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 Lin Yun had dispatched the Draconic Beastman at the start of the battle. With Carnage in his hands, the 9th Rank Expert Swordsman Xiuban could be said to be invincible. That crazy reaping feeling was truly great. Being immersed in that pleasurable feeling made the Draconic Beastman act like a headless chicken, charging around the battlefield until he ended up surrounded by Beastmen.

The same kind of silhouettes could be seen everywhere around him, over a thousand Wolf-Riders were charging towards him one wave after another.

Xiuban got truly scared, even if he had a simple mind, he knew that his situation was very dangerous. He was surrounded by close to a thousand Wolf-Riders, isolated and without any back-up. Although he could rely on his domineering strength and stop the Beastmen from approaching him, how long would it take to kill a thousand Beastmen? He might end up killed once he ran out of stamina...

'What should I do...'

'Fight my way out?'

The problem was that although he was shockingly powerful and no weaker than some Sword Saints, each step would be extremely difficult under the Beastmen siege.

Only if his power got a sudden boost could he sweep through the Wolf Riders...

But now, without Lin Yun at his side, he could only reminisce the times when buffs were cast onto him.

'Hold on...'

As he waved Carnaged, Xiuban recalled something. After sending a group of Wolf-Riders flying, he put his hand in his pocket and took out a potion. He then struggled to open the lid and drank it.

Xiuban then felt a clear change, his body instantly became light and the heavy Carnage also became a lot lighter. More importantly, runes rushed forth all over his body and flickered with a dazzling radiance, emitting a tyrannical power.

In fact, he wasn't unfamiliar with that change...


After a roar, the Draconic Beastman once again brandished his Carnage, and like a windmill, sent flying all the Wolf-Riders on his path. After a short ten seconds, Xiuban managed to rush ten meters into the encirclement.

He knew that the potion could only last three minutes and that he would be weakened afterwards. It was precisely because of this that the cowardly Draconic Beastman recklessly broke out of the siege.

But it didn't take long for the Draconic Beastman to meet an opponent. This was a Raging Flame Beastman over two meters tall, whose whole body was flickering with countless runes. He was holding an axe covered in blood and the Ashen Wolf he was riding was a few times bigger than the average...

At this moment, Xiuban was stuck in a deadlock, he hadn't been able to defeat that Raging Flame Beastman for the last half a minute.

"Hell, you are so damn annoying... Hey, wretched guy, go find someone else and stop blocking Lord Xiuban's path..."

Xiuban couldn't help being worried. Although he hadn't kept track of time, he knew that there wasn't much time left, he had at most a minute until he would be weakened, and even he knew what that meant.

But he was helpless, the Raging Flame Beastman he was fighting was too strong...

After all, the current Xiuban was only a 9th Rank Expert Swordsman, but he had fused with a drop of Three-Headed Dragon's Blood, giving him a terrifying power, and possessed casting ability within his Bloodline as well as a Peak Spiritual Magic Hammer, the power he could display was enough to contend against a 2nd or 3rd Rank Sword Saint...

After drinking that potion with extraordinary buffing effect, his strength had temporarily increased a few times.

Even so, he still couldn't defeat this Raging Flame Beastman in a short time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

From this it can be seen that this Raging Flame Beastman's strength was comparable to a 4th Rank Sword Saint, or possible a High Rank Sword Saint.

'What can I do, what can I do...'

As time passed, the Draconic Beastman's mind was overflowing with anxiety, although he could suppress the Raging Flame Beastman with his power, he simply couldn't escape. Nothing could be done about it, the other side's Ashen Wolf was too fast and would catch up to him in a few steps...

However, being anxious wouldn't solve the problem.

The only way was to thoroughly defeat the Raging Flame Beastman.

But, how could he defeat him?

'It would be a lot better if Sir Merlin was here...'


Xiuban suddenly thought of something, he then put a lot of effort into searching through his memories. In the past, Lin Yun often mentioned things like battle positioning, preparing an attack, targeting weak points, and others battle techniques. As a Draconic Beastman, he simply didn't care about those things, he was entirely relying on his raw strength when battling, and couldn't bother using techniques.

