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 Suval couldn't help clenching his fists when he mentioned that matter.

"What happened on the next night?"

"Haha, I realized at the time that Mafa Merlin never even thought of giving up that area and wanted to kill me instead!" Suval looked livid as he angrily roared, "There was a damn Demon, a true Demon! Even I, as a 7th Rank Archmage, wasn't that Demon's match! I almost died in the Ghost Valley and barely escaped, yet that Mafa Merlin just stood on the side and watched..."

"So you think that the distribution plan suggested by Mafa Merlin is a plot?"

"It's not?"


Weiss didn't know what to say. He took a deep look and then shook his head before turning and walking away...

'That Suval is truly too sensitive... Especially this time, he was so affected that he made the Black Tower suffer a loss. It looks like I have to suggest to Sir Harren that Suval should be removed from the Raging Flame Plane after this. If this continues, he will sooner or later cause an accident.'

As for what happened to Suval...

Weiss felt that the young mage had only been trying to teach Suval a lesson. It probably wasn't really aimed at the Black Tower.

After meeting with him so many times, he naturally knew that the young mage was a very clever person. Although it looked like he didn't care about anything and was always doing unexpected things, the young mage always had everything under control. How could he kill a member of the Black Tower if that didn't bring him any benefits?

Three days soon passed. The three major forces had dispatched their Planar Legions to their respective areas to rest and reorganize, and during that time, they sent resource collection teams to gather some natural resources.

Suval's unusual action three days ago made the Merlin Family earn the most fertile part of the Horn of Fertility, and during that time, Lin Yun had a new harvest.

To be more accurate, the resource collection team of the Merlin Family had findings that weren't insignificant at all. On the evening of the first day, they brought back some ores from nearby ore veins.

Lin Yun recognized one crimson piece of ore from that pile. He realized that Crimson Flame Gold Essence could be extracted from it, making him unexpectedly happy.

After all, even in the current Noscent, Crimson Flame Gold Essence wasn't particularly common.

Usually, a thumb-sized piece would sell at a very high price in an auction...

And the Horn of Fertility had an entire vein of it...

What Lin Yun cared about wasn't the wealth brought by that ore vein, but rather the fact that he was actually in need of some Crimson Flame Gold Essence.

If he had found Crimson Flame Gold Essence before coming to the Raging Flame Plane, he might not have had any use for it.

But it was different now.

After the Doom Staff's advancement and the birth of its Magic Tool Incarnation, Lin Yun had already reached the Artisan Realm, so he could now use Crimson Flame Gold Essence to forge the components that the Heaven Rank Puppet needed.

The matter of restoring the Heaven Puppet had always been on his mind. Last time he brought back many precious components from the Tulan Mountain Range and spent several days fixing the Heaven Puppet, but he was still short of some necessary parts. Because of this, the Heaven Puppet's strength was only comparable to that of a 5th Rank Archmage, which was far from his goal.

Based on his plan, once the set of parts was uniform, the puppet's strength would immediately leap to the peak of the Archmage realm.

But that was beyond Lin Yun's current capabilities. After all, he already knew that he would have to take a trip to the Puppet Plane to completely restore the puppet.

And he wasn't in a rush to go to the Puppet Plane. It was a plane comparable to the Undead Plane, and from a certain perspective, it might be even more dangerous than the Undead Plane. During the peak of the Magic Era, a few of the major forces of Noscent joined hands and spent a few decades before thoroughly conquering this plane, but no less than ten Heaven Rank powerhouses died in the process.

Although Lin Yun could easily crush High Ranked Archmages with his current strength, it would still be very dangerous if he rashly set foot on the Puppet Plane. If he was unlucky, he might even die there.

And thus, he was still waiting...

Only when he advanced to the Archmage realm could he use the true power of the Book of Death. Even if he met a few dangers in the Puppet Plane then, he should be able to escape unscathed...

Soon, Lin Yun realized that making the components for the Heaven Puppet was far more troublesome than he had expected. First, there was the issue with smelting the ore. The current Horn of Fertility was still a primitive land and there was nothing he could use to smelt metal.

