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 'You think you can speak to the Black Tower as if they were the Watson Family? This is meaningless...'

Karl secretly glanced at Weiss.

And sure enough...

Weiss was frowning, standing still and not saying anything.

Karl started rejoicing in the young mage's misfortune as he looked at Lin Yun with ridicule. He had gotten quite annoyed by the young commander's antics.

That Mafa Merlin truly didn't know his place...

He was originally offered very good conditions, but he still went and haggled over the price. Did he really think that the Merlin Family had the qualifications to press the Black Tower for better terms?

Let alone the Merlin Family, even both Families together weren't qualified to do that...

'You won't fare well if you are too greedy.'

Karl suddenly felt that he should take advantage of this opportunity. If he could push the Merlin Family out of the deal altogether, the Watson Family might be able to obtain a larger share.

An imperceptible sneer appeared on his face. But just as he was about to speak, the frowning Weiss suddenly started talking. "You are right, High Mage Merlin. Our Black Tower indeed would be taking too much..."


Karl's face froze. 'How could this happen? Is this the Black Tower I know? Is this the Weiss I know?'

Even when negotiating with the Could Tower, Weiss wouldn't compromise so easily...

Although he didn't dare to believe it, the sounds of Weiss and Mafa haggling forced him to accept that this was really happening.

The haggling almost made him collapse, and he spent the entire time feeling muddleheaded. He only remembered Weiss eventually asking him, "Do you have any objections?" to which he vehemently shook his head. He didn't say a single word during the negotiations, which ended up lasting half an hour.

After the three major forces reached an agreement, it was time to prepare, including dispatching their troops as well as preparing some preliminary battle formations. After sending Weiss and Karl off, Lin Yun had Ida and Yuri manage the preparations. In the entire Raging Flame Plane, besides the three Merlin Cousins, the most reliable people he had were the two Archmages from the Ancestral Land.

This wouldn't be as awkward as when they attacked the Ghost Valley because Thorne had given him all the authority as commander. This meant that all the troops of the Merlin Family in the Raging Flame Plane were under his command.

But he clearly wasn't a qualified commander, so after handing everything over to Ida and Yuri, he once again entered the laboratory and proceeded with the processing of the five Chromatic Dragon Crystals. He had thought of a bold plan the previous day. He would fuse the five Dragon Crystal together to form just one, before embedding it in the Doom Staff.

It could be said that his processing plan was unique.

He hadn't heard of anyone doing this...

How could it be easy to fuse five Chromatic Dragon Crystals together?

Despite that, Lin Yun didn't plan on giving up...

Thus, Lin Yun remained in the laboratory as day after day passed, never coming out. On the 5th day, Thorne returned to the Raging Flame Plane, and when he heard about the collaboration between the Merlin Family, the Watson Family, and the Black Tower, his first thought was to look for the young mage to consult with him. But he was stopped by Reina in front of the alchemy laboratory door. He waited for a whole day before finally heading back in disappointment.

The cooperation between the three major forces proceeded in an orderly fashion, and this all seemed to have nothing to do with Lin Yun.

Ultimately, on the 10th day, that tightly shut door creaked loudly before being slowly opened by someone. It was Lin Yun, but he looked completely exhausted. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair unkempt. It was to the point that Reina, who had been guarding the door, looked at him weirdly when he came out.

"What is it?" Lin Yun threw a strange look back at her.

"Nothing..." Reina's icy gaze quickly swept past Lin Yun before she coldly answered. In fact, she had been very curious. The young mage had stayed in the laboratory for ten days... What had he been doing all this time?

She couldn't help glancing inside the laboratory out of curiosity. She could see a Dragon Crystal emitting a multitude of colors on the messy alchemy table. When she spotted it, Reina was shocked speechless.

Because she could clearly feel five different Draconic Auras being emitted from that crystal...

'How could a single Dragon Crystal contain five Draconic Auras? ...Could it be?'

As she thought of something, Reina couldn't help looking at Lin Yun in bewilderment.

