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 "It is quite a coincidence..." Lahn had blocked Mark Watson's path. In fact, not long after Mark came to the camp, Lahn got a report telling him that Mark was looking for Mafa. Because of this, he positioned himself in front of the young mage's living quarters, planning to send Mark Watson away.

Lahn looked very disgruntled with the situation. He could hardly cover up his hostility as he looked at Mark. "Mark Watson, you killed Merlins and then dare to come to our camp? I do not care what you came here for, leave immediately!"

Lahn could naturally guess that what had happened three days earlier had been orchestrated by Mark Watson.

"Haha, Sir Lahn, that is wrong! Your Merlin Family made the first move. They stole what belonged to our Watson Family. Back then, I only planned on looking into it and having them hand over what they stole, but I hadn't expected that they would be unwilling to admit they were wrong, even in death. Nothing can be done about this... I loathe those kinds of people, so I taught them a lesson..." There was no shame on Mark's face. He was actually looking at Lahn with ridicule.

In fact, only Mark knew the truth behind this matter...

He truly didn't have a good opinion of the Merlin Family, only a deep disgust.

"Alright, Sir Lahn, I don't want to keep wasting time on this matter. Please step aside, I'm looking for Mafa Merlin..."

Lahn glanced at the living quarters behind him and frowned. "No way, High Mage Mafa is in the middle of..."

But before Lahn finished his sentence the thin young mage slowly came out of the barrack. And behind him was a sneaky Beastman carrying a Gold Essence Hammer with one hand as he massaged his eyes with the other, still looking sleepy. At that time, Lahn apologized, "High Mage Mafa, sorry for disturbing you..."

"What's going on?" The young mage frowned. He looked rather irritated as he glanced at Mark Watson, before finally looking at Lahn.

Lahn was instantly scared when he saw that expression... He couldn't help feeling nervous. He had provoked him three times just in the Winter Plane, yet the young mage hadn't looked so pissed any of those times. Lahn glanced at Mark and explained, "Mark Watson..."

"Very good!"

But Lahn was interrupted by Mark. The young Archmage disdainfully waved his arm and looked at Lin Yun with a cold expression. "Mafa Merlin, I came to give an explanation to you in person. I made a special trip to your Merlin Family's camp to discuss a certain matter with you..."

"What matter?"

"You should know that three days ago, your Merlin Family resource collection team showed their poor upbringing and stole a large amount of materials from our Watson Family's territory. However, they have already received proper punishment..."

"Oh? Something like that happened?"

The exchange between Mark Watson and Lin Yun made Lahn react furiously. He flew into a rage and shouted with a flushed face, "Nonsense! Mark Watson, you are full of sh*t!"

Lahn Merlin looked at Lin Yun and indignantly said, "High Mage Mafa, this isn't what happened. Our Merlin Family possesses the most fertile area of the Horn of Fertility! How could we care about the Watson Family's pathetic resources? The resource collection team was transporting the haul back to the Flame Demon Fort, but when they passed through the territory of the Watson Family, their path was blocked. Not only were the resources stolen, but most of the people were injured, and two members of the team even died..."

Lahn had personally looked for the 7th Rank Archmage Captain and realized what had happened.

Hearing the other side distorting the truth once again, he truly went berserk.

'That damn Mark Watson is just shameless beyond comparison...'

"Haha, Sir Lahn, you can't make such irresponsible remarks, you have to back up your words with evidence. If you don't have any proof, please hold your tongue." Mark dismissed Lahn's claims before turning to look at Lin Yun. "Mafa Merlin, although your Family's resource collection team has already been punished accordingly, this is still far from enough. Your Merlin Family has to compensate our Watson Family for your mistake."


"Yes... Take out a third of the land that your Merlin Family claimed here and give it to our Watson Family and we shall not look into this any longer."

"Haha..." Lin Yun chuckled, his expression becoming grave as he looked at the chatterbox in front of him. "Sir Mark, I have to say... Do you really think you are so great?"

Lin Yun was in an awful mood at this moment.

