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 The Flame Demon Fort's numerous powerhouses had quickly noticed the activity at the alchemy laboratory. Thorne Merlin and a few other people rushed over and looked at the alchemy laboratory, damaged beyond recognition, before looking at Lin Yun with odd expressions.

"High Mage Merlin, this..." Thorne looked at Lin Yun with a puzzled expression. He had returned to the Raging Flame Plane five days ago and tried to look for the young mage, but Lin Yun had remained behind closed doors inside the alchemy laboratory, up until now...

"It's nothing, it was only an accident..." Lin Yun awkwardly said. He then waved his arm and no longer said anything.

"Oh..." Thorne nodded, not asking any more questions.

Soon after, Lin Yun, Thorne, and the others, went to the Flame Demon Fort's meeting room. On the way, Thorne explained the matter of the cooperation between the three major forces to Lin Yun. The three major forces, including the Merlin Family, had already dispatched their troops near the Horn of Fertility and they had already set up some formations, intending to officially attack the Horn of Fertility the next day.

After a meeting that lasted over half an hour, it was ultimately decided to leave Thorne, Ida, and Yuri behind at the Flame Demon Fort while Lin Yun would lead the remaining Archmages and the Merlin Planar Legion to participate in the fight over the Horn of Fertility.

After two hours, Lin Yun appeared in the Planar Legion's camp, naturally, people of the Watson Family and the Black Tower were also in this camp. After reaching the base, Lin Yun didn't stay idle as he was invited by Weiss and Karl to participate in the long pre-war meeting, which ended up lasting until nightfall.

This time, Lin Yun only took with him Xiuban and Reina. As for the three Merlin Cousins, they were left in the Ghost Valley. He naturally noticed that the three youths of the Merlin Family had already reached the peak of the High Mage realm, but even if they came to participate in that war over the Horn of Fertility, they wouldn't be of much help, it would be better for them to keep meditating inside the Ghost Valley, and who knows, they might soon advance to the Archmage realm.

The next day, the three allied armies formally launched their attack on the Horn of Fertility.

When they first set foot on the Horn of Fertility, the three major forces were excited to some extent. This source of natural resource was famous for its fertility, this was something all major forces had known for close to a millennium, it could be said that all the forces in the Raging Flame Plane had a hard time resisting the attraction towards the Horn of Fertility.

The land under their feet was completely red and numerous volcanoes could be seen towering over the vast earth, and a burning smell could be felt in the surroundings.

The allied forces had just arrived to the Horn of Fertility and they already found traces of ore veins, but they didn't stop and kept going deeper and deeper. More and more ore veins appeared which would make anyone go crazy, and there were some areas so rich in mana that numerous medicinal herbs were growing in patches.

In fact, there was a deeper reason why the name Horn of Fertility had spread among Okland's major forces. As everyone knew, the Fireblade Tribe, the strongest of the Thirteen Tribes, had existed for millennia at the end of the Wailing River. Even if Okland's major forces had sent more and more Planar Legions to participate in the contest over the Raging Flame Plane and occupied nearly two thirds of the Raging Flame Plane, the Fireblade Tribe didn't have too many losses. The previous Thawing Fire Tribe couldn't even compare to a half of the Fireblade Tribe in terms of power.

It was simply because of the Horn of Fertility.

The human forces could see the fertile side of the Horn of Fertility, but those ore veins, medicinal herbs, and other resources didn't have any value to the Fireblade Tribe. They would at most extract some ores to create some crude weapons, their forging civilization was simply too far behind.

What the Fireblade Tribe truly cared about was the topography of the Horn of Fertility. This was an easily guarded and hard to attack location and was the only road leading to the Fireblade territory. Half of the tribe's army was stationed there all year round, and even if the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower, these two behemoths, joined hands, they might not necessarily be able to break through the Horn of Fertility.

Clearly, in this cooperation, the Black Tower had great ambitions. After seizing the Horn of Fertility, they would inevitably make moves on the surrounding forts and slowly nibble away at the Fire Blade Tribe.

The majestic allied force was made up of several thousand people and they were pushing forward with formidable momentum. They met a few weak Beastman cavalry units on the way which only had a dozen people. They should have been scouts, but unfortunately, they didn't even have time to scream when faced with the allied forces before being obliterated by a flood of spells.

