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 "Sir Merlin, you... You saw..." Xiuban didn't even worry about that guy's life and hurriedly rushed back to Lin Yun's side, Carnage in hand.

"Good, Xiuban, it seems you aren't running out of luck..." Lin Yun smiled and pointed at Mark Watson. "Before going to sleep, throw that guy out of the camp..."

After saying so, Lin Yun turned and looked at Lahn Merlin. "Sir Lahn, how is the smelting going?"

"Eh... Oh, there is no problem, it is going very smoothly..." Hearing Lin Yun's question, Lahn was suddenly roused from his shock. He hadn't expected that this Beastman usually following the young mage was so incredibly powerful. With just one hammer swing, he was able to incapacitate an Archmage.

"Good, then have the Crimson Flame Gold Essence sent to the camp in three days." Lin Yun nodded before turning to walk into his living quarters.

The Draconic Beastman had gone back to Mark Watson and was about to drag him out, when a hysterical roar suddenly echoed. "Mafa Merlin, you f*cker! You are just a b*stard! I... I swear I won't let you off!"

Xiuban turned his head and saw Lin Yun, who was about to enter his living quarters, suddenly stop and look over. No matter how much of a simpleton Xiuban was, he knew what had to be done.

"Idiot, you dare to insult Sir Merlin, that's asking for death... You are truly asking to die!" The voice of the Draconic Beastman was followed by thuds and smacks, which were accompanied by loud screams. It only stopped when Xiuban noticed that Lin Yun had disappeared into his living quarters. Only then did Xiuban wipe the cold sweat off his forehead before shaking his head at the young, bloody man in front of him.

'Although Lord Xiuban agrees with what you just said, Lord Xiuban is also helpless. But seriously saying such words in front of Sir Merlin, you truly don't want to live...'

In the end, the Draconic Beastman held Carnage with one hand and grabbed Mark Watson's robe with his other hand. He dragged him out of the camp like a dead animal and ruthlessly threw him out.

As he was lying there on the ground, Mark Watson truly felt like crying...

But he knew he had to endure. He could only let it out once he met his teacher...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Indeed, he was planning on reporting this matter to his teacher, who had become a High Rank Archmage many years ago. He would ask him to take care of Mafa Merlin!

"Mafa Merlin, wait for me..."

Mark Watson turned towards the Merlin Family's camp and after a long glance, an icy smile appeared on his face. After resting for a while, he slowly dragged his body back to the Watson Family's camp while cursing the whole way.

By the time he was back, quite a while had passed. He quickly found the incomparably huge living area within the camp. "Teacher Rhett..."

"Mark? What is it?" An aged voice came from the living quarters. "Come in first..."

"Yes, Teacher..."

Mark entered with apprehension, deeply lowering his head. He was still wearing his white robe, which was now covered in blood and soil.

There was only one old man within these huge living quarters. He was a thin, old man with a grizzled beard and wearing a gray robe. He didn't look particularly special, but the young genius' attitude towards him, as well as the pressure that he emitted, indicated that this definitely wasn't an ordinary old man.

"What is it?"

Rhett looked at Mark Watson's current appearance and couldn't help frowning, his eyes becoming somewhat icy.

"Tea... Teacher... The commander of the Merlin Family, Mafa Merlin, called me to their camp this afternoon to talk about something. But by the time I reached their camp, those damn Merlins insulted the Watson Family in front of me. I naturally couldn't let it go, so I started arguing with them, but those guys were completely unreasonable and didn't even put Teacher in their eyes."

Mark acted very humble and deeply lowered his head. He had already prepared a good excuse and described himself as being a victim of bullying.

He naturally wouldn't say that he had been beaten by a Peak 9th Rank Expert Swordsman... And a Beastman at that...

That was too shameful...

After hearing Mark's story, the old man's expression didn't change at all as he calmly studied Mark. After half a minute, he broke the silence. "Mark, tell me the truth, did you take the initiative to go to the Merlin Family?"

Mark felt a surge of apprehension when he heard this, and he even started stammering. "Eh... This... Teacher... You..."

He hadn't expected that the lie he had been crafting on his way back would be exposed by his teacher, Rhett.


Seeing how Mark reacted, Rhett got the answer he wanted and helplessly shook his head. He naturally understood the character of his disciple. He couldn't have been invited by the Merlin Family. Most likely, he had gone to their camp to cause trouble.

