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 There was no chance for survival...

"This..." Weiss seemed to realize this too by this time and displayed an awkward expression. He then reluctantly moved his eyes away from that spatial tear. With his 6th Rank Archmage's power, he could naturally see that the space on the other side of the rift was twisted to the extreme, it simply couldn't be crossed.

But he was clearly unresigned...

"A Dissipation Array should settle this within five days..." Lin Yun casually glanced at Weiss, then took out a quill from his pocket, dipped it in ink, and quickly drafted an array. Soon, a Dissipation Array covered the spatial tear.

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Lin Yun didn't pay attention to the others after finishing, he led Lahn, Reina, and the Heaven Puppet back to camp.

He had estimated that in five days, the spatial tear's fluctuations would gradually stabilize, no longer this chaotic. But even then not just anyone could go through this kind of space, one needed to be at least an Archmage powerhouse to handle such terrifying pressure.

Lin Yun arrived at his living quarters roughly half an hour later and took out the pieces of paper recording the clues concerning the Ancient God. But after looking at it for a while he couldn't help shaking his head, putting them down on the refining table.

'Raging Flame Emperor Norrick...'

At this time, Lin Yun suddenly recalled that Raging Flame Beastman named Norrick that Lahn had mentioned earlier. In fact, Lin Yun wasn't unfamiliar with Norrick's name.

In Noscent's history, Norrick could be said to be one of the most famous Heaven Rank Shamans. Whether it was from the decaying library's resources, or from the Merlin Family's, the name Norrick had been a recurring one. Even if his memory was terrible, Lin Yun would still know who Norrick was.

Several millennia ago, the aboriginal Raging Flame Beastmen had countless tribes of various sizes spread along the Wailing River. At the time, the Raging Flame Beastman Race didn't have any civilization or social order, it was chaos.

That situation changed with the appearance of a legendary character among the Raging Flame Beastmen, that Beastman was called Norrick...

Norrick fought against every major tribe for more than a hundred years, using shocking strategies before finally establishing a united empire in the entire Raging Flame Plane.

As for the Raging Flame Emperor title, it came from the mages...

Only then did the Raging Flame Beastman Race developed order and civilization. The empire grew stronger day after day, but unfortunately, two hundred years after the empire was established, the pillar of the empire, Norrick, inexplicably disappeared. Thus, the formidable empire collapsed overnight, and the thirteen Raging Flame Beastmen who had followed Norrick early on divided the entire empire, forming the current Thirteen Tribes...

Norrick's disappearance was still an enigma, but a rumor had been spreading all along in the Raging Flame Plane. It was said that on the eve of Norrick's disappearance, a light streaked across the Raging Flame Plane's night sky and fell into the Wailing River. That light was said to belong to Norrick's scepter, which represented supreme authority. Whoever obtained that scepter would be able to order the entire Raging Flame Plane's Beastmen, just like Norrick.

Since then, the empire was caught in a never-ending chaotic war. Those thirteen Raging Flame Beastmen established their respective tribes, and after a few decades, the chaos gradually settled and those thirteen tribes dispatched a large amount of Raging Flame Beastmen to the Wailing River to search for the scepter, but even after a few dozen years passed, there was no trace of the scepter to be found.

It reached the point where Norrick's scepter began to be treated as a legend and the thirteen tribes gave up on the idea to fish out the scepter and instead started to recover.

As he thought of this, Lin Yun couldn't help smiling. He finally understood why Weiss and the others had been so affected by the discovery of that spatial tear. If that scepter truly existed and fell into the Wailing River just as the legend said, then it would have inevitably reached the end of the Wailing River during the following decades spent searching for it, but the thirteen tribes didn't find any clue regarding the scepter.

This meant that the scepter was no longer within the Wailing River and had instead fallen into that tear, drifting into another plane.

Nothing could be done about it, Norrick's scepter was an irresistible temptation to any force. If they managed to obtain it, they might be able to order all Raging Flame Beastmen, just as the legend said. With it, seizing the entire Raging Flame Plane would be a piece of cake.

Even Lin Yun was interested in that scepter.

But naturally, what he cared the most about was still the secret linked to Ancient God Constance. The skull which represented the source of knowledge would completely change his magic path. If he really obtained it and fused with it, not only would he be able to settle his current plight, the time needed to become a Heaven Mage would greatly cut short as well.

