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 It was hardly an exaggeration to say that Constance's wisdom transcended the minds of all lifeforms. Even during the peak of the Magic Era, those prideful, God-like mages who brought forth countless new ideas didn't dare to compare themselves to Constance.

He was the origin of all wisdom...

'The end of the Wailing River... The end of the Wailing River...' Lin Yun's frown gradually eased as a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He finally knew what was hidden at the end of the river.

Ancient God Constance's corpse would have inevitably ended up getting washed down the Wailing River after his fall...

What made Lin Yun pleasantly surprised was Constance's skull. The chance to obtain the skull would make countless mages go crazy. During the peak of the Magic Era, even those God-like mages longed for the skull that represented the source of knowledge.

Legends about the skull had been popular in that era for hundreds of years, and in order to find it, untold numbers of mages threw themselves into the endless planes to try finding the place where Constance fell. But unfortunately, it was never found. Eventually, some mages who transcended the Heaven Rank asserted that if someone got the skull, they would be able to rebuild the Ancient God Civilization...

'If it really was Constance's skull...' Lin Yun narrowed his eyes. It was something every mage yearned for. If he could obtain it, the benefits couldn't even be explained using words. The problems he had would be perfectly settled.

Any mage who obtained Constance's skull would choose to fuse with it, and Lin Yun was no exception. That way, not only would he be able to strengthen his tolerance, but his intelligence would also reach a terrifyingly high level. In the end, he might end up doing as the rumors said, rebuilding the Ancient God Civilization.

Tolerance was something that he urgently needed to improve.

After all, he had three Meditation Law Sets, which would heavily impede him when he tried to advance to the Archmage realm. That was why he currently had to carefully control his rank. If he once again became unable to suppress it, his magic path would be greatly hindered.

He was now a 6th Rank Peak High Mage, which was still okay, but if he advanced another rank or two and fused a Meditation Law Set with his Magic Conducting Rune, it would become very difficult.

He wouldn't have to worry about it if he could strengthen his tolerance. Even if he directly broke through to the 9th Rank and fused, it wouldn't have much of an impact.

As for the matter of a human fusing with an Ancient God's skull, it was already confirmed to be possible in the peak of the Magic Era. To be more accurate, the first one to do so was a Sword Saint called Grinss...

In truth, he wasn't very gifted and didn't have any background. He joined a mercenary group as an Expert Swordsman and worked hard to earn merits. In the end, he was rewarded and became a Sword Saint. But in that era, Sword Saints were everywhere. Grinss was only a nameless nobody.

But in his later years, Grinss led a group to carry out a mission in a certain plane, and after returning to Noscent, he announced that he was leaving the mercenary group. The higher-ups of the mercenary group didn't feel that this was strange. They thought that the old Grinss was preparing to spend the rest of his life in peace.

Ten years later, that mercenary group could be considered as being in the middle of the pack among mercenary groups, but one day, a hostile force retaliated against them. And in that bloody night, most of the elites of the mercenary group faced destruction. Even the leader, who was a 9th Rank Sword Saint, was seriously injured.

They had no chance because their enemy had a Heaven Sword Saint.

As everyone was despairing, a silver swordlight suddenly streaked through the sky.


There was nothing afterwards.

Including that leader, everyone saw an unforgettable scene. That Heaven Sword Saint didn't have any chance to resist before being beheaded and falling.

The master of that silver swordlight was Grinss, who hadn't been seen or heard from for ten years. After all this time, he was now standing at the peak of the Sword Saint realm and had the power to defeat a Heaven Sword Saint. But, the strange part was that Grinss had become left-handed.

After that night, Grinss' name rose, never to be forgotten. His name and achievements kept spreading, and twenty years later, Grinss brazenly reached the Heaven Rank. Two hundred years later, he began to challenge one Heaven Rank powerhouse after another, remaining undefeated. He travelled between the major planes but eventually stopped at the peak of the Heaven realm.

