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The Flame Pythons that had just appeared weren't limited to a few dozen... There were several hundred of them crowding around in all directions surrounding those two.

It was very frightening.

But, at this time, two silver silhouettes entered the Wailing River. One of them burst out with a Dragon Roar when she entered the Wailing River and turned into a huge Frost Dragon covered in glittering scales.


The Frost Dragon's huge claws had indescribably terrifying power, letting out a disgusting sound as a Flame Python's head was crushed.

Cold light was emitted from the Frost Dragon's mouth as a Dragon Breath blossomed out and spread, freezing the surrounding Flame Pythons into chunks of ice. Flame Elementals like the Flame Pythons would die once their flames stopped burning. The frozen Flame Pythons couldn't escape the layer of ice and their flames gradually darkened. After a few seconds, they were completely extinguished.

In less than ten seconds, the Frost Dragon had dealt with close to a hundred Flame Pythons.

As for the other silver silhouette, it was naturally the Heaven Puppet. Its fighting style was a lot cruder. It was holding the Doom Staff and had power comparable to that of an 8th Rank Archmage. Magic rays criss-crossed through the air and pierced through the bodies of the Flame Pythons. The Doom Staff also flickered with purple light as a multi-colored Dragon Breath was spat out, washing the Flame Pythons away.

The fight ended after three minutes, and not a single Flame Python remained in the area. Then, the Frost Dragon returned to her human form and left with the puppet.

But Arthus and Rhett stood there, spellbound.

That short battle had terrified them. They hadn't made any moves... The Frost Dragon and the puppet had dealt with hundreds of Flame Pythons on their own, and it had only taken them three minutes. This was really incredible.

The two couldn't help feeling lingering fear. After glancing at each other, they saw that they both had fearful expressions.

They felt lucky to have survived against these two terrifying existences.

Especially Arthus... His face was devoid of blood when he saw the Frost Dragon once again. That claw attack remained fresh in his memories and was simply a nightmare.

Soon after, Rhett and Arthus also left...

Not long after, the Black Tower's Weiss made a move and used an isolation spell to once again isolate that area of the Wailing River. The group then approached the pitch-black tear emitting intense mana fluctuations.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Usually, the mages who wanted to go to another plane would choose to build a Planar Path. But the prerequisite for that was having the Planar Coordinates.

But Lin Yun's group didn't have any planar coordinates, so they had no choice but to summon up their courage and pass through the spatial tear to reach the plane on the other side.

Everyone knew that this was extremely risky. Only Heaven Rank powerhouses would dare to casually explore a spatial tear.

However, reality didn't give Lin Yun and the others any choice.

At this time, the silent Falton stared at the spatial tear with his black pupils and muttered, "This is too risky..."

Everyone turned towards Falton while looking stunned. What was the point of Falton saying this now? They all knew that it was risky to go through the spatial tear.

But saying that was meaningless... If they didn't go through it, what else could they do?

Just as everyone thought of this, a sneer echoed. Zeuss asked on behalf of everyone, "Sir Falton, since you said that this is too risky, does that mean you have another way? If you really feel that it's too dangerous, you might as well not go..."

From Zeuss' tone, everyone could hear that he had some enmity with Falton.

Rhett, Weiss, Suval, and the others all felt baffled. If they weren't wrong, this should have been their first meeting. Where was this hostility coming from?

Apart from the people involved, only Lin Yun understood what was happening. Zeuss regarded Falton as a competitor.

"We can send someone first to give it a try..."

Falton turned a blind eye to Zeuss' hostility, seeming not to care about it at all. He slowly passed his gaze across everyone before his withering yellow palm fished out two purple crystals from his black robe. His gaze then landed on Lin Yun and with an unquestionable tone, he said, "You take care of it. Take one of them, and let me know when you reach the other plane."

After saying that, he handed a Whisper Crystal to Lin Yun.

But, just as Falton finished speaking, Weiss made a very awkward expression. "Sir Falton... This... This isn't good."

In fact, Weiss was feeling extremely nervous.

He really wanted to let Falton know that sooner or later, an accident would happen if he kept treating the young mage like that.

With his identity as a Planar Commander, he couldn't be the one sent to scout ahead. It was so dangerous there, and if he ran out of luck, he would be lost forever.

Even Weiss felt that this kind of treatment was unfair.

Naturally, the most important factor was the young mage's strength.

By relying on himself and his countless Magic Tools, he should be able to defeat a 7th Rank Archmage easily. If he used some of his hidden cards, he might be able to contend against an 8th Rank Archmage.

Moreover, the young mage was followed by a genuine Frost Dragon whose strength was comparable to his own in her Human Shape. In her natural form, she would definitely surpass level 38.

He had no choice but to advise against it... There would be a lot of trouble if the young mage was provoked.

Even Harren was somewhat cautious around Mafa and had guessed that a mysterious Heaven Rank powerhouse was hiding behind him. Moreover, no ordinary Heaven Rank powerhouse would be able to teach this young mage.

"What isn't good?" Falton couldn't help frowning, his gaze turning icy as he looked at Weiss.

Weiss suddenly felt a chill spreading from his feet to the rest of his body.

"Haha, I have to agree... Sir Falton, that this method isn't that good." At this time, Zeuss cut in and threw a taunting glance at Falton. "Mafa Merlin is also the commander of the Merlin Family's Planar Legion, how could he do such a thing?"

Mark, who was standing behind Zeuss, had a terrible expression on his face when he heard those words. 'Is there a problem with grandfather's brain?'

Probably only Zeuss knew that he was only saying this to oppose Falton. This was their first clash.

"Then let me know what should be done..." Falton paused and looked at Zeuss, a deep frown on his face.

"The method you suggested, wouldn't it be better if you replace Mafa Merlin? You are the only 8th Rank Archmage in our group."

"I think Sir Zeuss is more suitable..."

"Definitely not as suitable as you."


This squabble lasted five more minutes, but the two of them were still in a deadlock. Thus, they could only take a step back from their positions and have everyone go in together.

Fortunately, the tear was huge, over ten meters long and three meters wide. It was enough for ten people to go through at the same time. Thus, after a few minutes to prepare themselves, everyone entered the tear. Their surroundings suddenly turned pitch-black and remained that way for about half a minute before a bright light appeared.

Everyone let out relieved sighs.

But then, they suddenly felt that their bodies were falling uncontrollably, making them realize that they had appeared somewhere high in the air.

The other end of the spatial tear had been at an abnormal place. After the initial surprise, they quickly calmed down and cast Levitation and Flight spells in an orderly manner. Having stabilized themselves, they were then able to examine their surroundings and see a huge lake below them.

"Quickly find a place to stay, we must first examine this plane..." Falton frowned. As an 8th Rank Archmage, he already had a very deep understanding of Laws. After coming to this plane, he had discovered that the Laws of the Four Elements were already well-developed.

Hearing him clearly, everyone moved towards the area pointed out by Falton, preparing to cross the lake.


But a ripple suddenly appeared on the surface of the originally calm lake. A huge shadow became visible and the team couldn't help stopping to look at the lake. As more and more shadows appeared, a massive snake head burst out from the lake, reeking of a poisonous odor

Before anyone could react, more snake heads rushed out one after the other. There were nine identical snake heads, but there was a huge difference in mana fluctuations between the nine of them.