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 "Xiuban, Sir Rhett here and I had some misunderstanding and he is now seriously injured, help me send him off..." Lin Yun glanced at the Draconic Beastman and pointed at Rhett. After saying those words, he was about to turn when he suddenly froze, seemingly recalling something, he then added another sentence, "Just like Mark Watson."

"Sir Merlin, please rest assured..." The Draconic Beastman looked at Lin Yun's back with a strange expression. He then turned towards Rhett with a gloating expression.

Rhett had just relaxed after hearing the young mage agree, but he then noticed that gaze before his foot was roughly grabbed by a huge hand, his body dragged away without his permission. He then roared angrily, "You... What are you up to!"

An esteemed 7th Rank Archmage was actually treated this way by a Beastman...

The anger Rhett felt was like a knife stabbing in his heart.

But no matter how much he struggled, it was no use. That Beastman dragging him was hardly paying attention to him. Helpless, Rhett ground his teeth, "You can't do this! High Mage Merlin asked you to send me off..."

But then, Rhett couldn't help but freeze as he recalled the last sentence the young mage had said before leaving: "Just like Mark Watson..."

Rhett was suddenly shaken...

This completely angered him...

'This Mafa Merlin is truly too hateful!'


In the next half a month, Lin Yun remained in his living quarters, studying those four paintings. After being thrown out of the camp by Xiuban, Representative Rhett didn't reappear, making the Horn of Fertility very peaceful for this half a month as nothing happened.

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Near noon, Lahn Merlin rushed into Lin Yun's living quarters, panting as he said, "High Mage... High Mage Mafa, there is... a situation."

"Hmm?" Lin Yun frowned and put down what he had in his hands.

"One hour ago, the joint inspection team discovered a strange spatial fluctuation in the lower reaches of the Wailing River. I just got the news, High Mage Merlin, how about you take a look?"

Lahn quickly explained, he had rushed to find the young mage after receiving that report.

'The lower reaches...' Lin Yun had a thoughtful expression. He knew of the joint inspection team, it had been suggested by the Black Tower when they just captured the Horn of Fertility. It consisted of ten High Mages from every major force forming a small force of 30 High Mages.

"Alright, let's go take a look..." Lin Yun nodded. He couldn't let go of any clue regarding the Wailing River, because it might be related to that Ancient God who had fallen there.

After saying those words, Lin Yun led Reina and the Heaven Puppet to the lower reaches of the Wailing River. By the time they got there, over ten minutes had passed. Black Tower's Weiss and Suval, as well as the Watson Family's Arthus and Rhett had already received the news and were gathered at the lower reaches.

"High Mage Merlin, you came..." Among these powerhouses, Weiss was the only one who had a decent relationship with Lin Yun. After seeing Lin Yun rush over, Weiss greeted him with a smile, "The spatial fluctuations here are very strange..."

"Haha..." Lin Yun chuckled and remained silent. He hadn't needed Weiss' reminder, he had already sensed those strange spatial fluctuations after coming to the lower reaches. They were very unstable, sometimes powerful, sometimes weak.

Lin Yun then frowned and walked towards the Wailing River while being assaulted by heat. Shortly after, a long river filled with endless flames appeared in his line of sight. Those flames were just like the water of a normal river and slowly flowed down the river. As he got closer to the river, he could see the fire-attributed vegetation becoming more and more lush.

'Where is it...'

A doubtful expression appeared on Lin Yun's face. Despite his omnipotent Magic Array, he failed to track the source of those fluctuations. He couldn't do anything about it, those fluctuations were too chaotic, making it was very hard to locate the source.

But Lin Yun didn't give up.

He cast five Mage Eyes, and under his meticulous control, they slowly moved along the river, up until the leftmost Mage Eye was affected by something and disappeared without a trace. Lin Yun then had the remaining four move towards the left, and after a dozen meters, they all disappeared.

Mage Eyes would disappear when disturbed by magic due to their simple structure, they couldn't withstand any influence, thus they had clearly disappeared due to the spatial fluctuations.

'The left side...' A smile appeared on Lin Yun's face. He had used five Mage Eyes to find out an important clue, it was extremely worth it.