After roughly half an hour, Lin Yun suggested to halt the allied forces for the time being, and after negotiating with the high ranked members of the three major forces, the suggestion was accepted. After all, there weren't many of the Beastman army left, but it was always good to be careful. The majestic army stopped and reorganized, before each of the parties sent a scout team.

"It's truly a waste of time..." Suval was sneering at Lin Yun. During the negotiations, he had insisted on opposing Lin Yun's suggestion. In his eyes, that was a waste of time.

Moreover, from a personal point of view, he could only unhesitantly go against Lin Yun's suggestion. He furiously clenched his teeth when he recalled what happened half a month ago in the Ghost Valley. Had it not been for that damned Mafa Merlin, he wouldn't have been put in such a difficult situation.

If it could be said that he had previously had enmity towards the young mage entirely because of Santon Merlin, then now, after what happened, the loathing he had towards the young mage was only a bit below his hate of Santon Merlin.

Suval smirked and said with ridicule, "I really don't understand what's so scary, could it be that you think our allied forces can't even handle the remaining Beastmen? If that's the case, then your Merlin Family should withdraw from this cooperation..."

"..." Weiss who was standing to the side was scared witless and helplessly looked at Suval. Originally, Suval should have been transferred back to Noscent after the battle with the Thawing Fire Tribe.

But just as Suval was about to leave, the matter of the Horn of Fertility came to light and a powerhouse like Suval would play a critical role in this battle. After careful deliberations, Harren decided to let Suval remain in the Raging Flame Plane for the time being.


Lin Yun suddenly squinted. He was about to say something when his face suddenly changed, "Hold on, what's that sound..."

"What do you mean?" Weiss, who was next to Lin Yun, blankly looked at Lin Yun before turning. His face then froze, "Damnit, that's a Beastman Army..."

As Weiss said those words, dozens of red colored signal arrows flew high in the sky from several hundred meters away. Everyone recognized those arrows as they were the signal from a scout force.

"Prepare for battle! Prepare for battle!"

Following that urgent command, the resting allied troops quickly stood up and prepared for the next battle.

In less than a minute, the allied forces' fighter squads were already holding their swords and shields and stood at the front of the allied army, forming numerous layers of defenses to block the first charge of the Beastman Cavalry Units. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Smoke rose as countless Wolf-Riders appeared within the allied forces's field of view, charging towards the allied forces with extremely fierce speed. The thousands of Wolf-Riders charged with tremendous momentum, leaving deep marks on the red soil, making the earth shake.

After the Beastman cavalry units followed the Beastmen carrying spears and standing atop Wyverns. Before the Wolf-Riders even reached the allied forces, they had already thrown out a wave of spears which fell onto the allied armies like raindrops.

Over five hundred meters away stood a large group of Beastman Mages. They all had serious expressions as they were chanting profound and mysterious words. Suddenly, burning auras spread all over the place as they summoned one tyrannical Flame Elemental after the other, Volcano Spirits, Ash Spirits, Lava Giants, and other Flame Elementals rushed towards the allied forces in a fierce offensive.

Soon, the battlefield sank into chaos, blazing auras and dazzling spells collided and created explosions on the battlefield as the Beastman Army battled the allied forces.

A tyrannical aura rose up from the center of the battlefield, the Archmages within the allied forces also joined in the battle as dazzling spells emitting terrifying auras exploded onto the Beastman cavalry units, turning them into ashes instantly.

At the same time, the allied forces kept having a large amount of casualties within this chaotic battlefield.

At this time, a dark red silhouette was waving a two-handed hammer as he travelled back and forth through the battlefield. Every time he waved his weapon, four or five Beastmen would lose their lives. It didn't take long for the hammer to be covered in blood as corpses of Raging Flame Beastmen were left in his wake.

"Hateful, truly hateful..." Xiuban was holding Carnage with both hands, swinging repeatedly like a machine. Wherever he went, Beastmen would fall to the ground and Wolf-Riders would be sent flying, and even those Ashen Wolves couldn't escape. But at the same time, Xiuban just couldn't stop cursing.