Recalling these would be a great help to his current plight.

Thus, in the next clash, the Draconic Beastman paid more attention to these techniques and made more and more effort. Ultimately, he swung Carnage with a powerful roar and struck that Raging Flame Beastman in the chest with terrifying power, causing his opponent to spit out blood as he was sent flying a few dozen meters away before heavily falling on the ground, motionless.

"Truly overestimating yourself! Is there anyone in the world that can stop Lord Xiuban?" Sensing the fear in the surroundings Raging Flame Beastmen's eyes, Xiuban held Carnage and swung in front of him, sending countless Beastmen flying. Eventually, when the potion's effects were about to run out, Xiuban managed to completely break out of the siege.

Just as the effects ran out, Xiuban started panting, completely weakened.

As Xiuban killed the leader of that cavalry unit, several thousand Wolf-Riders became headless chickens and ended up collapsing under the attack of the allied forces. The hundred of Divine Archers kept shooting at the Wyverns from the center of the Allied Forces, launching a fierce offensive. Wailing sounds echoed as several hundreds of Spear-Thrower Raging Flame Beastmen soon followed the cavalry unit and were defeated.

The allied forces pushed forward with irresistible force and surrounded that group of Beastmen. The only problematic part was those endless Flame Elementals.

After roughly two hours, the allied forces disposed of all the Elementals. As for those Beastman Mages, they were all killed. As the battle ended, the allied forces proceeded to clear up the battlefield.

A temporary meeting room was built in the center of the camp.

The atmosphere within the meeting room was somewhat heavy, there were four people in there, Weiss and Suval from the Black Tower, Karl from the Watson Family, and naturally, Lin Yun.

"Don't you feel that this Fireblade Tribe's army was a bit too weak...?" Weiss frowned, crossing his arms on the table while softly tapping it. He looked at everyone before saying, "High Mage Merlin, what do you think?"

"I also feel that way..." Lin Yun nodded with a thoughtful expression. He only approved and didn't say anything else.

The only thing he was sure of was that what they had just encountered was the main force of the Fireblade Tribe stationed in the Horn of Fertility. But the power of that army was beyond his expectations, it was mostly made of ordinary Raging Flame Beastmen. They couldn't be considered as elites of the Fireblade Tribe.

And most importantly...

During the chaos, he had used his Magic Array to investigate and discovered that there were too few powerhouses in that army, there were less than ten Archmages and the strongest one was a Beastman Mage comparable to a 6th Rank Archmage.

This was too odd...

After all, the Fireblade Tribe had never been successfully infringed on by human forces in the past millennium, they always maintained a formidable force there, and the powerhouses of the tribe far outshined the Thawing Fire Tribe's power. Yet, the troops guarding the Horn of Fertility were that weak.

What was going on?

The information they had originally received reported that the troops at the Horn of Fertility amounted to a third of what it had always been. That was shocking enough already. At that time, Lin Yun guessed that an accident had happened within the Fireblade Tribe, otherwise they would have never had so many Beastmen return from the Horn of Fertility, since losing it meant that the Fireblade Tribe would face a great menace.

In the past millennium, the Fireblade Tribe had always defended the Horn of Fertility, with half of their elites stationed there all year long. The Black Tower and the Cloud Tower's attacks had always ended up in defeat.

But not only did it look like there was indeed only a third of the troops remaining, Lin Yun was also certain that they weren't the tribe's elites, it seemed more like a motley crew turned into an army.

This couldn't help but make Lin Yun speculate, the Fireblade Tribe might not just have suffered an accident, they might have ran into a crisis.

Naturally, this was good for their three forces...

"Alright, the stationed troops had been annihilated, what meaning is there in talking about this..." Suval took out a detailed map from his pocket with a gloomy expression and spread it on the table, "Forget those useless matters, the topic of this meeting is the allocation of the spoils..."

This meeting regarding the loot distribution was very important. When the three major forces had negotiated, they had already defined the loot allocation, such as the areas each force would occupy, and so on...