To fix that problem, he had to gather enough ore and transport it to the closer Flame Frost Fort, but that trip itself would take an entire day.

But since Lin Yun had no other options, he could only do that...

Thus, the next day, Lin Yun personally went to Crimson Flame Gold Essence vein and gathered a large amount of manpower to harvest the ore and transport it. He then assigned Lahn to take care of the smelting process. After dealing with that, Lin Yun returned to camp, because he still had one important matter to take care of.

Planning the blueprint of the puppet was even more troublesome than smelting the ore.

It was to the point that it gave him a headache.

He planned on using the Crimson Flame Gold Essence to craft three core components. After thinking for a long time, he got a rough outline, but Lin Yun realized that in practice, the blueprint wasn't as easy as he had imagined...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After all, those were a Heaven Rank Puppet's components, something only a Saint Alchemist could craft. It wasn't in the domain of an Artisan. In all of Noscent, Lin Yun might be the only Artisan who would dare to try and craft a Heaven Puppet's component...

His alchemy knowledge transcended the entire era and he had come into contact with many puppet components at the end of the Magic Era. After thorough research and studies, he had gotten a deep understanding of how those components operated, as well as the theory behind it. With that, he believed he could craft components for a Heaven Puppet despite only being at the Artisan realm.

But, the process would be somewhat challenging.

In five days, he had drafted a total of twelve blueprints, but after carefully reviewing them, he discovered that each of those blueprints had some sort of problem.

They would barely be compatible with the Heaven Puppet, but their functions wouldn't be powerful enough, or they were powerful enough, but couldn't properly match with the Heaven Puppet...

Lin Yun felt a bit frustrated.

He spent three days reviewing his twelfth blueprint and made some specific changes before ultimately achieving the result he had been looking for.

He had also accumulated some experience from this first step and started trying to design blueprints for two other core components.

At this time, the three major forces were still reorganizing in the Horn of Fertility and had dispatched a few resource collection teams to explore every corner of the area. Lin Yun, who was immersed in his blueprints, was unaware, but something happened to the resource collection teams of the Merlin Family. They had gathered a large amount of magic materials and intended to carry them back to the Flame Demon Fort. But they had to go through the territory of the Watson Family, and as a result, conflicts arose.

And the Merlin Family definitely suffered some losses in that conflict. The group of fifty was definitely a decent force of mages, and the leader was a 7th Rank Archmage.

However, the Watson Family had four to five High Rank Archmages, and a young Archmage...

This Archmage was naturally the youthful Mark who had previously been sent to the Flame Demon Fort to bring up the idea of collaborating in the first place.

As a result of the conflict, two mages of the Merlin Family's resource collection team had died, and the captain was seriously injured.

This news infuriated all the officers of the Planar Legion when the Merlin Family's camp got wind of it. Some ill-tempered ones even shouted that they should make the Watson Family pay, but they were suppressed by Lahn Merlin, who rushed to the Watson Family to ask for an explanation. Their reply was that the Merlin's resource collection team had been secretly collecting resources that belonged to the Watson Family. They had only been taught a small lesson.

At that time, Lahn's face turned red as he shook from anger. He had just seen what being shameless truly meant. But no matter how angry he got, it was no use. The young commander had been cooped up in his living quarters recently and no one could disturb him, and he couldn't overpower all of them himself.

Helpless, Lahn could only endure...

But Lahn clearly understood that once the young mage was done with his business and learnt of this matter, the Watson Family would inevitably run out of luck. All he had to do was endure for the time being.

The party involved, namely Mark Watson, didn't realize that. On the 3rd day after the dispute, he came swaggering into the Merlin Family's camp on his own.

While going through the camp, Mark Watson sensed many hostile stares, but he didn't pay them any attention. As the only genius of the Watson Family who had become an Archmage before turning 35, the only people worth his attention were High Rank Archmages.

"Hmpf..." He coldly snorted, inwardly shaking his head as he quickened his pace, up until an aged silhouette blocked his path.

Mark greeted that person with a smile. "Sir Lahn, what a coincidence..."