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 "That collaboration between your Merlin Family and the Watson Family... I think you shouldn't consider it, you might as well directly refuse..." As Weiss said those words, he realized that he was interfering with the Merlin Family's internal matters.

Weiss couldn't help becoming pale, and he hastily explained, "Please don't misunderstand, High Mage Merlin, I meant that if the Merlin Family needs to choose an ally, our Black Tower is obviously a better choice than the Watson Family..."

Weiss stopped here and calmly looked at the young mage to see how he would respond.

The meaning was clear...

It was an invitation to cooperate with the Black Tower instead.

This collaboration would be very advantageous to both sides. The wealth of the Horn of Fertility had such deadly appeal.

The Black Tower was clearly more ambitious than the Watson Family, and they wanted to stir the strongest of the Thirteen Tribes, the Fireblade Tribe...

This appeared somewhat crazy, but Weiss clearly knew that if the Black Tower wanted to rise, they had to grab this opportunity and rush into the tiger's den.

But Weiss noticed that the young mage seemed rather indifferent, like he wasn't really considering it. Weiss couldn't help but frown, so he added, "High Mage Merlin, your Merlin Family cooperating with the Watson Family doesn't make much sense. After all, the Watson Family is so weak, it can't compare to our Black Tower. The powerful support of the Black Tower is something they would never be able to match..."

Weiss was a bit nervous as he waited for a response. He didn't actually care about the Merlin Family, but he thought highly of this young mage in front of him.

In his eyes, all the rest of the forces of the Merlin Family in the Raging Flame Plane weren't as valuable as this young mage.

He felt that he had a good understanding of Mafa. It had been over half a year since they met at the Tulan Mountain Range, and the young mage's actions repeatedly shocked him, especially half a month ago, when he fought the Thawing Fire Tribe's Tribal Chief in their Sacred Land and managed to kill him to break out of a desperate situation.

If the Black Tower chose to make a move against the Fireblade Tribe, the young mage's power would be very important. In addition to the several True Spirit Magic Tools he held, his own power was quite formidable, and he also had two Undead Summons.

'Hold on...'

While he was considering Mafa's strengths, Weiss suddenly recalled the silvery-white silhouette standing in the corner as he entered the reception room. The aura it was emitting had been somewhat strange.

At the time, he had only been thinking about getting the totem back, and then he ran into the blustering Mark Watson. He only had time to think about it again now.

'Is she...'

Soon, after looking around, Weiss spotted that silhouette once again. It was an unreasonably beautiful young woman wearing white clothing. Even her hair and eyes were silvery-white, and she was emitting an ice-cold aura. She looked just like a fairy of ice.

But the young woman, seemingly noticing something, caught Weiss' gaze, her ethereal eyes giving him an otherworldly feeling.

Weiss suddenly felt inexplicably frightened. His face became devoid of blood as he felt out of breath. Just now, he clearly felt that the person who met his eyes wasn't a human... She was a Dragon.

'Right, that aura...'

As he thought of this, he tried to sense the aura. It had a very profound icy feeling. He was convinced that the young woman was truly a Dragon, a Frost Dragon in control of ice elements.

He truly wanted to use True Sight to confirm it...

But he didn't dare to...

He truly didn't dare to do so.

Because a Frost Dragon could easily crush him. Everyone knew that a Dragon would have their power suppressed when in their human shape, yet the Frost Dragon in front of him was emitting mana fluctuations comparable to his own, a 6th Rank Archmage.

But what about when it was in its true shape?

It could only be described as terrifying...

At this time, Weiss couldn't help taking a deep look at Lin Yun. This was truly incredible. How could a fierce Frost Dragon be following the young mage?

Although he was in disbelief, he had to acknowledge this as the truth...

Now, it looked even more important to rope the young mage in. Weiss frowned and said, "High Mage Merlin, as long as you agree to cooperate with the Black Tower, I think I should be able to convince Sir Harren to give a bit more benefits to the Merlin Family during the loot allocation..."

After saying that, Weiss calmly waited. He felt that the young mage had no reason to refuse such an offer.