Before Mark had arrived, he had been in his living quarters researching blueprints, repeatedly having to toss them away one after another when he realized that there were problems with each one. This made him somewhat impatient. Still, he managed, with great difficulty, to find some clues. But he hadn't expected some loud, quarrelling voices to break out outside his living quarters.

At first, he didn't care why they were fighting. The only thing he cared about was that his train of thought had been interrupted...

Although he had accumulated enough experience after finishing the blueprint of the first component, he still spent a lot of time on the second one.

It took about four days, and when he was finally about to succeed, he was suddenly disturbed. One could well imagine how angry he was...

In fact, he already had already been feeling murderous when he came out of the tent and saw Mark Watson.

But thinking of the cooperation between the Merlin Family and the Watson Family regarding the Ancestor's ruins, he resisted the urge to attack Mark.

"Mafa Merlin, do you know who you are talking to?"

Unfortunately, the young genius from the Watson Family's Ancestral Land didn't know that he was already treading further and further down the path to death. When he heard Lin Yun questioning his prestige, Mark's face distorted in rage. He tightened his grip onto his magic staff and coldly glared at Lin Yun. "It doesn't matter that you are a 6th Rank High Mage. Even if you had advanced to the Archmage realm, I could still crush you in an instant..."

'That damn Mafa Merlin is really courting death! Does he not know how terrifying the fury of an Archmage is? He actually dares to recklessly provoke me...'

With his special status as commander of the Merlin Family, if Mafa had provoked him before, he wouldn't have dared to attack, as it could influence the capture of the Horn of Fertility.

But now...

The horn of Fertility had already been captured, and he no longer had anything to be worried about.

Furthermore, the power of the Merlin Family in the Horn of Fertility was simply pathetically weak. They only had five or six Archmages here, and besides Peak 4th Rank Archmage Lahn, they no longer had any presentable powerhouses.

The difference between the two Families was clearly visible.

Including Mark himself, the Watson Family had over ten powerful Archmages here, and there was even one that had become a High Rank Archmage many years ago, his own teacher.

His teacher alone might be enough to crush the power of the Merlin Family in the Horn of Fertility.

Thus, Mark Watson was completely unrestrained.

Ridicule could be seen on Mark Watson's face. "Even if you know that I was framing the Merlin Family and deliberately looked for an excuse to kill some of your members, so what? You have no proof, there is no point in talking about it. Alright, I can't be bothered to argue with you. If you are tactful, you'll do as I said and transfer that piece of land to our Watson Family. Otherwise, your Merlin Family will definitely run out of luck..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I think that before our Merlin Family runs out of luck, you'll be the first to do so..."

"I'll be the first? With what? Just you? Mafa..." Mark sneered as he looked at Lin Yun as if he had heard the strangest joke in the world, unable to suppress a chuckle. "I want to see how you are going to do that..."

'An insignificant High Mage dares to threaten me... This is just ridiculous!'

"Oh, you really want to see, Sir Mark?" Lin Yun asked.

"See what?"

"Sir Mark, your memory is really bad, I shall naturally let you see how I'm going to make you run out of luck," Lin Yun said in a low voice while smirking.

'Not only did that scoundrel interrupt my train of thought at a crucial time, he made such a disgusting move against the Merlin Family.'

"Xiuban, the task to make Sir Mark here run out of luck shall be handed over to you..." Lin Yun glanced at the Draconic Beastman next to him and frowned when he saw his sleepy appearance.

"Why is it always me?" Xiuban whined as he massaged his eyes.

"Because you are sleeping too much..."

"Alright... Sir Merlin..." Facing this blunt answer, the Draconic Beastman lacked the strength to retort, but he really wanted to say that he wasn't sleeping too much, he just liked sleeping...

Xiuban massaged his eyes and slowly moved towards Mark Watson while carrying Carnage.

"Remember, if you can't make him run out of luck, then the one running out of luck will be you..."

When he heard that sentence coming from behind him, Xiuban instantly started sweating while feeling oddly motivated. He couldn't help tightening his grip on Carnage before turning his head and saying, "Sir Merlin, you can rest assured..."