Five days quickly passed. Lin Yun left his living quarters, ready to rush to the end of the Wailing River, but he looked for Lahn before leaving.

He had originally been planning to take Lahn with him, but after thinking through the possible dangers of a Demiplane most likely related to an Ancient God, he felt that this 4th Rank Archmage might not be of much use. Moreover, this camp also needed an overseer, and Lahn Merlin was quite suitable.

After instructing Lahn for over ten minutes, Lin Yun led Reina, the Heaven Puppet as well as Xiuban through the path he knew and made haste to the Wailing River. The route took roughly half an hour, and by the time they reached the end of the Wailing River, they noticed that the powerhouses of the Black Tower and Watson Family were already waiting for them.

And just as Lin Yun expected, on the 5th day, the spatial fluctuations around that rift were no longer chaotic, they had stabilized under the effect of the Dissipation Array.

"High Mage Merlin..." When he noticed Lin Yun's silhouette, Weiss hastily came over to receive him with a smile, "This spatial tear is related to a scepter that had been lost several millennia ago, once belonging to the Raging Flame Emperor, Norrick. There is a legend saying that whoever obtains that scepter would be able to order all of the Raging Flame Beastmen of the entire Noscent. I wonder if you understand what it means, High Mage Merlin?"

"Hmm..." Lin Yun gently nodded and suspiciously glanced at Weiss, "What do you want to say..."

"High Mage Merlin, it's like this. We just discussed with the Watson Family, the three major forces would jointly look for the lost scepter. If we can find it, it will be used to control those Raging Flame Beastmen and obtain countless benefits which would be evenly distributed among the three forces. The Watson Family already agreed, I wonder what you think..."

"Ahaha, I have no objection..."

"Then let me congratulate us on a happy collaboration..."

"Okay, Sir Weiss..."

Lin Yun and Weiss smiled as they shook hands. In less than a minute, they came to an agreement on the spot. Weiss then talked about some insignificant topics, to which Lin Yun continued smiling and perfunctorily answering.

At this time, Lin Yun's attention wasn't at all on Weiss, but rather, on a black-robed man beside Suval. He could guess that the Black Tower would be sending three people, Weiss, Suval, and apparently that black-robed mage.

Lin Yun was certain that this person had never appeared in the Black Tower camp. In other words, the black-robed mage had rushed to the Horn of Fertility after the spatial tear was discovered five days ago.

The black-robed man was very powerful, he was also a High Rank Archmage.

But, it wouldn't have attracted Lin Yun's attention if he was an ordinary High Rank Archmage...

In fact, he came to the conclusion that this Black Tower's mage was a lot stronger than Weiss and Suval. If his guess wasn't wrong, he should be an 8th Rank Archmage.

This kind of powerhouse was very rare in the entire Andlusa Kingdom.

"This is Sir Falton..." Weiss could sense Lin Yun's gaze and turned to look at that black-robed mage, introducing him with a whisper. As he talked, Weiss' face was filled with a fearful expression. Clearly, that mage, Falton, had a very special status.

No, it shouldn't just be special...

Maybe, among these people, only he and Suval realized how frightening Sir Falton's true strength was.

To be more accurate, Sir Falton came from the Holy Land and had no actual position within the Black Tower, but beside Chairman Harren, all the other members of the Council of Seven were very respectful towards him.


Sir Falton hardly came out of the Holy Land. The last time he did so was three hundred years ago, when the Gaugass Battlemages split up from the Black Tower, greatly injuring the Black Tower's strength, putting the Black Tower in danger. Although Harren was formidable and used all kinds of tricks, it was hard to stabilize the situation in a short time.

Only a few higher-ups of the Black Tower knew that there had been a man coming out of the Holy Land at that time. That man was the Falton in front of them. At the time, Falton lent a hand and enabled the Black Tower to once again reach the peak of the Andlusa Kingdom in a few decades...

In fact, after finding that tear, Weiss realized the seriousness of this matter. Suval and he were the only High Rank Archmages of Black Tower's Planar Legion in the Horn of Fertility, thus, after returning to camp, Weiss used the special communication method of the Black Tower to pass a message regarding the spatial rift as well as a series of conjectures to Harren, who was remaining in the Dark Moon Fort.