"Teacher, I... I was wrong..."

"Alright Mark, I understand what happened. No one can bully my disciples without paying the price, and the Merlin Family is no exception..." Rhett gently waved his hand with a disdainful expression. "The Merlin Family's commander is that youth called Mafa? I heard he was only a 6th Rank High Mage."

Although Rhett had many disciples with no lack of outstanding Archmages among them, the one he cared the most about was definitely Mark Watson.

At 35, he had already become an Archmage. There were very few such geniuses in the entire Andlusa Kingdom.

This cherished disciple would definitely become a High Rank Archmage... It was only a matter of time.

Mark might be able to surpass him In less than a hundred years.

The pampered disciple that would inherit his legacy in the future was now looking like this. How could he not get angry?

Although he didn't show it, he was extremely angry.

"Yes, Mafa Merlin is only a 6th Rank High Mage..." Mark was stunned at first before starting to feel happy. He suppressed the excitement within his heart and answered his teacher's question with a gentle tone.

From his teacher's words, he knew that Mafa Merlin would run out of luck...

Mark understood the best how terrifying his teacher his was.

Rhett had already been a High Rank Archmage for a few decades, and ten years ago, in a Planar War, Rhett had overwhelmingly defeated two hostile High Rank Archmages and reversed the course of the war. Ever since then, Rhett became a Representative of the Watson Family's Ancestral Land Council.

But Mark, who was feeling overjoyed, suddenly recalled something. His expression suddenly became more muted as he said, "Teacher, this Mafa Merlin seems to have a pretty good relationship with the Black Tower..."

To be more accurate, he recalled his meeting with Weiss in the Flame Demon Fort a month ago.

Back then, Weiss was very friendly with Mafa Merlin.

This couldn't help but make Mark question what sort of relationship there was between Mafa Merlin and the Black Tower.

If there was no special relationship, then as a 6th Rank High Mage, Mafa would be nothing more than an insignificant obstacle, and there would be no problem if he was killed by Rhett.

But if by any chance...

"Haha, you don't need to be worried about this..." Rhett glanced at his disciple and grinned. "There is no use even if Mafa Merlin truly is on good terms with the Black Tower. They only care about benefits. As long as they feel like it's more beneficial to do so, the Black Tower will definitely abandon Mafa Merlin. Alright, Mark, let me handle this matter. You have been injured so heavily, you should go rest..." Rhett was already coming up with a plan as he said this.

In fact, he had come here after the three major forces captured the Horn of Fertility and naturally knew that the Merlin Family was occupying the most fertile area.

He had some designs on that fertile area.

If the Watson Family could obtain that land, it would mean an increase in the steady flow of resources, ores, and other alchemy materials. The power of the Watson Family would quickly increase and they would be able to pull ahead of the other forces.

But he had some apprehensions...

The agreement between both Families' Ancestral Lands to go to the Volcanic Mountain Range and explore the ruins left behind by the Ancestor had yet to be carried out. Only the power of the Merlin Family's Ancestral Land could make him so afraid, especially that Oren Merlin who had been alive for close to a millennium. A certain Heaven Rank of the Watson Family had once fought a fierce battle against Oren, and he had not been able to defeat him.

It was bound to have a great impact if he rashly made a move against the Merlin Family's Planar Legion in the Horn of Fertility. Those powerhouses of the Ancestral Land would most likely be dispatched.

The gains definitely wouldn't make up for the losses.

Thus, he had to think of a way to plunder their resources while weakening the Merlin Family and also forcing them to suffer in silence.

But would there be such an easy method where he could get the best of both worlds?


Earlier Mark had said: "Mafa Merlin seems to have a pretty good relationship with the Black Tower..."

This gave Rhett an idea. 'Right, how could I forget the Black Tower?'

The Watson Family could unite with the Black Tower to handle the Merlin Family in the Horn of Fertility and divide their fertile land.

He didn't particularly mind the division of the benefits. The key point here was to cripple the Merlin Family's influence.

Thinking about it...

If the Black Tower was the one making a move on the Merlin Family, no matter how unreasonable the people of the Ancestral Land were, would they dare to retaliate against the Black Tower?

They would only be able to suffer in silence.

As for Mafa Merlin, whether he had a good relationship with the Black Tower or not, Rhett truly didn't care.