In the next half an hour, Lin Yun controlled numerous Mage Eyes to investigate and walked over several kilometers to reach the end of the Wailing River. At that time, even Lin Yun forgot how many Mage Eyes he had used, he was mechanically casting and controlling them.

Even with his current strength, it felt very strenuous. His forehead was covered with a layer of sweat and his face was quite pale.

Weiss and the others had been very curious when they saw Lin Yun's actions and just followed, looking at what that young mage was doing. But after over ten minutes, they forgot their original goals and just followed behind the young mage.

Because the young mage's actions were quite frightening.

When they first saw the young mage continuously releasing Mage Eyes, they started counting them, five, ten... two hundred and ninety five, three hundred.

After over ten minutes, the amount of Mage Eyes released by the young mage had reached a frighteningly high three hundred. Let alone a High Mage, even an Archmage would have ran out of mana had they summoned as much as the young mage, moreover, the latter hadn't taken a single break. Summoning them five by five looked as simple as drinking water, and ultimately, the group grew numb to it.

'Found it!'

Lin Yun couldn't see the others' reaction, he spent all his energy looking for the source of the fluctuations. At this time, Lin Yun's expression suddenly changed and the Mage Eyes he had cast dissipated. Using Levitation, he floated above the end of the Wailing River, flames flickering underneath him, emitting an extremely high temperature.

Then, Lin Yun used magic to open a path amidst the flames. After going ten meters deep, he found a pitch-black spatial tear in which the flames of the Wailing River continuously poured.

'What's going on...' Lin Yun was speechless and alarmed by this discovery. The source of those spatial fluctuations was actually a spatial tear, but what was behind that spatial tear?

It was most likely a plane...

Then, Lin Yun used magic to isolate the entire area, and only when the flames no longer poured into the tear did he cautiously examine it. This spatial tear was huge, over ten meters long and two to three meters wide, and the fluctuations emitted were extremely chaotic. Even a Heaven Mage could get lost if they rashly went through.

The end of the Wailing River...

Ancient God Constance.

At this time, Lin Yun recalled these two key information. The clues from the Heaven Puppet pointed to the end of the Wailing River, and from the secret of the piece of metal, he conjectured that the Ancient God that fell in the Raging Flame Plane was Constance, and his body should have fell in the Wailing River.

If the four paintings were authentic, then the corpse should have ended up being washed at the end of the Wailing River. And now, there was a spatial tear at the end of the Wailing River.

This was quite coincidental...

'Behind that tear is probably a Demiplane formed by Ancient God Constance's remaining power, after his death...' Lin Yun looked at the tear, making a conjecture in a daze.

He was one of the rare few in this era who had knowledge of the Ancient Gods' mana capacity. In his Demiplane, he had experienced the unimaginable power of a mere soul fragment. It quickly sped up the growth of that natural Demiplane by a few hundred folds.

What if it had been a complete Ancient God corpse?

That power would undoubtedly be even more formidable and it wouldn't be strange for it to birth a Demiplane after the Ancient God's death.

"What's going on?" At this time, Weiss and the others had already followed and had reached that isolated area. Seeing that tear, everyone had an amazed expression on their face.

"High Mage Merlin, we have to go through that tear and see what's on the other side..." Weiss looked at Lin Yun with an unusually serious expression, "Because this is related to a secret that can make our three forces suddenly rise!"

"Yes, Sir Weiss is right..." Rhett Watson seemed to have forgotten his fear of Lin Yun and spoke with a delirious voice as he looked at that crack.

"..." Lin Yun suddenly froze and looked at those few people with a stunned expression, 'Could these guys also know about the possible link to Ancient God Constance?'

'That's impossible... Right?'

"High Mage Mafa, this secret is linked to the Raging Flame Emperor, Norrick..." Lahn noticed Lin Yun's expression and whispered in his ear.

'Raging Flame Emperor Norrick...' After hearing this name, Lin Yun relaxed. As for what the secret was, he didn't really care, what he truly cared about was the secret of Ancient God Constance.

'It looks like these guys don't know that an Ancient God fell in the Raging Flame Plane.'

"Sir Weiss, if you are in such a hurry, you can give it a try..." A grin appeared on Lin Yun's face.

The spatial fluctuations were extremely chaotic, Lin Yun was certain that even Harren would get lost if he went in, let alone Weiss...