"Reina, I'll continue to work. Don't let anyone disturb me..."

After breathing some fresh air, the weary Lin Yun gave Reina some instructions and reentered the alchemy laboratory. In the past ten days, he had managed to completely fuse the five Dragon Crystals into one. The only thing left to do was to embed it into the Doom Staff.

Theoretically speaking, this was much easier than fusing the Dragon Crystals...

The only thing he had to pay close attention to was making sure that he didn't damage the Doom Staff's original structure, or it would be very troublesome.

He cautiously picked up the Dragon Crystal from the alchemy table, feeling the boundless power contained within it. He couldn't help feeling awed. In fact, the Element Chapter didn't play a small role in the successful fusion of the five Chromatic Dragon Crystals. In the Tulan Mountain Range, he had once killed an unusual magic beast and obtained very strange mana crystals that contained the energies of the four elements. He then realized that Gaugass King, Luo Ning, had developed this method through the study of the Element Chapter.

Five days ago, he had been at wits' end trying to come up with a method to proceed, and he even became hot-tempered. In order to calm himself, he had to temporarily put the matter of the Chromatic Dragon Crystal to the back of his head and sit calmly for a while. He then sank into his memories of the twenty years he spent in the era 30,000 years from now, up until Noscent's end and his inexplicable arrival in this era.

He kept recalling his memories...

Every experience up till the Tulan Mountain Range went by, just like a movie appearing in his mind. And from that movie, he suddenly recalled that he might be able to fuse the five Dragon Crystals by analyzing the principle behind the coexistence of the four elements.

And it turned out to be the correct method...

After failing again and again, on the 10th day, he finally fused the five Chromatic Dragon Crystals.

Lin Yun couldn't help forcing a smile as he thought back on this. He then put the Doom Staff on the refining table before once again plunging into his work. He skillfully used all the alchemy tools there and began processing the Doom Staff. Three hours later, those diverse processing techniques were completed.

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He took a deep breath and picked up the Dragon Crystal before slowly attaching it to the Doom Staff. Suddenly, the Chromatic Dragon Crystal flickered with a fierce radiance, illuminating the entire laboratory. Even Lin Yun had no choice but to squint under the intense light.

The change happened in a split second. Those multi-colored lights shrank like a tide when a young and immature Dragon Roar echoed. Lin Yun was stunned to discover that the Doom Staff had undergone a qualitative change. He couldn't even recognize it. There was a Dragon's head at the tip of the staff, with two neat fangs flickering with a cold light. The Dragon Crystal was flickering with a multitude of colors Inside that Dragon's mouth. Even the body of the staff had become covered in numerous dense scales.


Thunder suddenly shook the surroundings as the Doom Staff completed its transformation. Lin Yun truly hadn't expected that the Doom Staff's advancement would create such an intense scene. He thought that rumbling thunder could only be heard when a Magic Tool reached the peak of the True Spirit realm.

But the Doom Staff couldn't have reached that point yet.

He picked it up and tightly held it. Suddenly, formidable mana fluctuations surged from the Doom Staff, making Lin Yun smile broadly.

'I truly didn't expect it to become a High-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool...'

He originally intended to use the five Dragon Crystals to upgrade the Doom Staff to become a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool. But surprisingly, it skipped a rank. To be more precise, the Doom Staff had just barely entered the High-Rank level. The power of that Magic Staff was equivalent to that of a 7th Rank Archmage...

'Hold on, that's...'

As Lin Yun was immersed in happiness, he looked at the Doom Staff with a stunned expression. In the process of connecting with the Doom Staff, he was able to feel a special fluctuation perfectly fused with the Doom Staff constantly absorbing his mana.

'Could it be a Magic Tool Incarnation...?' Lin Yun's expression was complicated. He was happy, but he was also apprehensive. Perhaps only he knew what the Incarnation of the Doom Staff being born meant. It wasn't as simple as an increase in the might of the Doom Staff... It also meant that he had advanced to become an Artisan in the field of alchemy.