Grinss' rise had always been an enigma, up until he returned to Noscent and revealed the secret behind it. As it turned out, on that mission two hundred years ago, he obtained the skeletal hand of an Ancient God. During those ten years, he fused with that hand.

After finding out, the people of Noscent started crazily scouring the lands and the countless planes in order to find the skeletal remains of Ancient Gods. The mages were especially eager, as they were recklessly looking for any news of the 72nd God, Constance the Sage.

Although Lin Yun hadn't fully grasped the identity of the Ancient God who had fallen in the Raging Flame Plane, he was fairly certain that it was Constance. Even if it wasn't Constance, it was still worth him taking a risk for the corpse of an Ancient God...

'I should finish the assembly first.'

Lin Yun put away the paper where he had copied the four paintings before solemnly putting the piece of metal in his pocket. He then picked up the three components and started assembling.

Although this task wasn't troublesome, it still took time, as he needed to do all kinds of tests. Three days had passed by the time he settled everything.


He then installed the mechanical system back into the Heaven Puppet and reconnected the mana circuits. At that time, the puppet was covered in silver radiance.

Lin Yun reevaluated the power of the Heaven Puppet, and the results made him feel pleasantly surprised.

The mana released by the Heaven Rank Puppet was comparable to what a 7th Rank Archmage could output. This meant that after restoring the mechanical system, the puppet had reached a whole new level.

Even a genuine 7th Rank Archmage would have a hard time defeating the Heaven Puppet.

There were many puppets with such power in Noscent. But Lin Yun clearly understood that the power of this puppet wasn't limited to this. After a trip to the Puppet Plane, the Heaven Puppet's power would be close to the Heaven Rank and it would be able to handle anyone under the Heaven Rank.

If Lin Yun reached the Saint Alchemist realm in the future, that puppet would certainly recover to its peak.

Naturally, this was too far from Lin Yun at the moment...

After testing the strength of the Heaven Puppet, Lin Yun handed the Doom Staff to the puppet and had it patrol around the camp within the range of his Magic Array and set up a defense and counterattack system.

He then took out the four sheets of paper and the piece of metal and kept researching.


In the vicinity of the Merlin Family, Arthus, who had been observing for close to ten days, finally let go of his fear. There was not a trace of a Frost Dragon in the Merlin Family's camp.

This vigil had quelled his apprehension...

That terrifying Frost Dragon might have just been passing by.

"Hmpf, I don't believe a Frost Dragon would just happen to be passing by this time." A malevolent smile appeared on Arthus' face. He came out from his hiding spot and took a long look at the Merlin Family's camp as a demonic aura slowly spread from his body. Arthus no longer looked human... He instead looked like a vicious demon.


Arthus rushed towards the Merlin Family's camp, the earth under his feet shaking.

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Because there was someone ahead of him.


The person in front of him gave him a very strange feeling, he didn't have any mana fluctuations and he was holding a magnificent magic staff that had numerous scales intertwining along it and a Dragon's head at its tip.

Arthus stared at that staff for no less than ten seconds. Even though he was a Sword Saint, he could see the worth of that magic staff. In the end, he said in a hoarse voice, "Take me to your commander, that Mafa Merlin guy, and I won't kill you..."

But the person in front of him remained indifferent, as if he hadn't heard him...

"I said, take me to Mafa Merlin!" Anger could be felt in Arthus' voice, and after waiting for another handful of seconds, he could no longer restrain himself, so he charged that person.


The next moment, a huge wave of spells rushed towards Arthus, and although they were all only 3rd or 4th Tier Spells, several dozen magic rays layered together were hardly weaker than a 7th Tier Spell.

This stunned Arthus and made him miss the best opportunity to dodge. As he got hit by the layered magic rays, he let out a painful howl, a bloody, fist-sized hole appearing in his chest.

In an instant, Arthus was seriously injured...

Rays of magic continued to fly towards Arthus. After barely dodging a few, he heard the roar of a young Dragon as a multicolored Dragon Breath covered the sky and caught him off-guard, sending him flying a few dozen meters away.