"Haha, Sir Weiss, I'm sorry. I need some time to think about this..." Lin Yun attentively looked at Weiss for a while before scratching his cheek and saying, "But I can guarantee you as a Planar Commander of the Merlin Family, that if the Merlin Family thinks of fighting over the Horn of Fertility, we'll definitely cooperate with the Black Tower..."

"That's... That's good."

Weiss was a bit disappointed. He clearly understood that by doing this, the young mage had already declared his current position and there was no margin for negotiation right now. The last bit was just to leave the avenue open and give Weiss some hope. "It's a bit regretful... But I look forward to cooperating with the Merlin Family."

"I also look forward to it..."

Lin Yun and Weiss chatted about some insignificant topics for half an hour before Weiss left the Flame Demon Fort feeling disappointed.

At nightfall, with Thorne in the lead, Yuri, Ida, and other high-ranked members of the Planar Legion came back from the Flame Frost Fort. After seeing Lin Yun, Thorne sincerely expressed his gratitude and left for the Merlin Family this very night to bring the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool back...

It was worth mentioning that before leaving, Thorne gave Lin Yun full authority over the Planar Legion.

But Lin Yun didn't have the time or energy to care about those minor matters. Early the next day, he called Ida and Yuri, as well as the other six officers of the Planar Legion, and started a brief meeting where he delegated the management of the daily affairs of the Flame Demon Fort. With this taken care of, Lin Yun once again rushed to the laboratory and made Reina guard the entrance.

After resolving the matter of the Raising Dragon Array, Lin Yun had smoothly gotten his hands on the five Chromatic Dragon Crystals, so it was time to upgrade the Doom Staff...

With those five crystals as Augments, he was confident enough that he could push the Doom Staff to the height of Mid-Rank True Spirit rank.

And that was at the very least...

In fact, upgrading the Doom Staff was more difficult than upgrading the Soul Walker or the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The unusual part was that it didn't have a Magic Tool Incarnation, while the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Soul Walker did.

It was common knowledge that the birth of a Magic Tool Incarnation was a very long process. Fortunate mages might get some opportunities that would result in the birth of a Magic Tool Incarnation, but without such fortune, they could only wait for one to be slowly formed, which could take many, many years.

Lin Yun had crafted the Doom Staff after countless calculations, and it was less than a year old.

A Magic Tool without its Incarnation simply couldn't display its full power, and even advancing would be very difficult. But fortunately, every significant upgrade was an opportunity for a Magic Tool Incarnation to be born.

And this advancement was obviously one such opportunity for the Doom Staff.

This time, the five flickering Dragon Crystals had already been set up in an array by Lin Yun, and boundless mana was emitted to every corner of the laboratory. According to his plan, the array would use the energy of the five crystals to form a sort of a cycle.

He was confident enough that he would be able to raise the Doom Staff's rank by doing this, and if he was lucky, a Magic Tool Incarnation might be born.

Only after getting an Incarnation would a Magic Tool properly be considered a True Spirit Magic Tool.

This was why Lin Yun attached a lot of importance to this advancement.

The processing plan he had for the Chromatic Dragon Crystals was something he thought of not too long ago. This was also the most valuable processing plan that he could use with his current ability.

Once everything was ready, he picked up a crystal pen, and after some thinking, he cautiously wrote an exquisite rune in one of the Dragon Crystals. A dazzling light rose up, but Lin Yun didn't stop as he dipped his pen in the ink once again and quickly started writing.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It took him more than three hours to complete the preliminary processing of the Chromatic Dragon Crystals, but he also encountered a rather thorny problem... He had found out that the five Chromatic Dragon Crystals simply couldn't form a complete cycle. While the energy circulated, it encountered some obstructions.

And these small flaws greatly influenced the entire plan.

To complete the Doom Staff's advancement, the energy flowing between the five Dragon Crystals had to form a complete cycle, which meant that Lin Yun had to remove these flaws.

This problem truly baffled him.

In the process, there couldn't be any mistakes in the array. This was something he was certain of. The requirements regarding details were extremely high, and there were also precise requirements for the energy of the Dragon Crystals. For example, the energy in each crystal had to be exactly the same, without fault.

The requirements were so harsh that even Lin Yun felt that the processing was fairly troublesome. It could easily take months to prepare normally, but he didn't have so much free time at the moment.