, that's what you meant. There is no need to worry, Sir Merlin is definitely fine..." As one of the first members of Lin Yun's entourage, Xiuban clearly wouldn't believe that his formidable master wasn't able to prevail here.

This was blind confidence...

The danger he encountered in the Tulan Mountain Range far surpassed the danger of his current situation. Heaven Rank Baiers' Undead body and his soul came one after the other. Even then, they still managed to make their way out of the Tulan Mountain Range...

Among everyone present, maybe only Xiuban could remain calm.

But Reina didn't know all this...

"Do you know how dangerous his current situation is? How could he be fine?" Reina was somewhat panicked. She worriedly looked down, ignoring the Draconic Beastman.

She was truly losing her head.

After all, that mage was her only hope. If he died there, how could he help her revive her father?

She felt that the youth had boundless prospects. Although she would get what he promised in the distant future, she had faith that the young mage would sooner or later reach the Heaven Rank...

If everything went smoothly, he would need at most a few centuries to fulfill his promise and revive her father.

But it seemed that he was drawn to trouble, like how he charged into the Hydra just now.

This was simply looking for death.

At this time, apart from Reina and Xiuban, every other member suddenly noticed that someone was missing.

Falton and Zeuss, who had been floating several hundred meters in the sky, looked apathetic. To them, the young mage who had fallen into the lake with the Hydra was just another mage. If he died, he died, it was no big deal.

He was only a minor figure that was slightly stronger than the ordinary cannon fodder, so he wasn't worthy of their attention.

"That damned Mafa Merlin finally ran out of luck..." A huge grin appeared on Suval's face as he was also hovering in the air.

But Weiss, who stood next to him, wasn't smiling. He was very worried.

After all, this matter wasn't as simple as it seemed. He knew some inside information... The young mage's death would greatly affect the Black Tower.

A formidable Heaven Rank powerhouse stood behind the young mage!

Had the Black Tower not participated in this expedition, then it wouldn't have mattered if Mafa had died here, but since they were involved...

When the time came and that Heaven Rank found out about the young mage's death, how would the Black Tower be able to explain themselves?

As one of the people involved, he naturally knew that he had fallen into the lake on his own while fighting the Hydra, but would his mysterious backer believe this? There was no way to know.

On the other side, Arthus and Rhett were also paying attention to the lake, somewhat feeling joy at Lin Yun's misfortune. Their expressions were very odd, as if they couldn't hold back their smiles.

In fact, if they hadn't made sure to consider their surroundings, they would have already laughed out loud.

"Arthus, do you think that damned guy already died at the bottom of the lake?" Rhett muttered in a low voice as he looked at the frozen lake.

Arthus took a deep breath and said with a tone full of assurance, "That's a Hydra..."

Surely that irritating youth had no chance of still being alive...

Immersed in that terrifyingly low temperature, he simply wouldn't be able to do anything. His blood would freeze, and even if he luckily managed to resist it, he would still be facing a Hydra.

Moreover, there was no way for them to rescue him in any hurry. There was already a layer of ice covering them that was several hundred meters thick.

Thus, the two of them were rejoicing.

As time passed, Arthus and Rhett's smiles became more prominent, but for Weiss and Reina, despair filled their faces.

Suddenly, a sound began to echo as an almost imperceptible web of cracks appeared on the peaceful frozen lake, drawing everyone's gazes. It then expanded for a bit until an explosion thundered out, sending countless ice fragments flying. A thin silhouette emerged from the lake.

The one rising from that layer of ice was naturally Lin Yun. He was drenched from being submerged for so long, but he was holding a crimson heart in his hand.

"Ba-dump... Ba-dump..." The heart in his hand was still beating, as if its owner was still alive. It was emitting mana fluctuations with every beat.

"Hydra Heart!"

Someone broke the silence with that exclamation. In fact, everyone here was a formidable powerhouse, so none of them needed such a reminder... They could tell that it was a genuine Hydra Heart from the mana fluctuations it emitted!

"How could it be?" Rhett stared at the beating heart in Lin Yun's hand as if he had seen a ghost.

'How could this happen... That was a Hydra that reached level 38, its power could only be described as terrifying. It held nine different kinds of magic and even the Frost Dragon and the puppet together could barely fight against it...'

But the Hydra's heart was now in the young mage's hands.

He couldn't believe it!

When the young mage fell into the lake with the Hydra, Rhett had been rejoicing and thinking that the young mage would never come out of the frozen lake in one piece.

In a split second, a chill ran down Rhett's spine as he thought of the one possibility...

The young mage's strength definitely far surpassed that of a 6th Rank High Mage.

Rhett had never actually seen the young mage personally make a move. He didn't do anything when he and Arthus went to the Merlin Family Camp, instead dispatching the Frost Dragon and the puppet.

Until now, he had always been afraid of the Frost Dragon and the puppet, which had made him overlook Mafa's strength. If not for his identity as a commander of the Merlin Family as well as his two formidable subordinates, Rhett wouldn't even have lowered himself to talk to him.

But now he realized that he had been mistaken.

The young mage had killed the Hydra at the bottom of the lake, at a depth of several hundred meters. That environment was undoubtedly advantageous to the Hydra, yet the victor was the youth.

Could a 7th Rank Archmage like himself accomplish such a thing?

No, no, that was impossible... He could barely even survive the Hydra's attacks.

Rhett was now looking at Lin Yun completely differently. He might have been somewhat afraid of the young mage before because of the Frost Dragon and the puppet, but now, he was truly scared of him, completely terrified.

"Hell... Hell, f*cking hell!" The 7th Rank Sword Saint with demonic bloodline beside him was also in disbelief as he ruthlessly cursed with a frustrated expression.

"Arthus, we really need to improve our relationship with Mafa Merlin," Rhett whispered as he revealed his inner thoughts. He could kill a Hydra... He was far more terrifying than they had thought. With the addition of the Frost Dragon and the puppet, it was truly a terrifying force.

The consequences would be dire if their relationship with the young mage kept worsening.

He chose this course of action for the interests of the Watson Family.

While Rhett and Arthus were whispering, Lin Yun had already used a spell to dry his robe, put away the beating heart, and used Levitation to reach Reina's side.

"You... You are fine!" Reina blurted out in shock when Lin Yun reached her side.

Her silvery-white eyes were filled with disbelief. She had been greatly shaken by the scene of the young mage coming out of the frozen lake after shattering its surface.